Glory of Kings: Skin Fragment Shop No. 14 updated, new skins added, Xiahou Huan players laughed

King of Glory No. 14 into the S27 new season, it is said that a generation of versions of a generation of gods, the new season of the shooter hero will rise strongly, including Garo, Irene and Houyi, because they are planned to strengthen, Garo big move to increase critical strike and attack speed, improve the hero's early combat ability, Houyi is for the two skills to add new effects, while improving the basic health, Irene's special hardcover increases the range and critical strikes, greatly improving the intensity of later combat, I have to say that the development of the new season of the road shooter will "a hundred flowers bloom".

Back to the point, the No. 14 Skin Fragment Shop was updated, new skins were added, and Xiahou Huan players laughed

I believe that everyone is very concerned about the skin shop, the 14th shard shop will also be updated synchronously, the skin quality of the shard shop update is very high, Sang Qi's new skin "painting in the middle" is also the first time to list the shard shop, because Sang Qi as the first new hero of the new season, as long as the corresponding task is completed, 23 shards in the shard shop can be redeemed, and Sang Qi positioning mage / auxiliary, the mall price of 13888 gold coins, the hero is extremely playable, like to play auxiliary players, you can start at the first time after the update.

The Shard Shop has four epic skins, Light of the Firmament, Count Dracula, Summer of the Waves, and Ride the Waves

Xiang Yu's sky light needs 288 shards to redeem, it is estimated that many player fragments are not enough, so we will not say this skin, Liu Bang's Count Dracula, this skin has been in the shard shop for a long time, many small partners have been redeemed, although the skin feel is not very good, but the special effects are still justified, Li Yuanfang's wave of this skin is very worthy of exchange, and there are star component parts, players with excess fragments can consider it.

Why xiahou huan players laughed, because the fragment store Xiahou Huan's ride on the wind and waves came, this skin has not been on the shelves of the fragment store for a long time, this is an epic skin, but its feel and special effects in the game are liked by many players, in addition to the infinite hurricane is the quality of riding the wind and waves, so many Xiahou Huan players are waiting for this skin, and now there is a chance of white prostitution, of course, happy.

Well, that's all for this issue, is there a skin you like in this skin shard store? Welcome to leave a message below, let your comments be seen by more friends, we discuss together.

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