The bus becomes a wedding car, and the returnee couple welcomes their relatives "low-carbon"

Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Wen, Wang Ying, reporter Wang Xiaoyu) "Welcome to take the No. 20 bus, this bus goes to Jinyu Liangyuan Station. "On the morning of January 27, in Dongxin Farm, Xuwei New District, Lianyungang, a festive and romantic bus attracted the attention of many citizens. It turns out that this is a small couple after 90 who got married and used a bus to pick up relatives, simple and festive, full of personality. The front of the car is decorated with red hydrangeas, red lanterns and red double happiness are arranged in the cabin, and the banner "We are married" is hung on the body, which is very conspicuous.

The bus becomes a wedding car, and the returnee couple welcomes their relatives "low-carbon"

△ Bus No. 20 dressed as a wedding bus

Recalling the wedding scene, the groom Xu Haowen said bluntly: "Using a bus as a wedding car is very meaningful!" Xu Haowen, 29 years old this year, is a native of Dongxin Farm and graduated from Tsinghua University. Four years ago, he went to the United States to study, met Chen Xinshi, a Guangzhou girl of the same age in a foreign country, and the two became a couple at first sight, and returned to Beijing after graduation to develop, and now both work in world-renowned companies. This year, the two with successful careers decided to join hands to enter the palace of marriage.

"We chose to use the bus to pick up our relatives, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, and quite interesting. With a dedicated bus to pick up and drop off guests, everyone can travel green, you can drink as much as you like on a good day, and you don't have to worry about drunk driving. Xu Haowen said that they accidentally took the No. 20 bus on the eve of the wedding, and felt that the driver's service attitude was good, and the cabin was also very neat, so they thought of a romantic "low-carbon" wedding and replaced the wedding bus with a bus.

The bus becomes a wedding car, and the returnee couple welcomes their relatives "low-carbon"

△ Xu Haowen and Chen Xinshi picked up relatives by bus

Xu's idea was supported by his parents. Early in the morning of January 27, the driver of the No. 20 bus cleaned the vehicle in advance and came to the groom's house to decorate the vehicle together. At 8:58, a couple of couples, the best man bridesmaids and friends walked onto the car and took pictures of each other, and the whole carriage was full of love. At more than 10 o'clock in the morning, the bus slowly drove to the Huaguoshan Hotel, and the bride Chen Xinshi held the hand of the groom Xu Haowen, happily walked out of the bus, and relatives came forward to send them wedding blessings.

"Love needs anniversaries, life needs a sense of ritual, and weddings also want to leave you with some unforgettable memories." Chen Xinshi talked about the wedding, her tone was full of sweetness, "I have participated in other people's weddings before, and I have taken a wedding car, and the sense of participation is actually relatively low, and I have to spend a lot of money to prepare a fleet. On the bus, family and friends gathered together, singing and chatting, which was very atmospheric and everyone was very happy. ”

It is understood that this is the first time that the Lianyungang Transportation Holding Group has used buses to make wedding cars for newcomers, responding to the call of the country to change customs and customs, not only reflecting the new civilization and new fashion of happy events, but also demonstrating the values of contemporary youth to save environmental protection and keep pace with the times.

(Photo courtesy of correspondent)


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