Office romance, ambiguity, temptation, sparks

Have you found that the dramas of the love theme in the past two years are really rare, and even, the recently popular revenge, big heroine, career, doomsday, death game and other themes are slightly interspersed with some love scenes, if the screenwriter does not write well, it is easy to make the drama suddenly fall from a "sense of reality" to a "fake love fantasy" feeling;

And in the adult world, that trade-off between interests and feelings; The familiarity of strengths and the novelty of first acquaintances collide with each other; Asking and being demanded, mutual benefit and favorability, the final choice...

Those pulls that have both interest thinking and emotional precipitation are the content that "mature us" like to watch. After all, in the adult world, where there are so many fleshy crushes and loves, it is more the best choice after weighing interests.

For example, the emotional scenes of several characters in "Squid Game" are very rich and delicate: when the two girls were in the marbles game, because they cherished each other, the Korean girl gave the opportunity to the defector girl;

The male protagonist and the bank executive male duo play together until the end of the game, the kind of love that grew up from childhood, and because of the gradual distancing of the class gap after growing up, and then to the game that is both mutually beneficial and selfish, until finally reconciliation between them...

It is no longer a simple character relationship, the adult world, the complex relationship between people pulls is good enough.

But love is still one of the favorite topics in all works of art, even if this is a materialistic society, everyone wants to make money, career, cross classes; But love always has a veil of mystery, which makes people yearn, fascinated, and willing to pursue

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Before the editor introduced you to a light comedy romance movie - "The Temperature of Love", starring Kim Min-hee. The office romance of a young man and woman has a very realistic temperature, both the dream and passion of the Ferris wheel under the sun; There is also the passion of an amusement park that is like a sudden rainstorm.

A long time must be divided, and a long time will be united. Tossing and turning in a boring and repetitive life, this is love.

And recently there is another office love drama - "The Understanding of Love", the editor would like to savor it with everyone.

On the surface, there is a heartbeat under the bright and fresh filter of Korean style, but in the bones is the realistic and awkward view of love of modern people. In the era of material desires and everyone wanting to climb up, pure love has undergone many considerations. the spark between careful caution and raising and closing eyes in office romances;

The passive temptation in East Asian love, and the ambiguity of the fingertips of the hair. Being pinched by this drama is quite subtle, which makes people's hearts itch.

Four men and women who work at the same bank fall into intricate relationships because they discover that everything is worth it for love.

In the past Korean dramas, it seems that the protagonists do not have to work to complete KPIs, earn money to feed themselves and fill their stomachs, and only need Meimei to fall in love.

However, although "The Understanding of Love" is a love story between four young men and women, it is full of realistic fetters and considerations.

Real life is to struggle for performance every day, less performance to be approved by superiors, good performance and anxiety about how to fight for the next performance, boring and monotonous.

However, when the sun is just right, peek sideways at her fair sides, petal-like flowers, smiling lips when receiving customers. Such a fantasy unrequited love in reality is the only bit of sweetness and expectation in a long life.

However, the beauty of unrequited love lies in the fact that the space for imagination is greater than the various practical problems when getting along. When a sentence of "I like you" blurts out, fantasy is broken, reality is walked in, emotions are externalized into realistic emotions and life related relationships, such a relationship will inevitably be full of calculation.

"Understanding of Love" tells the story between four men and women in the bank in a delicate and long tone.

The female director of Yi'an, with long flowing hair and tall and slender, is a goddess in the bank. However, the personality makes him feel aggrieved and others feel awkward. It is probably in the past romantic dramas, the male and female protagonists are perfect and charming. On the contrary, such a heroine with character flaws, a little hesitation and cowardice, a little hurtful speech, a sense of distance and a little cold. On the contrary, it seems "imperfect" but real.

Although An Xiurong is beautiful and gentle, her business ability is excellent. However, because of family reasons, I did not have a college degree, I worked very hard at work, and my performance was excellent, but I repeatedly encountered unsatisfactory transfers, so I would not take the initiative to apply later.

This is the reality, even if you are beautiful and hardworking; But there are always rules, waiting to see jokes, and even leaders who want to take the opportunity to eat tofu to make it difficult for themselves. Make yourself feel as if you're stuck at work.

The workplace is such a painful and inescapable existence: even if the second female does not have financial pressure, she also needs to work and socialize; And most people need both the social attributes of work and a salary to support themselves.

Because of academic qualifications, the new people they bring with them gradually surpass themselves; However, he has been a contract worker for many years, with the best performance, but he has not been transferred through work.

During the blind date, the man was originally very diligent because of his appearance and work, but as soon as he heard "I just graduated from high school", the subject's face instantly collapsed;

Work gatherings are supposed to be relaxing, but class, workplace bullying, and arrogant and annoying colleagues are always inescapable.

Because the new auxiliary police officer is young and handsome, Director An is young and beautiful. This group of arrogant and inferior middle-aged male directors joked in front of their faces

"The auxiliary police should be very busy, because they have to take the main job."

"Director An, I like the old movie style like Chief He (male protagonist), or the love bean style like the auxiliary police. Heck, it's still more compatible with the idou style, and the origins of the two people are more compatible. (Neither went to college)"

The words are sarcastic and sarcastic, and the two who are almost young people can only bear it silently.

And the male protagonist who is subtle and gentle and secretly in love with the female protagonist, although he is unhappy in his heart, he does not dare to come forward, so he can only endure it silently. Everyone's heart is full of emotions, and they want to calm the undercurrents under the surface of the sea, turbulent and dangerous; However, on the surface, he could only suffer in silence and did not say a word.

The beauty of crush and affection comes from the gentle and lingering filter in the sun because of emotion every time he peeks at her or him; And the throbbing in his own heart. However, when a confession "I like you" breaks all this, or the beginning of a relationship. Then the left and right thoughts of the office romance that cannot be escaped, as well as the constant calculation of reality, money, interpersonal relationships, and promotion possibilities, begin to jump out and disturb people's minds:

She is beautiful, of course, but is she the right object?

Although she has an excellent job, but after graduating from high school and has no room for promotion, can it bring benefits to our lives?

Although office love is convenient, what to do after a breakup? Isn't it awkward to see each other? Will my reputation become bad? Are we going to be the talk of everyone after tea?

What is the understanding of love? Under the fresh and soft lens of spring and summer, the slow and long telling style. But it is the helplessness that love is not pure and realistic: love should be as light and free as a dream, but it still can't escape the fatigue in life and the scuffle in the class.

In the play, it is said that the heart and liver of bankers are the least valuable, because this is the closest soil to money, reality and class; But in the era of material desire, love is still an ordinary dream in a tired life, a fantasy dream that can be rested for a short time in bad reality, and vivid flowers blooming on the soil.

What is the understanding of love? In the past, romantic dramas were going to the soup, but in the reality of material desires, they were weighed and cautious everywhere; We are all lost in love, but only love, it is the simple warmth and sincerity in all kinds of mental calculations. It is a dream and healing in ordinary life and tired work~

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