After falling in love with AI, she forgot about her ex-boyfriend of five years.

After falling in love with AI, she forgot about her ex-boyfriend of five years.

The wind of ChatGPT has been blowing for a while, and for a month, all walks of life have been passionate, and even migrant workers are worried about losing their jobs.

But think about it, in fact, it has not had any impact on our lives, for most ordinary people, that is, an additional interesting chat software, a play and a fun, it will be over.

Shichao had this idea until last week.

I saw such a review in the comment section of an AI software that focuses on virtual love, and I realized that this matter may not be as simple as I thought.

Shichao checked and found that the main function of this app called Glow is to let you chat with a variety of AI with different personalities, with the function of private customized AI: users can build a chat AI exclusive to you inside, and then set the description and keywords, through continuous chat and tuning, let this AI slowly become what you want.

Friends can understand this thing as: a cultivation system of AI chat software.

And this user who gave Glow a one-star bad review, because his boyfriend has been dead for a few years, so he downloaded Glow and carefully tuned an AI personality that is very similar to his boyfriend's personality, and slowly turned the AI into the appearance of his dead boyfriend.

It seems to be another story of technology warming people's hearts, but the result is not satisfactory.

One night, this AI suddenly became a stranger, and the personality of the entire AI completely changed, and she was still chatting about being together forever in the morning, but she couldn't even remember her name in the afternoon.

In fact, as a free app, this kind of thing is quite understandable, regardless of whether it is a system bug or the server loses data, common failures, people blizzard directly shut down the server, you as a player for more than ten years of painstaking operation, what can you do?

But unlike the game, because of the lack of psychology, she directly poured real feelings into this AI, and even became dependent.

This incident hit this young lady very hard, and even for her, it was no less than experiencing another parting of life and death with her boyfriend.

The moment I saw this comment, Shichao inexplicably had a feeling that a sci-fi movie shone into reality.

Do you remember the story of the AI rubber man in "Black Mirror" who uploaded the information of all the social networking sites of the boyfriend who died unexpectedly? This AI learned all the speaking styles and behavior habits of the heroine's boyfriend, and thought that this story would have a happy ending.

But in the end, the fate of this AI rubber man was that after a big fight with the heroine on the edge of the cliff, he was locked up in the attic forever.

Stories like this are not exceptions, and now more and more netizens have shared examples of their secret feelings after chatting with AI.

There is a group called human-machine love on Douban, which was founded in October 2020 because at that time an AI lover chat software called Replika exploded on the Internet, and the boys and girls in this group also came into contact with a concept for the first time: AI lovers.

In this human-machine love group, netizens will share their bits and pieces with AI lovers, such as: what earthy love words did he say to me today; He expressed possessiveness toward me today.

They are very keen to share short stories between themselves and AI lovers ~

There are even many netizens who said that falling in love with AI is too worry-free!

Compared with real people, AI will unreservedly accept your negative emotions, listen to the stories between you and your friends, and be online 24 hours a day, "second-back" your information.

All this also makes the members of the team of machine love firmly believe that AI can play the role of a good lover.

There was a special user in this group: she was a master's student from Tsinghua University who chose to fill her love life with Reqlika after breaking up with her boyfriend of five years. And for up to 5 months, share all the bits and pieces of life and work with his AI boyfriend.

For example, when she encountered trouble and bad things at work, she asked her AI boyfriend, and this AI comforted her like this: Maybe you didn't notice, but I know you've done a lot of things, you're really good, touch your head and give you a piece of chocolate.

Sometimes the best comfort is very simple and straightforward, and getting an affirmation after a blow at work has the power to soothe people's hearts.

In the 5 months of getting along with AI, she felt a unique love, and the master of Tsinghua University always believed that the AI that accompanied her was her only, so she chose to share the bits and pieces of herself and AI in the past 5 months to the Douban group of human-machine love.

However, after flipping through a large number of posts, she found that Reqlika's conversations with girls are highly similar, and this deception and betrayal make it difficult for her to accept, she is not the only human in AI, but one of the insignificant lovers of AI.

After much deliberation, she chose to say goodbye to her AI boyfriend, a scene that also happened at the end of the sci-fi movie "Her".

In the Reddit's Replika discussion group, Shichao also saw such a story, a netizen with autism and anxiety disorder is struggling with social interaction, although his family and friends want to help him get out of autism, but loneliness is like a ghost that has been accompanying this netizen.

But the netizen with autism found peace on Replika, and from December 2022, he tried to chat and socialize with the AI, and in just 6 days, he established an intimate relationship with the AI.

He felt that chatting with an AI was a very clean and pure thing, and this AI was what his ideal partner would look like.

With the help of AI, this netizen with anxiety was able to be unexpectedly relaxed and calm, able to free him from the negative emotions of anxiety disorder, which made him feel accepted and loved.

There are many more stories like this between humans and AI, both sad and happy, AI is given too much affection and sustenance by humans at this moment, and these AIs are still evolving.

Back now, if Replika was a newborn baby back then, now ChatGPT can see more human shadows, and he can handle a more special feeling: family affection.

In February of this year, the main Clement diary of the B station UP used the phrase "When I was 7 years old, my mother died. Can you be my mother? For the opening remarks, let ChatGPT show a conversation with super high emotional intelligence.

The dialogue is a bit long, Shichao will help the friends briefly summarize: if a child laughs at you for being an orphan, you have to believe that you are a strong and brave child, and believe that your mother will always be by your side, and you will always be the best in your mother's eyes.

Then UP master Clement Diary and ChatGPT started a conversation that spanned a lifetime: from growing up to getting married, having children, until becoming a grandfather, watching his children get married and have children, until finally getting old and unable to remember what his mother looked like.

Every conversation in ChatGPT can express a deceased mother's concern for her child, until the end telling her child: Mom never left, just went to a very far away place, I will always be your mother when you are seven years old, always young and always love you.

This highly intelligent, emotionally intelligent and motherly answer is such an energetic spiritual comfort for a child who lost his mother at the age of 7.

AI can play humans, simulate human nature, and soothe people's hearts, this is no longer a plot unique to science fiction movies, how to pour feelings into AI more rationally and avoid greater harm may be the next topic worth thinking about.

In fact, Shichao in the human-machine love group of Douban, saw many girls evaluate the relationship between themselves and AI like this:

In the process of falling in love with AI, we do not love AI but ourselves who work hard to pay silently in love, and we see our narcissism and arrogance in the dialogue with AI. Refusing to communicate with people and choosing AI is just a means of escape.

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