New milestone BYDHan rolled off the production line for its 200,000th vehicle

Recently, BYD Han reached a new production milestone, and the 200,000th Han successfully rolled off the production line. At the same time, the official announcement is that BYD Han has become the first Chinese brand car with a price of 200,000+ and a down-of-line price of 200,000+.

On April 10, the new car of the BYD Han family was officially launched, and the price range after comprehensive subsidies was 215,800-329,800 yuan. Among them, Han DM-i subsidy after-sale 215,800-28.98 million yuan, Han DM-p sales of 319,800 yuan, Han EV series subsidy after-sale of 26.98-32.98 million yuan. The new Han family cars have been upgraded in terms of styling interiors, intelligent configurations and mileage, and the Han EV series has also launched a limited edition model of Qianshancui.

In the power part, the Han DM series is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5Ti engine, an EHS hybrid system and a blade battery. The 1.5Ti engine has a maximum power of 102 kW and a peak torque of 231 N·m. The permanent magnet synchronous motor equipped with the HamM-i has a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 325 N·m. The standard blade battery is divided into 18.3kWh and 37.5kWh versions according to the different model configurations, corresponding to a pure electric mileage (NEDC) of 121km and 242km, a fuel consumption of 4.2L and 4.5L for 100 km of power loss, and an official comprehensive cruising range of 1300km.

The HamM-p is equipped with an intelligent electric four-wheel drive system. 0-100km/s acceleration time 3.7s. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a 37.5kWh blade battery, the NEDC comprehensive working condition pure electric cruising range of 202km, and the NEDC loss fuel consumption is 5.2L/100km.

On the Han EV Genesis Edition, the maximum power of the front motor has been increased from 163kW to 180kW. At the same time, the Han EV Genesis Edition is also divided into ordinary version and high-performance version, and the high-performance version is equipped with front and rear dual motors with maximum power of 180kW and 200kW, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 3.9 seconds.

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