LOL mobile game: experience the latest news of the service, follow-up will be online deadly rhythm, archer epic enhancement

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Foreword: League of Legends mobile game recent action is a bit much, some time ago to unpack out the sheep knife and the icon of the collector, recently the official released a powerful news, in the follow-up talent update, "Fatal Rhythm" will be online, which is a great news for shooter players, talent finally has the speed of attack, but also a kind of strengthening of the sword saint, barbarian king such as the general attack hero, in the next version, the League of Legends may be going to change the sky.

Kraken will be added to the mobile game as a talent

According to other bloggers' revelations, the kraken equipment in the mobile game will be a talent, the attribute can increase the attack speed, critical hit and attack power, in fact, this is also true, if the siren is equipment, then the next version is definitely the world of the shooter, after all, the next version will also be online "Deadly Rhythm", the Kraken with the deadly rhythm, the hero of other positions does not have to play, if it is a talent, then the shooter must give up one of them, so it is more balanced.

Kurihara felt that if the Kraken was a talent, it might replace the current Storm Gathering, because there were very few people with this talent, and the designer had clearly said before that some new talents on the line would also delete some of the less commonly used ones, and if the Kraken was determined to be a talent, it should be a growth type, adding a little attribute every minute, so that there would not be too much hero for the game environment, and the most likely thing was to become a master talent, similar to the conqueror.

If this is what I really think, then next season's mobile game will be interesting, the mage may fall off the altar, replaced by some physics heroes, such as sword saints, barbarian kings, weapons and the like, and even a two-shooter situation, one to take the development road, one to go to the middle, after all, the two talents on the line, the shooter will have a qualitative leap, the attack speed does not depend on equipment, there is more space to go out of the defensive suit or attack suit, the damage will be higher than now.

The second is the barbarian, the siren is too suitable for him, all the attributes are the most needed by the barbarian king, the barbarian king of the mobile game itself passively has an attack speed bonus, if the siren is really online, then the barbarian king will definitely become the hero of the only file, the sword saint is the same, the current outfit is too unified, after the siren is online, you can try to play the critical hit stream, and the harvesting ability in the later stage will be stronger.

At the same time, there are more choices of talent, and there is also a "deadly rhythm", if you transplant the attributes of the end game, many warrior heroes can also come out, such as wrist hao, knife sister these.

There is a saying that one, the mobile game is now finally open, a large number of popular equipment of the end game, do not ask you and the end game is exactly the same, but the version must be consistent, only in this way, the gameplay can be diverse, in order to better retain, attract players, look at now, the ranking back and forth on those heroes, play for a long time on the tired, only the version of the hundred flowers is what the player wants.

Summary: I hope that after this update, designers should also consider the equipment of the online mage, only in this way can the mobile game achieve absolute balance.

Well, that's all there is to it, what do you think about that?

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