Why does myopia grow so fast?

How can a child be nearsighted unconsciously? How can a child's myopia grow so fast? Parents are not short-sighted, how can children be myopic? Mom: I don't want to wear glasses! Mom: I can't see the blackboard clearly anymore! Mom: My eyes are uncomfortable!

Why does myopia grow so fast?

Know the 5 core reasons for the development of myopia and the growth of myopia, and dispel the doubts in your mother's heart.

1. Genetic factors

Myopia is autosomal recessive inheritance, both parents are myopic, the risk of myopia in children is more than 2 times that of parents who are not myopic, and the risk of children developing high myopia is also greatly improved. Genetic factors are innate objective factors that do not need to be changed; remind myopic parents to pay attention to their children's vision health as soon as possible.

2. Behavior habits

Myopia is often closely related to eye habits, long eye time, poor eye habits include reading and writing posture, pen holding habits, excessive use of electronic products, etc. Behavioral habits are cultivated, but they need to develop good habits from an early age and benefit them for life. Persistent persistence is required.

Why does myopia grow so fast?

3, light environmental factors

The eyeball is a photoreceptor, beneficial light promotes the child's visual positive development, harmful light accelerates the deterioration of the child's visual development. Harmful blue light, screen flickering of electronic products, poor lighting environment. These controllable factors can be changed at a low cost.

4. Outdoor activity factors

Outdoor activities can be extremely far-sighted and receive light from nature, forming a broad consensus on the prevention and control of myopia in the world. Outdoor activities due to weather reasons, time arrangements and other comprehensive reasons, is not very controllable, mothers or try to take as much time as possible to accompany their children to the outdoors, that is, can prevent and control myopia and can increase parent-child relationship.

5. Dietary factors

As an important visual organ of the body, the eyeball structure development and optic nerve development require the intake of comprehensive nutrition. Poor eating habits such as picky eating and partial eating will lead to eye malnutrition, low sclera calcium content, abnormal intraocular pressure, and decreased sensitivity of the optic nerve. Eating habits are controllable factors, and mothers should pay attention to guidance and supplement necessary lutein and other nutrients when needed.

Why does myopia grow so fast?

Dean Hu of the Nursing Light Instrument College suggested to mothers: When the above behavioral intervention is not easy to do, or does not achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to strengthen prevention and control during the sensitive period and critical period of the child's visual development. First of all, it is necessary to regularly go to a formal institution to do standardized eye examinations, and at the same time use the necessary medical means to intervene, including but not limited to low-concentration atropine, off-focus glasses, light feeders, orthokeratology glasses, etc.

Why does myopia grow so fast?

Since each child's visual development and myopia status are different; it is recommended to contact the author for expert consultation

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