From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

Is there any fundamental difference between Rousi falling in love with Jack and Li Muzi falling in love with He Fei? Truth be told, it's essentially the same.

Strictly speaking, Shredded Meat is no longer a rich girl, according to her mother, there is only an empty shell of a nobleman left in her family, and if Shredded Roushi refuses to marry Karl, the heir of the Iron King, she will have to work as a laundry maid at an age.

Is it useful for shell titles of nobility? Certainly useful, useful. If Roushi only has beauty and no noble status, will Karl be in a hurry to marry her? Think about Tess before answering.

Don't think that a good marriage is what you can get from marriage, a good marriage must be mutually fulfilling, you can get, there is also giving, giving is your value, otherwise in marriage you can only be the one who is low to the dust, who would be willing to provide a useless partner?

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

Rousi fell in love with Jack, and Li Muzi fell in love with He Fei, two points are the same, one is good looks, and two emotional values.

Against the faces of Xiao Lizi and Zhu Yilong, the issue of appearance does not need to be discussed, let's take a look at the emotional value. Emotional value is a word that has become popular in the past two years, in the usual way it is good for you, changing a word for men and women is to provoke, and when it is connected, it is all kinds of teasing you, considerate of you, and making you happy. Isn't it possible for a man to make a woman happy to see him and willing to be with him?

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

Some people want to object, why not go to Li Muzi's identity as the heir of hundreds of millions of family property from the beginning, and Jack is true love for Shredded Meat, the first time, he saved Shredded Meat who had a tendency to jump into the sea, and finally gave his life to Shredded Meat, can this be the same?

Of course it's different, but it's just starting differently.

The so-called true love, when you love, is true love, if you don't love, you really don't love. If the Titanic hadn't sunk and Meat and Jack eloped, could they have truly loved for life? Although Rousi is an empty shell aristocrat, she even likes the monotonous color of the Titanic First Class cabin, and she has to decorate it with Van Gogh paintings. What about Jack? No father, no mother, no property, even a third-class ferry ticket is won by gambling, these two get together, can they really live a good life?

Meat and Jack are very happy together, dancing happily in the poor cabin, cheating in the cargo hold, but I don't know if living in a fixed place and working for a long time can make her happy?

It is simply providential mercy to let Jack die when their passion is at its peak, so that Meat can never forget that there was a Jack who loved her like that.

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

Why not? His problem was that he owed 10 million gambling debts and found out that Li Muzi wanted to divorce him, so he prepared a murder and failed.

If he didn't gamble, if he ran the property left by his parents-in-law with peace of mind, and enjoyed life comfortably? With the blessing of hundreds of millions of wealth, why not provide emotional value for Li Muzi for a lifetime? After all, Li Muzi is not a shrew, she is a gentle and simple literary and artistic young woman.

Gentle wife, lovely children, huge wealth, what a perfect life, if not gambling again, he can be a good husband and father, even if his thoughtfulness and love are mostly disguised, if he can pretend for a lifetime, what is the difference with the really?

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

Meat silk, Li Muzi, are caught in a class sinking love, the reason is nothing more than appearance + emotional value, the difference is that when the enthusiasm is at its highest, Jack dies, and Meat Silk's love can be completed for a lifetime, and Li Muzi and his wife tear the surface harmony and breed a slaughter conspiracy because of a gambling debt.

There is a song "Love always starts beautifully, ends unreasonably, it's a pity to think about it...", I don't know who sang it, and I don't know the title of the song, which is suitable for many love-hate parting movie stories.

From "Titanic" to "Disappearing Her", the love of rich women sinks on what class

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