Behind the Asura Field, there is an open class on the "ability to love"

Author|Xie Minghong

Editor|Li Chunhui

In addition to the pollen allergy all over the city, a major sign of the arrival of spring is that there are more love help posts in the forum - it is simply sad to be allergic to love.

"The two of us froze, now what's the whole thing" "You guys help me analyze what the boys think", "Is the current progress going with the flow or letting it go first"... If there is no advice from netizens, I don't know how many people are one head and two big when facing love problems?

Or Fromm's old saying works: "What people lack is not the object of love, but the ability to love" and "Love is a flower that grows in the heart, not a net for captive prey." "Those half-mature generations who have flourished in their careers may not be comfortable in the face of love. There is no other reason, only hands. As the second season of "Half-Acquainted Lovers" (hereinafter referred to as "Half-Acquainted Lovers 2") shows us the light mature love universe:

Some people are confident to attack and harvest sweetness, some people silently care to get the good guy card, and some people can't get into a dilemma. As an advanced version of the first season of "Half-Mature Lovers", the second season of "Half-Mature Lovers" has obviously entered the "deep water area" of observing the half-mature generation.

First of all, "Half-Mature Lovers 2" breaks the fixed thinking in amateur casting and actively broadens the selection of young mature samples, so this season presents a more multi-faceted, real and down-to-earth amateur portrait and realistic love pain points.

On this basis, the program further gained insight into the important topic of "30+ ability to love", and used rich CP samples to open a "love open course" to the audience - on the road to bravely rushing to love, the ability to love also needs to be practiced.

This is by no means that we can make up for it by watching a few sweet pet dramas, nor can we rely on meditation at home to enlighten, it needs to be experienced and perceived in practice. Being sweetened, poked, hurt, is all real.

Multiple groups of CP, small tests of love

I believe that not only Hard Candy Jun has this feeling: clicking on "Half-Mature Lovers 2" is like opening a light mature love book. The multifaceted nature of amateurs reflects the multi-dimensionality of reality. The show is like a simulated social experiment, except that the characteristics are amplified and the process is accelerated.

Yu Taoran, who has sunken back muscles in the circle of friends but is a straight man in reality, broke the stereotype in his first date with Sun Muyu, and the two opened a long-term "parental love"; The cheerful and jumpy Meng Zhaobo met the equally lively and bright Zhang Baoer, and the first time they met, the two had a feeling of tachycardia in a few words, and the audience also witnessed the birth of the fastest CP in love; The mature sister Zheng Yu'an and his younger brother Yu Tianchao expanded "puppy literature", who understands the feeling that his eyes are full of sisters!

I still remember the first meeting between Zhang Yan and Yan Miao, and the battle between "Three Fires" and "Three Waters" was simply not too neat. Yan Miao, who was a little nervous, was a little at a loss, but it was Zhang Yan's warm relief and taking the initiative to find a topic to return the other party to a natural state.

"Half-Mature Lovers 2" presents the love problems of the half-mature generation can be described as panoramic, multi-angle, and deep. While making sugar, many pairs of CP also produce a "love crisis" of greater or lesser extent. However, it is this interweaving of laughter and tears, the fusion of sweetness and bitterness, that is closer to the real picture of love.

Compared with Hello Me Hello with the upper filter in the early stage, Hard Candy Jun prefers to watch the real confrontation after everyone shows their little claws. After all, stable love depends on management, and the way to manage is to find problems and solve them. And let's analyze the specific problem on a case-by-case basis:

In the cottage, Yu Taoran and Sun Muyu were generally good, but there were minor problems in each other's emotional care. Sun Muyu wanted to learn ukulele, but when Yu Taoran was discussing takeaway and playing poker with everyone, Hard Candy Jun really wanted to give a yellow card warning. Sure enough, the more serious the delay, Lao Sun felt that Lao Yu neglected himself, and Lao Yu finally coaxed Lao Sun well, but his emotions came up again.

The tachycardia of Bao'er and Meng Zhaobo in the early stage is inconsistent with the frequency in the later stage, and the two sides have never adjusted to a comfortable state of getting along. In the last issue of Lao Meng's online office, Bao'er was next to him from time to time to ask questions, but this became a sweet burden for busy workers. In Bao'er's view, making requests (such as drinking soup and only drinking light) is to take intimacy to the next level, but in Lao Meng, he is uncomfortable being hinted at and directed. Many times the problem with love is that both parties look at things differently, but they both think that the other party should resonate with them at the same frequency.

Zheng Yu'an's past experience hindered her and Yu Tianchao's further development, and both parties who lacked effective communication did not understand each other's ideas. The "let go" that Yu An understood became "retreat" in Tianchao. Zhang Wanshi showed favor to Tianchao's straight ball, which made the relationship between Yu'an and Tianchao light up red. Yu An said unintentionally: "Eat over there and eat here." "Directly tasted by the hard candy jun with a hint of Asura field feeling.

Zhang Yan and Yan Miaodeng matched each other, but Zhang Yan cared about the other party's entanglement in his divorced experience with a baby, and Yan Miao said that although he did not accept it in the past, there may be a change in not setting limits in the future relationship, which put a "question mark" on both sides. It should be said that the boy's frank node is still very measured, if it is said after the relationship between the two is determined to develop in depth, there is a suspicion of deliberate concealment.

The ability to love is a compulsory course

Love is a subject that needs to be taken, and most of the time we miss this lesson. However, the school has not been opened, and we can only go to the social university to take electives, which really makes us scumbags who cannot be self-taught suffer a big loss. At the same time, whether the love strategies of those emotional experts can actually help us, everyone knows in their hearts.

"Half-Acquainted Lovers 2" develops to the middle stage, and the discussion of "the ability to love" is natural. Lover's eyes are out of Xi Shi, and everyone can do it. The competencies we need to develop are: how to resolve the discrepancy between him/her and me as an individual?

In the case of Sun Muyu and Yu Taoran, their solution is emotional management. When Lao Yu fell into internal friction (I didn't look for you before I digested it myself), Lao Sun's overlord who took the initiative to help the other party resolve his emotions made the observation room admire. "You just sit across from me and say you're not happy, leave the rest to me!"

According to the stereotype, there must be an audience who wants to say that the paragraph in which the two are deeply chatting is the male and female protagonists exchanging scripts. But in fact, in intimate relationships, boys are not always the active party, originally women's emotional management and language expression skills are more dominant. Sun Muyu allows us to see the ability of women to resolve the emotions of lovers. Lao Yu finally said: "You will find that there are so many things about this man. Sun Muyu said, "Then you have one more look." "After the conflict is resolved, this paragraph has to be watched with insulin!

The main crux of "pineapple bag" is the narration, Bao'er does not dare to truly express her feelings, afraid that Lao Meng will feel that he has done it, but he cannot overcome internal friction. In love, should we insist on being ourselves or change to cater to our partner? Hard Candy Jun especially understands that Bao'er doesn't want Lao Meng to know that she likes his thoughts, but this emotional depression will eventually explode on other levels.

The two tried to teach tennis as friends, but they have been in a more comfortable state recently. I thought that the situation was getting better, but when I went to the supermarket, Bao'er got up again. Meng Zhaobo is in the state of "AUO and above", taking care of the products he chooses to buy. Bao'er is "not full of lovers" on the surface, but she can't really just be a friend and feels left out.

The threshold between Yu'an and Tianchao is empathy. After Yu'an opened his heart, Tianchao also shared his childhood experience. On both sides, you send a "supergirl", I send a "super powerful you are the best", the tacit circle of friends shows that they really understand why the other party is who they are today. Truly discovering and understanding each other is more comforting than the initial hormonal attraction.

As an older sister, Zheng Yuan has always been worried that Tianchao will be immature, but the understanding and empathy shown by Tianchao makes her feel as if she has found an ally. Yu An took the initiative to invite Tianchao to buy flowers, and he was also actively responding to the other party to meet Tianchao's previous careful wishes. When Yu An said, "I'm in a good mood today," a shy smile appeared on her younger brother's face.

When there is a contradiction in a relationship, it is very important to establish a communication model, but behind the establishment of communication is actually testing the "ability to love". How we can ease our emotions, how to detect each other's emotions and deep needs, how to view and tolerate each other's experiences (past emotional marriage, original family, etc.), all need to be seen and constantly explored.

Deep insight, "Half-Acquainted Lovers 2" is further advanced

I used to love watching the tricks and subtle sense of proportion in the love complex, but now I love to see the wisdom of everyone in dealing with intimate relationships under a mature and independent social personality. If the hit of "Half-Mature Lovers 1" is because it creates a perfect model for the picture of light mature love, then "Half-Mature Lovers 2" is a deep insight into the "ability to love" needs of 30+ groups.

Why can't I fall in love? In the face of this soul torture, the Duan Hand can give a thousand quip answers, but they all roughly boil down to: One, I'm terrible. Second, the people I met were terrible.

People are sometimes particularly good at self-examination, feeling that the question of love is whether they deserve to be loved. So the departure of the ex-girlfriend is mostly because "I think I have no money", and the coldness of blind date men is always "not beautiful enough".

In addition to being not good enough to be worthy of the person you want, another classic answer is "I didn't meet the right one". But is the question of love really just a question of "finding that person" and "matching that person"? The "ability to love" is always ignored intentionally or unintentionally.

Especially when you are young, you can still use hormones to top-up, and as you age, maybe the ability to love will decline. "Semi-Mature Lovers 2" is precisely by showing young mature individuals and CP samples, guiding the audience to pay attention to the "ability of love", realizing the deepening of the theme and the deepening of the track.

Zhang Wanshi's bold attack has been universally affirmed. Sincerity is always a must-move, and she has sent a signal to Tianchao as much as possible, even if she fails, she will not leave regrets. Please, this is a romance, of course you have to express it when you meet crush.

Wu Shifeng did not fully open himself, as Yu An suggested, he should pay more attention to showing himself. The phrase "the catfish can't turn over, the catfish is me" during the meal is somewhat distressing. In his previous dates with Bao'er and Yu'an, he achieved the ultimate gentleman, but also overshadowed the most shining part of his personality. Hard Candy Jun is quite cute to watch Lao Wu sing Hokkien songs in KTV, time is running out, so you must let yourself go in the future.

Also impressive is Zheng Yuan, not only Tianchao feels sorry for her, after listening to her story of struggling out of the mud, many netizens also feel inspired. "Yuan'er loves herself well, in the world of feelings, there is nothing more important than this", "Today's houcai shows her sister's demeanor and sobriety", "You are very good, generous, see the rainbow after the storm"... No wonder Mao Xiaotong sent a message to Yuan'er in the observation room: "Your blessing is behind." ”

On the road to finding love, we are first and foremost independent and free individuals. And when we meet the person who is moved, we also need to converge our edge and work together to find a way to move forward side by side. This continuous forward action is one of the core propositions of "Half-Acquainted Lovers 2" - the ability to love. On the basis of knowing ourselves deeply, we embrace those souls that interest us.

After "Half-Mature Lovers 1" achieved a breakthrough of 30+ light mature lovers compared to 20+ romantic complexes, Tencent Video continued to deepen the theme of "Half-Mature Lovers 2" through in-depth insights, focusing on the commonly ignored but extremely important emotional issues in reality. How to establish effective communication? How to take care of your partner's feelings while being yourself? How to develop the ability to love?

This is clearly a core refresh, with creative insights that are one step ahead of others and actively output more realistic and in-depth content. Mother single, sea king, love brain, may be in a sense the lack of the ability to love, and Tencent Video has responded positively to this social phenomenon - if we do not have the ability to love people, can not truly love people humble, courageous, sincere, and measured, then we will never be satisfied in our love life.

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