Bai Qi and Ming Shiyin ushered in the S27 season battle order skin, and Lü Bu harvested the Blue Mecha Star Yuan

Here it comes, it's finally here! About the battle skin of the S27 season, finally exposed. In the previous revelations, we determined the direction of the cloud tour in the new season, which was to come to Sang Qi's hometown of Thousand Caves City, and about the season skin, it was also determined to lanling king. But what everyone is most looking forward to is still about the season's battle order skin, and now it is finally determined that the season battle order skin is given to Bai Qi and Ming Shiyin, in addition, Lü Bu, who has just been exposed and optimized, is also in this rank.

The first is the Season Order Limited Advanced Edition Level 1 benefit, which is given to Bai Qi, and the skin name is "Night Monster", this category, in fact, bai qi this hero, is still very novel. However, in fact, the first feeling given to people is that they can still think of the aristocratic skin of Yingzheng, of course, after all, Bai Qi is Yingzheng's subordinate.

First of all, the skin background, he is the orphan of a certain nobleman in the city, so he has his own personality, but he will always attend the upper class party in the daytime, which also determines that in the background of the new skin, he is still an aristocratic identity. So in the overall image design, he wears an eye mask and wears a tuxedo, which is also the standard of the nobility. However, it is a pity that in the appearance of the animation, not much change has been given, only the model has been changed, after all, this is only the first-level battle order skin.

In the special effect design of the skill, the white night monster, the overall tone is biased towards dark purple, which is also in line with the overall image of the skin, the most special should be the weapon, because it is based on the hanging watch gear, combined with the Gothic style pattern to create. When it comes to gothic style, I believe everyone thinks of the superhero in the city, in short, it is a very good battle skin.

The level 80 Season Battle Order Limited Edition skin is given to Ming Shiyin, and the skin name is "Bard Magic". As a big boss in the king's world, it is understandable to give Ming Shiyin this skin. Just like the name, Bard, it shows that this skin is still biased towards literature and art, so the image change for Ming Shiyin is still very large.

Combined with the background of the skin story, Ming Shiyin's father is a bard, but he is missing, Ming Shiyin after experiencing displacement and suffering, finally grew into a man, he traded with the white-haired mysterious man in the dark, so he obtained, a parchment, a magic quill, and the most important piccolo of the image setting.

Therefore, in the design of skill special effects, the overall image of Ming Shiyin is biased towards medieval style clothing, and his weapon dagger is replaced by a flute, and the magic weapon is also turned into a parchment scroll. The skill special effects are still very gorgeous, and in the new season, this skin must still be livery.

The last one is the key point, that is, the S27 season's battle order Xingyuan actually gave Lü Bu, which is unexpected. Because Lü Bu's doom mech had just been exposed before and optimized, I really did not expect that there would be a copy of Lü Bu. Lü Bu's battle order Star Yuan's name is "Azure Mech", so the overall image changes from red to azure blue.

In fact, in the design of scientific and technological elements, either Sun Ce's yellow technology metal texture or traditional blue, and Lü Bu is biased towards the overall style of Sun Ce's skin after upgrading and updating. Therefore, this blue star element is very clever, and the color elements are used appropriately. This is really exciting for players with Doom Mech skins.

Although there have been too many new skins recently launched, the skin quality has indeed not disappointed, and now that the S27 season is coming, I believe there will be a more different King's Canyon waiting for everyone. I also hope that the new season can be updated as soon as possible, when everyone can have these skins, so what do you think about this season's battle order skins and limited star elements? Will you start right away?

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