What problems did the incident of "doctors playing games while going out to the clinic, and the hospital firing the doctors involved" exposed?

On April 21, in Zhoukou, Henan, a doctor from Xianghe Hospital in Yuncheng played cards on the computer while asking for treatment, which caused heated discussions among netizens.

A video circulating online shows the patient on duty answering questions while moving the mouse to play a computer card game while asking about his condition. In this regard, netizens have said that the doctor is too undedicated.

On April 22, a staff member of the hospital responded to the media that the doctor had been dismissed because "the situation is too serious, and games are not allowed during work."

Needless to say, the doctor was not wronged at all. Simply playing games from doctors' working hours, and playing games in front of patients and their families during consultations, the impact is too bad, smearing the faces of medical staff across the country and affecting the image of the doctor community.

The leaders of the hospital where the incident occurred may have used a quick knife to cut the mess and immediately dismiss him in order to prevent further fermentation of public opinion and cause more trouble to the hospital.

The hospital's speed of dealing with the doctors involved was the speed of light, and it was precisely because it took less than 24 hours from the online video report to the handling of the incident that the incident was not further expanded and the impact was worse.

But calm down and think carefully, we will also find some problems. Over the years, the hot events that have occurred in major hospitals across the country have exposed from the side that there are indeed individual personnel in our medical staff group who are too poor in quality, go their own way in public, and do not pay attention to maintaining the overall image of medical staff, such as "Shandong Rizhao anesthesiologist live broadcast gynecological surgery", "Kunshan gynecological male doctors go to work seriously, after work and let loose wrecks" and other doctors involved, which has made the originally fragile doctor-patient relationship worse, causing extremely bad influence in the minds of patients, and damaging the tall image of good doctors who are silently dedicated.

To be honest, the hospital should not tolerate these people, and it is better to deal with them early, I raise my hands in favor.

The essence is a matter of respect

It is undeniable that there are employees in various industries who "paddle" and "fish" during working hours. Most healthcare workers are good, and you can't negate the entire medical profession just because one person makes a mistake.

To be fair, it is not easy to pay full attention and not desert during work hours, and it makes sense to occasionally "paddle", "touch the fish" and relax.

During working hours, medical staff can occasionally desert after completing their own diagnosis and treatment work, take out their mobile phones to browse, and even play card games on the computer desktop in order to pass the boring time when there are no patients.

After all, medical staff are people, not gods, and medical staff are also mortal flesh, and they cannot use the same standards as gods to demand all medical workers.

But whether it is "paddling" or "touching fish", at least we must distinguish the occasion. When there is no patient, or not at the service window, occasionally self-relaxation is not a matter of principle, nor does it affect the treatment and saving people, there is no need to go online.

However, if you are out of the clinic or at the service window, you must be cautious in your words and deeds, be strict with yourself, and never go your own way. Because in the minds of patients, you do not represent you alone, you may represent the image of the entire hospital.

The author has been practicing medicine for decades, and I have also seen many medical staff who do not pay attention to their own image:

For example, some doctors smoke in front of patients in the inpatient ward;

Some healthcare workers loudly discuss patients' privacy in the office without anyone around;

There are medical staff who have just worked playing in front of patients in pain, talking and laughing, and lacking empathy;

There are also young doctors who play games or swipe short videos when patients ask questions, and they do not lift their heads to cope casually.

Ask yourself, you might as well think about it from another perspective, if the patient is your relative, or you are a patient, and you meet a doctor and nurse like yourself, how do you feel in your heart? Can there be no contradiction between doctors and patients? We ask patients to respect doctors and nurses, but doctors and nurses should also respect patients, right? In personality, in dignity, all people are equal.

Directly without any procedure

Is it too much to fire the doctor?

Although the incident of Dr. Zhoukou in Henan Province playing card games during the reception of patients did not seriously affect the patient's body, it reduced the patient's trust in the doctor and damaged the doctor's image.

As an adult, as an old doctor who has practiced medicine for many years, this pediatric low-level mistake really shouldn't happen to him. I really don't know what the doctor in question thinks, the stand-alone card game is not an online game, can't you watch the patient and play again? It can also be reflected from the side that the doctor concerned may not have too strong a sense of responsibility in his work, and he does not pay much attention to his personal image.

In the usual work of the hospital, whether it is outpatient or inpatient department, or operating room, some patients or family members are really difficult to entangle, low quality, as soon as they come to the hospital, they raise their eyebrows and raise eyebrows at the medical staff, embarrassing the medical staff everywhere, complaining at every turn, and even insulting doctors and nurses.

But that's a minority, and most patients still have a lot of respect for medical staff. Ten fingers are not the same length when they are born, let alone a person with a capital letter.

Each person's origin is different, the level of education is different, the environment and circle they are exposed to are different, and the quality is of course destined to be high or low. There is no such thing as the same standard for everyone, doctors and patients. But after all, medical staff deal with life, and strangers who have nothing to do with us can put their lives in our hands, so why should we not be more strict with ourselves?

Although medical staff are ordinary people, our profession is not ordinary. We must always remember that we are the guardians of life, and life is only once for everyone, and there is no room for sloppiness.

From another perspective, the treatment of medical staff by various hospitals over the years is not too simple and rude. For example, in the case of Henan doctors playing card games while consulting patients, the doctors involved were at fault first, and it was natural to get the punishment they deserved.

But people are not sages, who can do nothing, doctors make mistakes, should there be corresponding solutions. You can't beat people to death with a stick, and a simple expulsion is a hundred.

Shouldn't we first suspend our duties, apologize to the patient in person to obtain the patient's understanding, or temporarily transfer from the doctor's position to study in the medical department and continue to investigate before making a decision?

Isn't it too much to be fired without any procedure? After all, it did not have much impact on the patient's body, and even if it did, there was finally a legal sanction.

Coincidentally, this reminds me of a female nurse in Corey ten years ago, because she finished injecting patients at work in the morning, she drank a sip of soy milk in the outpatient clinic in her free time, which happened to be seen in person by the inspectors of the Health Bureau and reflected to the dean.

The dean was very angry after hearing this, after all, it affected the overall image of the hospital in the health system, making the dean's face dull, and in the afternoon of the same day, he directly verbally announced the dismissal of the nurse, without going through any formal process of the hospital.

Although the little girl cried in front of the dean, she said that she had no parents since she was a child, grew up with her grandmother, and it was not easy to find a job, as long as she was not expelled, she was willing to accept any punishment. Several old doctors and head nurses knew that the nurse had a special family background, and they personally interceded with the dean, but to no avail.

The next day, the nurse never came to work again.

Although this matter has nothing to do with me, after all, a colleague of Corey, everyone has feelings, and I still have a bad heart for that dean.

Another time, a female doctor in the emergency department was slapped twice by a vexatious drunken male patient.

After the doctor called the police, the police came. The troublemaker's family members were afraid of detention, so they quickly apologized and begged for forgiveness from the beaten female doctor, who was unwilling to forgive and had to let the police detain the beater.

As a result, the family members of the patients who were drunk and troublesome did not know through what relationship they had found with the hospital leaders, and the hospital leaders and department directors repeatedly persuaded the beaten female doctor to reconcile with the drunken troublemakers, so they were not detained.

Finally, the hospital issued the female doctor a "grievance award" of 200 yuan.

That was the first time I knew that the hospital had a special award against humanity such as the "grievance award", I don't know if it was the sadness of the medical staff or the humiliation of the hospital? I wonder if the "grievance award" is a strange reward unique to medical staff? I wonder if anyone in other industries has received the "grievance award"?

From the above incidents that happened in the hospital, it is not difficult to see that some hospital leaders are really "iron-faced and selfless" to their employees and their colleagues, without mercy, straightforward in handling, simple and rude methods, and never tolerated.

But the state has national laws and family rules, shouldn't hospitals follow the formal processing process? It's ridiculous! Alas! Lamentable!

Of course, from another perspective, consider analyzing the incident of doctors playing card games while interrogating. Some patients are also very annoying, with the development and growth of smart phones and online self-media, in the process of daily diagnosis and treatment, some patients hate doctors and nurses, no matter how you treat him well, put yourself in his shoes, he always likes to be guarded against medical staff at all times, regardless of three seven twenty-one motionless take out the mobile phone to the doctors and nurses to shoot randomly, unhappy, add oil and vinegar to the Internet, online violence medical staff.

Even if the doctor plays the game during working hours, you can complain directly to the hospital or even the health department. Don't post it online at every turn to amplify and hype. Ask yourself, there is a problem with doctors, but is it not wrong for you to post people on the Internet to hype? What is the purpose?

People are self-aware and hope that medical staff can always reflect on themselves. Pay attention to our words and deeds everywhere, and let us work together to maintain the image of medical staff.

People are not sages, who can do nothing, know that mistakes can be corrected, and be good. The whole society is requested to maintain a tolerant heart for medical staff. A little more understanding of them, more respect, less hostility! After all, when you or your loved ones are plagued by illness or your life is threatened, they will not hesitate to fight death and help you remove the pain and save your life!

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Author | Temper Yang

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