Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy

Recently, there was a video, which was very popular.

A woman went to eat noodles with her husband and waited for half an hour.

The noodles finally came, crumbling, and there was a fishy smell. The girl's calm feedback from the store was not delicious, and the husband was embarrassed and went straight away.

The woman was angry and sad, so she theorized with her husband, but her husband kept taking a video of her emotionally broken down and crying with his mobile phone, and then even put the video on the Internet.

His original intention was probably to make netizens condemn his wife. Unexpectedly, it caused one-sided scolding from netizens!

The video is as follows:

Why is this woman so broken? Because she didn't do anything wrong, but her husband didn't help her.

Not only did he not help her, but he also felt that she was embarrassed - this must not be an emotional outburst of something, but a build-up of dissatisfaction and helplessness.

The loneliest thing in marriage is not that you are alone, but that he is obviously by your side, but you have never felt supported and understood; It is you who rely on him so much, but he turns a blind eye to your grievances.

I recall an old article I wrote a few years ago, which mentioned a similar scene. Today, I specially found the original article and posted it below to share with you.


Once, my friends and I ate steamed dishes at a small restaurant near the train station.

At the next table sat a modestly dressed couple in their 40s.

We didn't pay much attention to them at first. Until they got up to leave after eating, but they were stopped by the boss at the door.

The boss asked suspiciously: "You haven't given money yet, have you?" ”

As soon as these words came out, all the customers in the restaurant looked towards them. Including us.

The woman looked confused, and immediately explained: "Yes, I just gave it after ordering." ”

The boss did not hesitate: "How do I remember that you didn't give it." ”

The woman's face turned red after hearing this, and she repeated again: "Really gave, right at the table." Is it necessary for me to lie, it's a meal money. ”

The man also silently echoed on the side: Yes, we gave it.

At this time, the hostess came out. Indiscriminately and directly scolded:

I've seen a lot of people like you! If you don't have money, you have to go to the restaurant again! The overlord meal is not so delicious, I tell you, if you don't give money, don't think about going out of this door today!

After speaking, he also turned to the guest at the table next to him and complained: It's not easy for me to do a small business, and I can always meet a few people who eat white rice every month. The poor are of low quality, no wonder two people only order two dishes.

The woman listened and stared at her deadly. The roots of my ears were red, and tears almost rolled out of my eyes. Just as he was about to open his mouth to theorize, the man pulled his wife's clothes, obviously wanting to calm down and said: "Forget it, don't quarrel with them." We're almost in the car, so let's get the money and go. ”

At this time, the hostess seemed to be encouraged, and more vicious insults kept popping up.

The woman who had been forgiving was finally anxious. Instead of looking at the boss and the hostess, she turned to the man and shouted with a crying voice:

It is clear that she has wronged us, on what basis to give money ?! Who the hell are you helping, are you my husband or her husband!!

Later, she simply threw the bag in her hand on the ground and quarreled with the boss at the door. The woman who broke her mouth and cursed did not care about the image at all.

The man took two steps back, frowning, his expression seemed to be embarrassed and embarrassed to her. He accused the woman: You don't act like a shrew. What do you think about unreasonable people?

At that time, I gave my friend a look:

This woman is also too miserable. were bullied like this, and her husband not only did not help her, but also said that she was like a shrew.

Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy


I was chasing "My First Half of Life" before.

At first, Luo Zijun, a full-time housewife, disgusted me. She is snobbish and suspicious. Suspecting that her husband was having an affair all day long, he tirelessly urged him every day when he worked overtime. When she saw her husband taking a beautiful intern to buy a necklace in the mall, she swore an oath of sovereignty and paced over to "inspect", her words full of defiance.

When watching the play, I kept complaining to Yanzu next to me: Such a woman, change to me, I also want to divorce.

But until the third episode, Luo Zijun cheated on her husband because of a misunderstanding, gaffed in public in his company, and ripped off the necklace around the neck of a beautiful intern.

When the young and beautiful female intern accused her: "My master is a very good person. I don't understand, how could he marry such an uncultured woman as you! ”

Luo Zijun raised his head with tears in his eyes, and stubbornly said to her:

Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy

I seemed to suddenly understand why she was so strong. Why is it aggressive. Why confront the imaginary enemy in her mind even if she loses face.

She may have known at that time that in the face of a husband who only comes home for more than 20 days a year, an honest and weak husband who does not know how to protect himself. She has no sense of security and can only rely on her own strength to keep this family. Although later, it was not saved.

It's not that I haven't seen such a "strong", "uncultured" woman.

They strictly forbid their husbands to chat with the opposite sex.

They would locate their husband's phone when he was on a business trip.

They check call logs, WeChat and QQ.

They would attack suddenly in the name of visiting when their other half was working overtime.

Then the husband will accuse them of being strong. No upbringing. I don't know how to advance or retreat.

That's right, in the eyes of men, all your means of interfering with their independent will and controlling their freedom are out of force.

But how come they haven't looked at themselves, and if they can make their other half feel at ease, how can she lack trust?

An irresponsible man easily forced her into a strong woman.

Why are women strong? Most of it is a man's unlove that has brought her to this day.

Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy


What other ways to open a woman's "strength"?

They are fierce and fierce, as if they can do anything. They can repair their own light bulbs and drains, and take their children to buy groceries. They will haggle loudly with vendors at the wet market and charge on any important occasion.

They can be self-reliant, can make money, and can also fight the junior with both wisdom and courage. They turned themselves, alive, into men.

And the men around them seem to be invisible. Sometimes it even pulls back.

When a woman is bullied, her husband only watches from the sidelines. Occasionally forced to fight back, he will be evaluated as "like a shrew".

When a woman needs to rely on, a man is never there, so she is used to taking care of everything herself.

When women are insecure, they do not give action and comfort, but blame them for "always thinking too much."

Later you understand how unreliable he is and learn to solve problems on your own.

One person has done everything, and he looks back and says you are strong.

Why does a woman have to take care of everything and ask? Why can she obviously be a gentle and lovely little princess, but she has to be a strong and domineering Wu Zetian?

Is it not because the person who should have been relied on by himself has no self-control at all, cannot be alone, and cannot bear the responsibility of being a man?

There is always someone in life who has to charge. If this person is not you, then naturally it can only be me.

To put it bluntly, it is not that women are too strong, but that some men are weak and selfish.

Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy


I have read a saying on the Internet: the so-called strength is caused by the lack and absence in a relationship. People who have many, many love and warmth in their hearts can share love and warmth with others.

She worked hard to strengthen herself because she knew that no one could count on it.

She was crazy to protect herself because she knew no one would stop her.

She faces life with a hard shell because she knows how harsh life is. And all she has is herself.

Who wouldn't want to be a gentle and cute little woman in love. Who wants to be branded "strong" by the man they love. I thought I had found a man who could shield me from the wind and rain, but it turned out that the wind and rain were all brought by him. Patience was gradually worn out, and his temper became more and more popular, and finally he became the most hated appearance he once was.

Whose strength is not forced out. If you can rely on it, who wants to be a shrew, not a little princess who is a bird.

When you stand on the moral high ground and say that a woman is strong, you may not think about what happened to her. You don't understand how she became such an annoying look, and you don't understand how broken and desperate she was when she was hysterical in public.

When a woman who used to be tough becomes more and more gentle, it means that she has found someone to rely on with confidence. When an originally gentle woman becomes stronger and stronger, it means that she has found a man who cannot be counted on at all.

She was on her own and had no choice.

Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy
Women collapse from eating noodles: wives who are driven crazy

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