Led by Camry and Accord, these classic Japanese cars will usher in a new generation this year!

Looking back at the new efforts of Japanese brands in 2022, I have to say that it is indeed very rapid, Toyota launched new products such as Fenglanda, Corolla Refriang, Vaisa, Grivevia, bZ4X, Nissan has Ariya, Honda also has new models such as ZR-V and Civic e:HEV, as well as replacement models such as Haoying, Binzhi, XR-V and so on.

Entering 2023, in order to improve market competitiveness, Japanese brands will move more frequently in the domestic market, and there are the following models alone.

Honda Accord

Honda's eleventh-generation Accord has been launched overseas, with an overseas market starting at $27,295. According to the plan, the new car will be launched in China in the first half of this year at the earliest, and the fuel version and hybrid version will continue to be launched, and it will continue to compete in the joint venture mid-size sedan market in the future.

The new car follows the design style of the overseas version of the model, the size of the front grille is large, and the interior is blackened, and the headlights on both sides adopt a narrow and sharp shape, and the visual impact is stronger than the current model. From the side, the body lines are very smooth, and chrome strips are added to the details. The rear end adopts a through-type taillight, and the internal lamp cavity structure is also blackened, but the design of the lower surround is relatively simple.

Compared with the exterior, the interior style does not give too many surprises, after all, the design style is basically the same as the new Civic and other models, and the technology configuration is expected to be the same as the newly launched Honda model. The materials in the car are relatively solid, with a large area of soft materials, and the details are decorated with chrome trim and stitching technology, and the sense of grade and high-grade is still there.

According to the declaration information, the new generation of Accord fuel version will use a 1.5T + CVT powertrain with a book data of 192Ps/260N·m, and the hybrid model will use a 2.0L i-MMD+E-CVT powertrain with a book data of 204Ps/335N·m, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is less than 1.8L.

Toyota Camry

The Camry is generally a six-year replacement, and this year's eighth-generation Camry has served for exactly six years, and according to the plan, the ninth generation Camry will also be launched in 2023. Previously, a hypothetical picture of a new generation of Accord circulated on the Internet, and the new car incorporated the design inspiration of Toyota's new crown and other models, while also adding more technological atmosphere.

The ninth-generation Camry, which was exposed overseas, has become more dynamic in the overall design, while the headlight group is sharper and the waistline design on the side is smoother. Through-the-tail lights are added to the rear, which is more in line with the aesthetics of today's consumers. It is worth noting that the interior of the new car has been readjusted, the center console design is more regular, and the dual screen has been replaced, as well as a slimmer three-spoke steering wheel, and the texture and workmanship inside the car are also the level that Camry should have.

As for power, the new generation Camry will provide fuel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid three power systems, the domestic market will focus on 2.5L hybrid models, is expected to increase 2.0T power or plug-in hybrid version, but 2.4T power is not believed to be introduced.

Nissan Qashqai

As Nissan's main sales force in the compact SUV market, Qashqai will also usher in a new generation in 2023. However, the new generation of Qashqai has been released for almost two years, and it is not officially domestic until this year. According to the declaration information, the new generation of Qashqai is consistent in design with the overseas version of the third generation Qashqai, the size of the middle net has been further increased, and the new Nissan brand LOGO + black dot matrix grid and a circle of chrome strip wrapping are embedded, and the appearance changes are obvious.

In addition, the various lines on the car are clean and clean, the design elements of the suspended roof are very young, and the silver guards have been added to the lower rear surround, which has improved the sense of layering. In terms of size, the overall size of the new car has been increased a lot, and the wheelbase has been increased by 19mm, which is believed to bring more spacious interior space. The official has not yet announced the interior of the domestic version, referring to the overseas version of the model, the interior style of the new car is similar to that of X-Jun, with a strong sense of layering, and it also adopts an electronic gear lever design for the first time, which minimizes the occupation of space.

It is worth noting that the new generation of Qashqai will cancel the power of the 2.0L self-priming engine, but is equipped with a mild hybrid system composed of 1.3T + 12V motor, with a maximum power of 116kW, and the transmission system is matched with a CVT gearbox, which is mainly economical, practical and comfortable. It is reported that the new car is expected to be equipped with an e-Power hybrid system in the future.

Toyota Elfa

Alfa is one of the travel tools of many wealthy people in the domestic market, even if there are many high-end new cars on the market, it still cannot stop Alfa from millions of yuan in landing prices and perennial price increases. It is revealed that the new generation of Alpha will be the first to be released in the Japanese market in May this year, and is expected to be introduced into the domestic market in the form of imports.

Combined with the renderings, the front grille of the new Alpha is special and varied, but the visual effect is still unchanged. It is understood that the center console will adopt a layout similar to Highlander, and the space size inside the car will be further increased. In terms of configuration performance, the rear row adopts a newly designed aviation cockpit, equipped with independent armrests and cup holders, and has a variety of seat layouts to ensure comfort.

Similarly, the all-new Alpha will continue to offer 2.5L hybrid and 2.4T turbocharged engines, and the drivetrain will be matched to 2.5L hybrid and 2.4T turbocharged engines. In addition, the V6 power will be discontinued in the overseas version, and a 2.4T plug-in hybrid model that takes into account performance and fuel consumption may be launched in the later stage.

The above Japanese models have a good reputation, and they are also very familiar with the domestic market, and the sales performance is obvious to all. After the replacement of new cars, the product strength is further improved, and it is believed that when the new car is launched, competitors in their respective market segments will "tremble".

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