Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)

A generation of great men once said: "Books are musical notes, and conversation is songs." ”

The charm of language lies not only in communication, but also in the three views of one generation in educating another generation and establishing and correcting another generation.

Children are the inheritance of parents, the future of the family, and the hope of a country.

The mouth of a parent determines the path of a child and also determines the future direction of a family.

Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)

Children are the future of a family

Liang Qichao said: "Life is a hundred years, standing in early childhood. ”

This saying is also like "three years old is eighty", what a person sees and hears when he is a child, what he knows and learns will shape his personality, three views, habits, etc. in his life, thus determining his fate in this life.

The child is the continuation of a family, and the fate of the child dominates the future of the family.

In life, many families do their best to complete their children's lives.

However, they are often blindly satisfied in the material aspect, but they neglect the spiritual edification and education.

The wrong direction is often futile, or even in the opposite direction.

There are clouds in the "On Poetry": "Yesterday's cause became today's fruit, and the predecessors planted trees and the latter were cool." ”

For children, the best shade is the words and deeds of their parents.

A good mouth of a parent can protect a child's life; the upright behavior of a parent is enough to complete the happiness of a child's life.

Let them use their childhood to heal their lives no matter how much suffering they encounter on the road of life.

Let them be able to reverse all their misfortunes with a calm sense of gratitude throughout their lives.

Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)
Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)

The mouth of the parent determines the child's path

The Three Character Sutra says, "It is not the fault of raising a godfather." ”

Educating your children well is the obligation and responsibility of parents.

Those responsible parents will use their mouths to pave the way for their children's future

I will also use my own practical actions to set a good example for my children.

I once saw a news that impressed me a lot.

In the news, a pair of parents in Chongqing Yongchuan can be described as a clear stream in the parenting world.

Faced with the nine-year-old son's theft of his grandmother's 2,000 yuan to buy game equipment, they were furious.

However, they did not beat or scold the children, but said calmly:

"If you don't belong to something, if you take it, you have to return it."

Since it has been spent, this holiday, you will go and pick up the waste and pay back the money you owe to grandma. ”

In a word, let the child know that he is wrong and take the initiative to admit his mistakes.

He listened to his parents' advice and paid off his debts by picking up scraps, not only bearing the consequences of his mistakes, but also tasting the difficulty of making money for the first time.

When he experiences the hardships of his parents making money, he will certainly not squander money in the future.

When he realized that he would pay a great price for his theft, he would never again take the ill-gotten gains.

Famous philosophers once said:

"The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul summons another soul."

"Family members have had, should not be angry", good words and deeds, always more effective than "stick education".

Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)

Parents talk and families thrive

Confucius said, "His body is upright, and he does not act according to orders." His body is not righteous, although he does not obey. ”

The words and deeds of parents are the best mirrors of children themselves.

Parents filial piety to the previous generation day after day, even if they do not tell the child to know how to respect the elderly, the child can be grateful.

Both parents love each other harmoniously in marriage, and even if they do not tell their children how to get along in marriage, the children can run the marriage happily.

A child's ability to imitate is beyond imagination, and when the mind is not yet fixed, it is the most malleable, and it is also the best time to educate and correct mistakes.

Parents can talk, and the children who are raised must have high emotional intelligence.

When such a child grows up, he can not only be comfortable and pleasant in interpersonal communication, but also show his ability just right at work.

Unconsciously, let the career flourish, let life flourish, and let the family prosper.

Parents' mouths, determine the fate of children (deep good article)

The mouth of a parent is the child's way and also the feng shui of a family.

The word that comes out of the parent's mouth reflects the future of the child and the rise and fall of a family.

The so-called parenting masters are just those parents who use language to the fullest, they never need to talk about big reasons, they can make their children's hearts like mirrors.

Parents don't need to go through exams to get started, but the children they raise are the results of their lives.

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