About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

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The three-year pandemic has led to a particularly busy schedule of ophthalmologists: reduced outdoor activities, frequent online classes and other factors have led to a skyrocketing incidence of myopia in children. In addition to helping young patients prevent and control myopia, Zhuozheng ophthalmologists will also spend a lot of time helping parents relieve the anxiety caused by various myopia.

In the outpatient clinic, my mother often told me, "Dr. Li, we don't want to wear glasses." I myself wore glasses more and more deeply, my eyes were deformed, and the bridge of my nose was crushed. ”

So are these true?

Wearing glasses causes myopia to worsen?


Wearing inappropriate glasses can lead to the progression of myopia just as much as not wearing glasses, so medical refraction is important.

At present, in the case of optometric prescription in regular medical institutions, the degree of myopia will not deepen due to wearing glasses. On the contrary, there is currently a specially designed functional spectacle for myopia that can control the progression of myopia, so that the progression of myopia is as slow as possible and try not to develop into high myopia.

About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

So why do parents have the idea that wearing glasses deepens myopia?

In fact, there is a psychological problem involved, similar to survivorship bias. If you don't have glasses, you don't need regular check-ups. Without review, the degree of myopia will not be found to be deepening.

The increase in myopia degree during each review will in turn strengthen the parents' impression: there was no myopia when I didn't wear glasses before, and the more glasses I wore, the higher the degree of myopia.

Therefore, in fact, it is not the deepening of myopia caused by wearing glasses, but the deepening of myopia caused by myopia prevention and control not being done.

Wearing glasses causes deformation of the eyeball?


Everyone has a feeling that people who wear glasses will find that their eyeballs are particularly prominent once they remove their glasses. Therefore, it is thought that the eyeball protrusion caused by wearing glasses.

There are two reasons for this:


Myopic glasses are concave lenses that have the effect of reducing the appearance of objects. Therefore, observing the eyes of the person wearing glasses through the myopia lens will feel that the eyeball is relatively small, and once the glasses are removed, the eyes will feel particularly large (bulging);


The eyeballs of myopic eyes are generally larger than normal eyeballs, so the proportion of myopic eyeballs that feel particularly prominent in appearance will be higher.

About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

Therefore, wearing glasses will not cause eye deformation, it is visual errors and myopia that cause the eyeball itself to look more prominent.

Wearing glasses causes vision loss?

Parents will complain:

"Our baby used to be able to see the blackboard clearly when he didn't wear glasses, but now he takes them off after wearing glasses, but he can't see clearly."

This is true, but glasses should not be behind it.

Our eyes are a bit like a camera, relying on the muscles inside the eye to adjust the focus within a certain range. In some cases of refractive errors, our intraocular muscles may contract more severely, which can compensate for the vision loss caused by refractive problems to a certain extent and improve naked eye vision.

About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

However, if the muscles are in a state of excessive contraction for a long time, it will lead to the gradual deepening of myopia. So this strong compensatory ability is not a good phenomenon in the long run. Once you wear glasses of the right prescription, the muscles relax and remain in a normal state. At this time, although the naked-eye vision is not as good as before, it is beneficial to control the progression of myopia.

Therefore, wearing glasses does not lead to vision loss, but after wearing glasses, the muscles in the eye are relaxed and restored to the true level of vision.

Wearing glasses causes the bridge of the nose to develop poorly?


About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

How high the bridge of the nose develops is determined by genetics, and the weight of the glasses is not enough to compress the bridge of the nose to the point of dysplasia. However, if the glasses are heavy, they will indeed compress the skin tissue in the inner corner of the eye, resulting in dents in the skin. However, once you don't wear glasses, this dent can also be restored. In addition, try to choose glasses with lighter and thinner materials, which will also avoid this phenomenon.

Doesn't look good with glasses?

Probably or wrong.

Whether it looks good or not is really a very subjective feeling, influenced by aesthetic and cultural traditions. My personal experience is to look at the shape of the face.

For example, my face is large, and after wearing glasses, I have a retouching effect, and I feel a little from black and rough Sven. And my niece is a small face, and she does feel a bit cumbersome after wearing glasses.

However, in the critical stage of vision development, once myopia occurs, control the progression of myopia, do not develop into high myopia, the importance of this goal should be ranked ahead of whether it is good or not. I think this is a consensus that every parent should be able to accept.

In addition, from the perspective of controlling the progression of myopia, in addition to functional glasses, there are many options such as OK lenses and multifocal contact lenses. Don't delay myopia prevention and control because of fear of trouble and bad looks.

About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

Wearing glasses affects movement?

Partially correct.

Wearing glasses does affect some strenuous exercise. In general we recommend:

● When participating in more intense sports such as basketball, football, and badminton, you can temporarily avoid wearing glasses.

● In general running and jumping sports, wearing glasses not only does not affect sports, but can obtain a clear vision in exercise and avoid some unnecessary risks caused by blurred vision.

● Of course, choosing the right frame and ear hook can help our glasses wear more stably when exercising.

About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

In general, wearing glasses can help children see the world clearly, better access external information, and prevent and control the progression of myopia. Wearing glasses does not cause myopia to deepen, deform the bridge of the nose of the eyeball, and decreased vision. If wearing glasses is not acceptable due to personal reasons, you can also choose other prevention and control programs for myopia under the evaluation and guidance of a doctor.

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About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

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About the rimscope, 6 things that ophthalmologists debunk every day

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