Shard Shop update, rare skins return, only 28 shards! New skin saves 5 pieces!

On the second day of the new season, the brothers came to report on yesterday's results! Is it a big score or is it hammered and headshot by the trainers? Or is it a mess and no play at all?

Lao Wang set up a flag in yesterday's article, intending to win consecutive victories over the king, but he did not expect to be terminated by a tank car in the middle of the game, and he did not have the opportunity to ascend to the king with a 100% win rate. However, the provincial card Sangqi is basically stable, and in two days it will give the brothers a strategy. What I'm going to talk about today is the Shard Shop Rotation that goes live with the new season. This rotation "returned" a skin that has only been online once, brothers don't miss it! First, the middle of the painting

"Mid-Cloud" is Sang Qi's companion skin, although it is a classic selfie with a different angle, but it is still necessary to change for that attribute, and the new skin does not know until the Year of the Monkey.

However, when changing the Sangqi companion skin, you should pay attention to it, do not redeem it directly in the Shard Shop, and exchange it with exclusive props through the activity interface, only 23 skin shards are needed, which is the same as the redemption method of the companion skin last season. Second, Count Dracula

Count Dracula returns, this skin is not only the best quality skin for Liu Bang, but also one of the highest quality epic skins in the shard shop rotation table, and there is no thorn in either the model or the feel. Even with 6 yuan skin is worth changing, the two are not a level. Third, the summer of chasing the waves

Li Yuanfang's version of the Summer of Honey Orange is back on the shelves, the original leather feel special effects are very good, and there are two sets of Xingyuan accessories. Lao Wang personally likes this set of ugly and handsome octopus star yuan, the dart mark icon is very emotional, for it kite skin has not been used several times. Fourth, ride the wind and waves

Another skin of the beach series is also on the line again, although this skin is relatively general, but there are enough star components, of which the green mechanical shark knife is an invincible existence, with it after the old king dismissed the idea of changing gundam.

Some enthusiastic netizens have compared, the shark smashed out of the accessory and Lan's mecha shark is very similar, this wave of rounding is equal to playing Lan's new skin, earn hemp! Five, the Queen of Peaches

Although the model is not good, but the feel and special effects are still conscientious, general attack and passive crows have become playing cards, and the visual feedback in the game is much better than the battle order skin, which is worth changing. Sixth, the light of the firmament

This issue of the 288 series is rotated to the large wings of Xiang Yu, this skin will look bulky overall, more suitable for side xiangyu players to use, auxiliary players or beach skin feel better, brothers need to redeem. Seven, enlightenment

Sikong Zhen's companion skin has been ridiculed after it was launched, and it is a companion skin of "selfie from different angles", but this skin that has no highlights regardless of poster or modeling has not been re-listed, which makes the Sikong Zhen players who have entered the pit very annoyed, and they can't really spend money to buy companion skins.

Sikong Zhen was released in January 21, after 15 months, this companion skin finally "returned" in the Fragment Store. VIII. Emperor Zhaolie of Han

"Only the virtuous and virtuous can scare people", although Liu Bei's Han Zhaolie Emperor modeled the special effects are relatively inferior, but the voice package is really interesting, it should be the king's early in the voice of the most effort in the series of skins, Zhang Fei's chaotic tiger chen singing is also very energetic. Which skin do the brothers think is the most worth redeeming in this issue?

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