Break up before you start stumbling, what do you owe the audience to take back!

Say goodbye to the good holidays, say hi to the new job, and the friends who return to work are in a good mood~

I thought that the departure of May Day would take away my happiness together, but who could have imagined that a loveless variety show would make ben cp people feel like playing chicken blood and other episodes. After chasing it in one breath, send everyone a trial report immediately, and it will be a pity to miss it in a beautiful May!

Not selling Guanzi, it is the goose family's freshly launched "Brilliant Forward", which is about the healing journey of a group of lovelorn youth. In the online world of high-sugar warning, peace and comfort are just right as ice cream in summer.

I thought that this variety show would be like the love-loss gift package in those years, making people feel very emotional after watching it, so they also struggled for a long time whether to click on it. The result is that I am narrow-minded, emo is a guest, and this audience only gains happiness.

Not only are the loveless sand sculpture youth happy, but the most important thing is that one of the loveless couples makes people hit hard, and the DNA of the person who broke the mirror and reunited really followed.

What else can you say, program group:

"Brilliant Forward" currently has six guests, three men and three women, all of whom are post-90s. Listening to handsome men and women talk about the sad past, a bit like the night tea party in the university dormitory, friends around you confide in you about emotional problems.

And the story of lost love is the kind that young people are super familiar with, long-distance love, sense of boundaries, graduation and breakup, random combination should be able to hit the sadness of countless people in front of the screen, and the sense of substitution soars.

Most people's love affairs are not as catchy as in the TV series. Everyone has had a good time, remembering the beauty of the past, and there are sugar spots everywhere. But the disillusionment and end of feelings is so unexpected, and the regret and helplessness hidden in it are often more difficult to let go than the blood of the tengu.

The guests who impressed me most in "Brilliant Forward", one named Li Luer and the other named Qian Jianfu, were in love with their ex for five years and broke up for five years.

The dramatization is that their predecessors are exactly each other. At the moment of the mystery revealed, I was so excited that I wanted to do ten push-ups (restrained), and the reunion of the former romance novel in the setting of the show can also come true? The much-anticipated fall of the horse plot was broadcast in the first episode?!

But compared with the broken mirror of sugar sprinkling in the story of Jinjiang, the story of Li Luer and Qian Jianfu is sour and astringent.

Because of their professions, Li Luer is the host of Mango Tv, Qian Jianfu is a reporter of CETV, and there are many viewers who are familiar with them, and there are many CP fans.

The two are both students of the class of 2012, one is a male first, the other is a female first, and the double strong college couple.

Still friends after a breakup. Last year, Li Luer's birthday, Qian Jianfu appeared in a surprise wave.

The two have always been a model couple made in heaven in the eyes of everyone, but they eventually parted ways. The reason for their breakup is not a dog blood drama, but it makes outsiders listen more difficult.

The breakup was proposed by Li Luer, because she was less and less emotional in the late stages of the relationship. The two are obviously lovers, but they rarely go out alone together, and there is always one or a few friends who stay with them.

She didn't understand why her boyfriend didn't like to go out alone with herself, and calling friends and companions seemed to be just ordinary good friends.

And the answer given by Qian Jianfu makes people feel deeply powerless, because of his inferiority complex, he feels that he is not worthy. He often wondered if he had caught up with his good girlfriend, so much so that he hesitated to take the initiative.

When the two graduated, the direction of their work was different, and Qian Jianfu did not choose to compromise for his girlfriend, because he was worried that he would hang on to "I came for you" when he quarreled in the future.

Eventually the two broke up, but remained soul friends of each other. Such a miss made the audience in the program observation room and in front of the screen sigh, not to love but not to love, one side to retreat to make the other party hesitate, and finally there was no part.

Unworthiness has always been an important topic in the marriage market. Not only external matter, but also inner personality. The huge personality differences of Li Luer Qian Jianfu are difficult to connect at first, after all, one is positive and enterprising for the future, and the other feels that stability is the theme of life.

But loving or not loving is not a mathematical problem that can be accurately measured with weight. Maybe knowing that there are many unsuitable for each other, but can't help but follow the heart.

▲ Qian Jianfu wrote a good sad and good EMO in a letter on the radio

Qian Jianfu said on his lips, "I am not here for you", but every action and every look made it clear that my only goal was you, and his eyes did not even leave Li Luer.

The two people initially wanted to cover up the identity of the former couple, but the details were exposed too much, and the familiarity and tacit understanding of each other were simply invisible.

The guests on the scene, the artists in the observation room, and us in front of the screen can be good bumpers without a microscope!

Old Money is the one who took the initiative to retreat at the beginning, and now he plucks up courage naturally worthy of applause, but there is also a small question mark, does he completely overcome his inferiority complex, will he pursue love forward or let go completely?

And Li Luer's attitude towards old love seems to be much calmer, but she needs to be cured no less than old money.

Her anxiety in the last episode was impressive, the confidence in the eyes of outsiders was free of heart and lungs, but when she was alone, she could be poked in the tears by a very small thing. Happiness is her shell, leaving all her anxiety to herself to secretly digest.

In her, you can see the shadows of many young people. Career stuck in the bottleneck period, love is not, a person floating outside, looks like a social cow, in fact, there are countless unknown small wounds in the heart, really fiercely substituted.

I hope that Xiao Li and Lao Qian can heal their heart knots well during the journey, so that whether they break the mirror and reunite (preferably), they can better move forward.

Compared with the story of Li Luer and Qian Jianfu's lost love in Jinjiang, the breakup plot of the other four guests is more suitable for the circle of friends, because the real wife in life is too common, not only to hear people talk about it, but also to talk about it personally.

For example, Han Qianyu, who looks like a royal sister, the reason for her breakup with her ex-boyfriend can probably be three days of fights on various platforms.

The story is not complicated, one day Han Qianyu found in his ex-boyfriend's WeChat that he added WeChat friends of the opposite sex at three o'clock in the morning, and when he reported it before, he said that he arrived home at two o'clock.

The ex-boyfriend slyly argued that it was a "white lie", and it was difficult for Han Qianyu to accept such a borderless behavior.

Inconsistent statements have led to a crisis of confidence. Han Qianyu chose to break up and ask the other party to think clearly, whether it was a secure love, or whether she needed to find someone else to fill the void and find a sense of existence at any time.

The other party left for a while and appeared at the door of Han Qianyu's house on the night of the Chinese New Year's Eve, and the compound posture was obvious.

As a result, Han Qianyu, who was touched, asked whether there were other opposite-sex interactions during the breakup, and the ex-boyfriend said that he had stayed with colleagues because it was unsafe to go home. During the breakup between the two, Han Qianyu's statement was that you can know other girls, but when she asked for a reunion, she admitted that she had other relationships but touched her thunder point. In the end, the two broke up.

This topic was discussed fiercely in the show, and the views of male and female guests on this matter were quite divergent.

One party feels that other relationships in the breakup state should not be turned over, and Han Qianyu is too idealistic about the emotional requirements. The other party feels that if you still want to reunite, there should be no emotional fork in the road, and although the right to develop other feelings will be given, it is hoped that the other party will not use it.

Idealism and realism big PK, the so-called emotional cleanliness topic has once again been brought up, break up but want to stay loyal during the reunion period?

And the sense of boundary difference as a love taboo has been denied by the public, the beautiful sister don't emo, this person is not worth it.

The other three guests, including Zhang Xiyue's history of the demise of campus romance due to lack of communication, Chen Renyue's history of the demise of long-distance love caused by excessive dependence on immature love, and Wang Weilin's loss of love caused by no longer being expected by his girlfriend, will hit the emotional topics of quite a few young people at present.

How to say goodbye to sadness and summarize the reasons for the loss of love, how to adjust their state after the loss of love, this is the content that "Brilliant Forward" is trying to present. So although the theme is lost love, the tone is very comfortable.

In addition, the guests are all young people with different personalities, and the point of view of staying together is also quite relaxed and leisurely.

Stupid handsome man Chen Renyue alone held up half of the sky of comedy.

In a letter to his travel buddies, he said he wanted to show his culinary skills. The program team also did as he wished, tucking the travel starting point of the three boys into "Follow Bell to Adventure", Chen Renyue volunteered to cook, and the finished product was difficult to say.

The waste wood brothers made the kitchen this time simply made me laugh to death, "eat not to die" said how many kitchen hard hands of the voice ah!

During the exposure of Li Luer Qian Jianfu's old love affair, everyone else was excited to eat melon, Chen Renyue was cooking alone, and the heavens and the earth could not delay him from eating hot pot.

Perhaps also because of his young age, Chen Renyue is the only student in the program, and the impact of his feelings is always not as deep as that of the others.

Worthy of being a crazy selfie to the observation room guests are afraid of men!

The three male guests worked hard to cook and communicate the emotional stage, and the three female guests were happy to open the meal and the feelings heated up tremendously. When the two sides meet, the girls seem to be like kindergarten children hiding to see that they are really cute.

Probably because the focus of "Brilliant Forward" is always on the individual, so everyone's vividness has not been overwhelmed by the sadness of lost love. Like countless lost lovers, they have been in pain, but they always have to smile and face tomorrow's brilliant progress.

The story of the "road ahead" CP continues, I admit to being fiercely pinched by the selection of the program team, this story I chased! In the first issue of the lost love story, I only talk about a few other people, and I am very much looking forward to their new journey.

Emotional stories never fall behind, and heartbreak and sweetness can be its themes. "Brilliant Forward" gives the camera to the heartbreak and rehabilitation of the lost lover, let us also look at the two sides of the unity of love, there is sugar and a knife, but no matter what the result, we should pack up the mood and go forward again.

▲ See the beautiful scenery for a second to recover successfully

Rainie Yang said, "Maybe we all forgot who our ex-boyfriend was."

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