Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

Hi I'm Aizhe.

Women of the previous generation often chose to be tolerant and obedient in marriage. In the face of an unhappy marriage, they dare not leave. I am afraid that I will not be able to stand in society, but I am also afraid that it will affect the growth of my children. Shuya's mother was once trapped in such a situation.

Shuya is 25 years old and works in documentaries. In this episode of the program, Shuya interviewed her mother Luo Yonghui and listened to her mother tell her story before and after her divorce.

Below, is the conversation between their mother and daughter.

Shuya: Okay?

Mom: Okay, what do you want to ask me?

Shuya: Are you ready?

Mom: I still have sesame seeds in my mouth.

Shuya: Then you can finish your sesame seeds.

Mom: Okay, come on.

Shuya: I'm Shuya, I'm 25 years old, and I've been working on documentaries.

Maybe it's the nature of the work, or maybe it's the power of the protagonist of the next story.

I often subconsciously turn the record in the direction of her, my mom, the person I grew up with.

For a long time, Mom was fragile and soft in my eyes, and often cried helplessly under Daddy's fists.

As I grew up, I began to be exposed to more complex worlds, and through my work, I delved into more women's marriage stories.

Looking back at my mother, she fled step by step from the unsuitable marriage, took me back to life alone, and finally bravely gave and accepted when the right feelings came.

I began to realize that she was powerful and rich.

So today, what I want to share is a story about my mother, or rather, it can also represent the common upbringing of many women of the same age as my mother in that era.


People with hukou in the city

Tracing back to her marriage, my mother said that it was difficult for her to blame anyone, but she must blame someone, maybe Grandpa, which is the "big da" that we will repeatedly mention in our later chats.

Mom: I never complain about others, only for my own lack of understanding, but if I have to complain about someone, I really blame you a little.

He used to think that he didn't care what kind of person I wanted to marry, he felt that as long as the other party had money.

He often said (to others) that you all want your daughter to be good, and I also want my daughter to be good, so if my daughter wants to marry, she can't marry the kind of "one foot in the mud and one foot in the water", that is, you can't marry the countryside.

My grandfather was a very kind but stubborn old man, and he wanted to save face, and he still has this way today.

He hoped that his daughter would have a good life, so he insisted on letting his mother marry into the city with his understanding of the good and bad conditions in the city and rural areas.

So in 1992, under the introduction of relatives, my father, a man with a city hukou, entered his eyes.

Mom: I met for the first time in their office in November 1992.

After sitting down, he began to tell his story with a handful of snot and tears, how the girlfriend he talked about before looked down on him, that the girlfriend was older than him, that he was not in good condition, and what was the situation in his family... His parents separated from the age of 36 and haven't taken care of them since.

When I heard him say this, I sympathized with him, and I felt that his life was so miserable, because our family is a very happy family, and their family is an unhappy family. I felt that his fate was very different from mine.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ 1992, mom who just turned 18 courtesy of the narrator

Actually, as of today, my dad and I haven't seen each other for four years.

On New Year's Day last year, my mom and uncle drove my brother and me to my grandmother in the city to greet my grandmother, and my dad was at home at the time, but he didn't show up until we left.

Mom: He's cutting himself off! He is cutting himself off!

Mom: Don't tell you that I haven't seen your dad when I go back next time, this makes them too angry!

On the way back, my mother was very angry, and I secretly made a decision in my heart not to contact my father anymore.

My mom and I didn't want to be people who had to forgive to move forward.

Searching for memories of living with my father in the past, I can't tell what kind of person he really is.

Treating his mother, he seems to have always been cold and disgusted, always accusing her of not doing things well here and putting things right there.

To my brother and me, he was unstable, he would suddenly call us our hearts and livers, he would melt us into his arms, and he would suddenly become irritable, yelling at us for being "inferior to animals" and kicking us to our knees.

As for outsiders, he will pity the beggars on the road, will be friendly to strangers, sometimes we go to the park to play, he is even very good at making other people's children happy.

In short, everyone who meets for the first time will have a good impression of him, including his mother who met him for the first time at that time.

Mom: He went with me to my hometown the next day.

At that time, he also bought me a set of clothes, a pair of pants and a cardigan for a total of 120 yuan, 120 yuan seems to be quite a lot.

They have been living together since they were 20 years old, and they got a marriage certificate on September 18, 1995.


The night of losing your first child

Soon after the wedding, the family opened two more feed stores. Dad still works in the factory, and Mom takes care of the feed store's business alone. Every day, the powder is flying around, and the heat is impermeable to the warehouse environment.

Mom: The black worms inside those feeds are tiny, crawling all over (the whole face), leaving only one eye bead on the outside. The whole body is full of that black worm, especially a little sweat, you can't wash it off, you can't wipe it off. He was working at CP at that time, and he only took one and a half days off a week, so he only came over during the holidays.

At that time, we didn't have anything on WeChat, only cash, so he would come over once a week, collect money from me, collect some money and go back, like a boss.

It seems that I had a cold at that time, but I was actually pregnant with the first one.

When she became pregnant for the first time, her mother had no experience, and the store was busy, so she mistakenly treated the pregnancy reaction as a cold symptom.

Mom: At that time, I didn't know that I was pregnant, so I took an injection and medicine as a cold, and then their family pulled me to the hospital to get rid of the baby.

At that time, it was a uterine evacuation operation, unlike now there is no pain, when the Qing palace would make people die.

From the hospital all the way back to Junshan, I walked over, walked to the transition place of Dongting Lake, and then took a boat back.

As soon as I got back, he left me in the warehouse and I lay on the bed. He said I'd go get you something to eat. Well, I'll wait for him to bring me food. He threw a handful of IOUs on me.

At that time, there were two facades in the family, so I asked your uncle to help me guard the store, and in order to help me get more business, he gave others credit. At that time, whoever could get a few thousand yuan would definitely have to take credit, so he would go out on credit.

He scolded me on the spot, saying, "Your family are all brainless people, so you gave Lao Tzu these accounts on credit." If you don't give these accounts to Lao Tzu to come back, Lao Tzu wants your life."

Your uncle didn't tell me about it at the time, and it wasn't until a few years later that he said that he actually cried that day, and he cried when he scolded him on the roof.

It was the first time I did it, and although I didn't hit me, I threw a handful of lists directly on me, on the day of my surgery.

This is the first time that my father has become angry in my mother's impression. Now, she concludes with "but didn't do it," as if it were something to be thankful for.

Why not get a divorce?

This question was asked repeatedly in this chat between me and my mother.

If I didn't want to divorce later because I was reluctant to let my brother and I go, then when there was no burden at that time, why didn't my mother choose to divorce?

Mom: At that time, in our old concept, as long as you live together, you are his person, so no matter what (divorce), it will feel very humiliating, as if no one wants it anymore.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ Mom took me and my brother out to play Courtesy of the narrator

In that era, or to this day, there are still many people who believe that divorce is humiliating, and divorced women are "second-hand goods that no one wants", adhering to the concept of "marrying chickens with chickens and dogs with dogs", and even taking this as the primary principle of persuading a woman to adhere to marriage.

Therefore, even if there is no children's ties, mothers dare not separate from their fathers, and dare not face the rumors that they can no longer bear in their imagination.

The days were going on, and my mother tried to make things better, so she convinced herself and really hoped that this anger was just accidental.

She took care of the feed store, and after the business failed, she also insisted on continuing to start a business with her father, opening an entertainment city, opening a late-night snack shop, and giving birth to my brother and me in 97 and 00, respectively, and the family seemed to be more complete...

But is it really so? Is happiness something that can be possessed by obedience?


First divorce

Mom: On September 1, 2003, when we came together that morning, he threw the divorce agreement on the dinner table, and he said, "Laozi wants to divorce you."

I was so surprised, I didn't react for a long time.

This moment that surprised my mother went back a year.

Mom: At that time, his mobile phone did not leave his body.

He was sleeping that day, and I saw his phone flashing there, so I quickly took it aside. I don't know where the courage came from, I took the phone and I answered it. As soon as I answered, the phone hung up, it hung up right away, and I realized something was wrong.

I took my phone to the balcony and quietly called it again, hung it when I called, and hung up when I hit it.

I called one last time and connected, but she didn't squeak, I scolded, I just said who the hell are you? You have the ability to call, why don't you dare to answer? I also told her who I was.

You should have an impression at that time, and you should have an impression that year.

Shuya: I just remember that the agreement from your first divorce seemed to have been signed and hidden in the closet. I found it when I ran to your room's closet to look for clothes. I remember that the agreement was handwritten and signed in your names.

Mom: He grabbed my hand and signed it.

Shuya: When you were going to the agreement, I hid his mobile phone and didn't want you to go, but I was still found, and you still went to the neighborhood committee.

Mom: The conditions at that time were that all the savings were given to me, the house belonged to me, I could bring the two children if I wanted, I could follow him if I didn't want to bring them, the maintenance fee did not need me to pay, as long as I promised to divorce him, he would agree to any conditions, basically unconditionally.

Later, my uncle, aunt, and your big dad all came to our house, and you asked your father, saying that my daughter did something wrong? Is it delicious? Or lazy to do it? Are you divorcing her? He said no, but his personality was incompatible. Your uncle immediately came to the fire, and he said that if he leaves, he will leave, and he will leave me with him.

But I can't bear it, you were 6 years old and my brother was 3 years old at that time.

I can still remember the day they went to divorce.

My dad grabbed the phone I had just found and walked down the alley out of the neighborhood, my mom followed behind him, my brother and I stood by the garden downstairs, watching their backs go farther and farther, we didn't cry or make trouble.

It didn't seem like it would take long for them to return.

Because at that time, there were often couples who used the name of divorce to avoid having a second child or dividing more houses. At that time, the mediator of the neighborhood committee looked at my mother's reluctant expression and suspected that this was also the case for them, so he persuaded them to come back and calm down for a month.

Mom: Later, you scolded me, he said that you are not willing to leave this time, and sooner or later when he spends all the money, he will still find you to leave.

In fact, I also knew that I knew that he would cheat me out of my money and still divorce me. It's just that I don't know how to control him, I can't do it.

A month later, he knelt in front of my couch and said sister, the two of us can still live on, let's just live it, don't leave.

I heard him say, oh my God, I was like a favor, and I quickly agreed, because I didn't want to leave, so that's it.

Regarding this divorce, Dad never gave Mom a definite reason from the time he proposed it to the time it was withdrawn.

But the phone call that no one squeaked, Dad's unusual attitude of unconditionally agreeing to divorce ...

Mom could feel it.

So this time, even though my brother and I didn't want to divorce, she began to realize that she could be kind to herself.

Mom: Before 2003, we were so rich in business, but I never thought of buying myself a dress or a pair of shoes.

There was a cotton jacket that I bought at Jeanswest, which was originally a dress that did not destroy the color, but I wore it until it was ruined and turned white, and I am still wearing it.

Since 2003, the neighbor upstairs said, you have to think for yourself, don't go out on the street and only know to buy it for two children, buy it for him, you have to buy it for yourself.

At that time, there were many coupons for buying clothes in the New Century Mall, and the neighbor gave me one. I went and bought a pair of pants, a pair of corduroy pants, I remember it was more than 200.

From that time on, every time after a fight between two people, or if I was unhappy about something, I would buy myself something.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ Worn cotton jacket provided by the narrator


That belt knocked me out of the dark all of a sudden

It was Dad who voluntarily repented of the divorce decision, but did not cherish it because of it.

At that time, the family opened a late-night snack shop, and my mother was in charge of everything except the barbecue - as a waiter, a dishwasher, and my brother and I who came to the back of the store from time to time to worry about homework.

There are also some trivial things, such as in order to save a few dollars, remember to deduct the old empty bottles when the new beer is delivered...

Mom: I remember that night the most. It snowed and froze, and the ice on the road was thick.

He was drinking with a guest, and I was finishing the talk.

At that time, we usually closed the stall at three or four o'clock in the morning, and at three or four o'clock, he saw that the beer bottles were still there and confiscated them, so he asked me, why did he say that the empty beer bottles were still here?

I said I forgot to give it to him today.

This sentence should not have fallen yet, he immediately pulled the belt on his body, he was not the soft one, he was the one with the iron, as soon as he pulled it over, I was not a little defenseless, and suddenly I was pumped to the ground.

It knocked me into darkness, and Venus appeared in my eyes, and I immediately fell to the ground.

I ride a motorcycle and I want to go back.

The snow outside is so deep, the snow is really deep, the motorcycle is really not easy to ride, and the road is all ice.

When he saw me leaving on a motorcycle, he immediately pulled me and forbade me to go back.

Then he ran to the middle of the road and stood there, and the cars came and went around him.

He went crazy and cursed others, he said what do you show Lao Tzu, do you want my wife? He also scolded such crazy words ...

Although many years have passed, my mother still can't calm down when I think about that action.

I didn't know how to comfort my mother, as if as soon as my mother cried, I also went back to that period, becoming a child who didn't know what to do to appease all this.

But maybe I can add a perspective as a daughter to you during the time she's trying to calm down.

Shuya: I remember that at that time, things in the house were often not in place.

For example, the liquefied gas tank was placed in your bedroom by my father, and knives and anything will be hidden under the sink by my brother and me.

I remember one time, you had a fight with him and he was going out, but you were lying in the room. Just as he was about to go out, you suddenly closed the bedroom door.

I was scared when I thought that there were still liquefied gas tanks in the bedroom and two altars. I wanted to open the door and find that you had killed the door.

I called him, you hurry up, mom opened the gas tank.

He was probably also afraid that something would happen, so he rushed over and kicked the bedroom door open.

As soon as I kicked it open, I smelled a heavy amount of liquefied gas inside, and I immediately wanted to open the window, but the window of that room was sealed at that time, because of the air conditioning, I couldn't open it, and I wanted to pull you to the living room.

I saw you lying motionless on the bed, unresponsive with your eyes open, and I tried to pull you away, and you cried.

Later, I remember pulling you to the living room to sit, and he went to the kitchen and said he was going to fry an egg.

I saw that he poured at least half a pot of oil, poured it into the pot, and turned on the fire.

I was standing next to me, I was afraid, because it was fire, I felt that fire was a very dangerous thing, and when I saw something dangerous at that time, I would be very nervous.

I asked him, why are you pouring so much oil and just frying an egg?

He said, the home is gone, what is the oil left for?

When Dad lamented that his home was gone, in fact, what I thought to me was, is such a home still called home?

I remember that during that time, I also secretly asked my brother, do you want my parents to divorce, and my brother nodded without hesitation.



Dad later created several crazy scenes, until the third day of the Spring Festival, Dad hid a one-foot-long knife and ran to his grandparents' house to borrow wine to pretend to be crazy, and Mom finally realized that if he didn't escape, sooner or later he would give up his life.

So after the Spring Festival, my mother fled to Shenzhen with a relative in her hometown, and at the same time started her first job.

Mom: I'm a newbie, and I don't understand a lot of things, so I am always deducted money.

Shuya: I remember that there was a female master who taught you to pick up scrapped tickets to make money mother: Yes, it's called Long Guangrong.

Mom: Because there are more than 80 platforms, the ticket prices are still different, I have a poor memory, and I think about you, so I cry every day. She told me, don't do this, it will be fine after a long time. Why are you still thinking about going back? If you go back, you will be dead! She said you see I used to be like this, didn't I do it now? At that time, others could memorize the watch for three days, and I still had to hold it in my hand for three months. She said, you give me that watch, I gave it to her, she tore it off in my face, she said you must tear this watch off, otherwise you will always rely on it. I also cried because of this. But then after two or three months, three or four months, four or five months, slowly, I knew to pick up money, which is the kind of scrap ticket that other people throw away in the car, and I pick it up, sell it, and sell it before seven in the morning.

At that time, although it was hard, I could pick up a hundred yuan a day, and I felt so happy.

■ Mom picks up unwanted tickets on the bus Courtesy of the narrator

It was my mother's first job, standing 18 hours a day, living in a tin house at the end of the station, which would flood when it rained heavily.

Mom: One night, I got up to go to the toilet, and I stepped on, eh, how is it water? As soon as I saw that the water had flooded the side of the bed, it was less than a centimeter or two high, and I got to the bed. I was in a hurry and immediately called others to get up and get something. I didn't expect my clothes box to be under the bed, and I just shouted to others to hurry up and grab something. Later, everyone was in the water, fishing for shoes, fishing for clothes, and after I helped others to fish, I thought that my clothes box was still under the bed.

Wow, oh my God, do you know what kind of water that is? Fecal water! It's sewer water!

When my mother talked about these pasts, she felt like she was telling someone else's story.

I imagined the embarrassing and panicked scenes, and remembered that when she said that when she was 18 years old, she would rot when she went to the field to do farm work, and my grandparents comforted her and said, Maybe my daughter was born a princess.

The mother who picked up the waste ticket and lived in the tin house, the mother who was like a princess, I repeatedly compared it, not knowing what changed her.


Appeal for divorce

Shuya: When did you start appealing for divorce?

Mom: 2011. There was one session in June, one session in September, and two sessions.

In court, he wore sunglasses, and the judge called him twice or three times to take them off, saying that his eyes hurt and he refused to take them off.

When the court was adjourned, your aunt called out to me and said, either you will give way, you see that you are not working now, and the conditions are not good, or you will let the two children follow us, anyway, when the time comes, you can come and see.

I said no, it won't work.

The first judgment, the house was awarded to me, and I gave 110,000 to him.

Mom: But I guessed that now that the court has awarded me the house, he will definitely appeal.

Sure enough, I got right, and it didn't take long, maybe less than a month, when the court issued me another summons, and he sued again.

Mom: The second time I sued, I knew he must want a house.

I told my lawyer that he was just going to take the house back. The lawyer said, no matter what, this house must be given to you, and the law will definitely award it to the weak. I said, even if this house is given to me, I can't live in it. Now that my son has sentenced him, he also wants a place to live, and I don't want this house.

After he signed and confirmed, he happened to have a flower pot at hand, and he picked it up and smashed it directly at your aunt. He said I smashed you to death and scolded your aunt. Because he thought that I was such a cowardly person that he could not appeal for divorce, he thought that it was my aunt who helped me make the decision.

A flower pot smashed over, and the judge was still there.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ Retaken wedding dress family portrait, mom tore dad off provided by the narrator

Mom: Actually, during the divorce in 2003, my uncle and aunt came to help me move things, opened the cabinet, and there was not a single dress in it that could be worn out, and I saw your uncle crying into the cabinet.

But by the time of the divorce in 2009, they came back to me to move, opened the cupboard and looked, oh my God, a cabinet of clothes.

This is my testimony, this is what I have witnessed for 6 years.


No one else understands, only I will

On the day the court verdict came down, the mother's marriage officially ended.

That's when I learned a new word called leaving the house, because my mom often used it to describe her situation after divorce.

The court awarded her 80,000 yuan, but in the face of me who is in high school and has studied a major, it can only be said that it is a drop in the bucket.

Mom: You studied a major as if I calculated it for you that time, 150,000 to 160,000.

Getting a job and making ends meet is the first thing that matters after my mom's divorce. With the help of her uncle, my mother got a job in the staff canteen.

Mom: I prepare every day seriously. The next day everyone wants to eat what to eat, the first night I will open the purchase menu, the next day according to the menu to buy vegetables.

It should be 17 years, the city inspection team came to our company to inspect and came to eat here every day. They especially liked to eat my stir-fried dishes, and said that the dishes outside were not as delicious as those I made here.

Later, there was a female captain in the patrol team, and every time they left after eating, she liked to chat with me while I was washing the dishes. She said, it's really not easy for you to be alone. Because you're about the same age as her child, she knows it very well. On the last day, she suddenly brought me a red envelope and forced it to me. She said that this is my personal, based on the relationship between the two of us, she said, I think you are really good at taking care of children alone, and I really admire you. Then give me 200 bucks for the hard fortress, I didn't ask for it.

My mother worked in the staff canteen for 8 years, and then due to the company's business adjustment, she was transferred to an office position.

Mom: At first, I felt confused, I didn't know a computer, I didn't know anything, so I had to ask another person in our office. The first time or two, she would tell me, but after asking twice, she was a little impatient.

I couldn't figure it out, I could only cry secretly, and I didn't dare to ask others, so I told your uncle, and he said I would give you an overtime.

The next day at noon I didn't sleep and ran to him. He told me that if you take a book in the future, no matter what you do, you will write it on it, even if you say a word, you will write it on the book.

I listened to him, as if I had opened my meridians at noon, and then I slowly got my hands on it.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program
Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ What mom's daily work looks like Courtesy of the narrator

Well, I learned another new feature today! Like what OA we used to do ah, my goodness. Just learned OA, and came another reading enterprise pass, reading enterprise communication is still relatively familiar now, maybe there will be something new in the future...

Mom: All our things are online now, and they don't know how to operate the general accounting process, only I know, so they don't understand and ask me!


Uncle Xiao Yang

The first few years of my mother's cafeteria were also my most rebellious period. Especially in my third year of high school, she often came to school to bring me meals, and every time I saw her wearing a pink helmet hat, carrying a large bag of meals, standing at the school gate full of cars parked, little by little, I didn't feel happy, and even often had this thought - hate my mother.

Mom: You were so rebellious at that time. Do you remember? Once, you didn't come back all night, do you remember?

That afternoon, you found him in my room, and you went out as soon as the door closed, and you didn't come back that night.

Shuya: It seems to be.

The "he" in my mother's mouth was Uncle Xiao Yang, the person who later became my stepfather.

Uncle Xiao Yang and his mother have known each other since elementary school and have a good impression of each other. He is a very warm person, and after reuniting with his mother at a banquet in his hometown, the two began to communicate frequently.

I think I can understand my mother's efforts to balance my happiness and my daughter's growth now, but at that time, I really couldn't accept that when I was used to getting along with my mother, a new person was going to start a new family with us.

I regarded Uncle Xiao Yang as a mother robber, and it was difficult to accept him for a while.

Mom: In the past, when he came to our house, you threw your head and "hummed" and ignored him. I ask you, ah, what was the moment when that uncle touched you? Make you think he's really a good lad?

Shuya: Maybe it's mainly because I went to study abroad, and I felt that out of sight is clean hahaha. Later, when I came back every year for the New Year, he was here, and in our house, I slowly became acquainted with him. And I also saw that he was kind to you, and you became happier and happier, and the family accepted it, so I slowly accepted it.

Of course, in addition to the run-in of time, it is also because of countless times when I see my mother become a child when I get along with him.

Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program
Mom, I hope you live the life you want|Amateur interview program

■ Provided by the narrator

For example, this paragraph, is that my mother likes to eat pecans, this year's New Year at home is not prepared, Uncle Yang will pay special attention when going to other people's houses to pay New Year greetings, this family grabs a few and that family catches a few, after returning, take it out of the pocket, and hand it to my mother's palm one by one. I remember a scene where my mother held up a pecan, looked up, and looked up, as if she was not getting a pecan but a big gem.

Mom: So your mother is still lucky, and it's still good to meet these people, do you know?

Shuya: Hmm. Xiao Yang is listening to him, right?

Mom: Xiao Yang is coming.

Shuya: What is he doing here?

Mom: Xiao Yang, why are you here?

Uncle Yang: Sleep...

Shuya: Does Xiao Yang have anything to say?

Uncle Yang: Hold on, keep.

Shuya: What to keep?

Uncle Xiao Yang: Keep being nice to your mother! Isn't that right, you have to grow old together!

Mom: What if it's not good?

Uncle Xiao Yang: If it's not good, you will kill me...

Shuya: Ah, if it's not good, you have to kill him...

I realized that this is actually the original appearance of my mother, frank, kind, easy to satisfy and easy to be happy.

Looking back at the 20-year marriage with my father, it was like a long episode. Fortunately, she tried again and again to get close to the stop button of the faulty tape recorder and finally successfully pressed it.

Mom: I met for the first time in their office in November 1992. They also had a ballroom in the company, and I sang a song, sang a song that I finally lost you, and that was my favorite song at that time. This song foreshadows the future, the present, the future.


A room of your own

Mom voluntarily gave up the house during the divorce trial and has since rented a vacant house in the company.

In the past few years, she is about to retire, so her biggest wish is to have a nest of her own.

Mom: With so many lights, none of them belong to me Luo Yonghui, I feel very sad. If you see so many lights, just a small lamp belongs to me.

Shuya: What is your biggest goal now?

Buying a house, having my own nest, I have my own sense of belonging. I'm going to have my own house, at least my own things, my own property, at least a little bit of my name there.

Just this year, she finally fulfilled her wish to have "a room for herself"!

■ Show-off mom courtesy of the narrator

Shuya: If you go back to square one, don't you regret getting married for the first time at that time?

Mom: No regrets either.

Shuya: Why?

Mom: Because he made me grow up, before I knew him, I was a person who could not reach for anything. After following him for more than ten years, I will do anything.

Shuya: But the process of making you grow is not a good process, what is there to thank for?

Mom: I think there are still you two.

Shuya: You and others may have two of us.

Mom: The two children with others may not be so good, at least I am very obedient.

Shuya: Then I don't think it's him that you're thankful for.

Mom: I should thank myself.

Shuya: I also think you should thank yourself...


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01.A Room - Peng Han

02. Blessing - Peng Han

03. Those plots buried in memory, but cleaned up by life - Mulberry Spring

04.X's composition relationship - Mulberry spring

05. The order in which Uncle Quan'er is lost - Sangquan

06. Hua Fang - Peng Han

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 Story FM 

Story FM is a voice show narrated by witnesses

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