He used to be a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children, but now he has become a world champion with a screw

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On November 27, 2022, Jiang Xinhua won the gold medal in the heavy-duty vehicle maintenance project at the 46th WorldSkills Competition, achieving a breakthrough of the Chinese team's gold medal "zero" in the project.

He used to be a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children, but now he has become a world champion with a screw

But what people don't know is that he grew up in a single-parent family, and he was also a "poor student with no interest" in the eyes of others, and a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children. He said that he was able to have today thanks to his father.

If he likes to dismantle, let him dismantle, and if he breaks it, we will buy a new one.

Jiang Xinhua was born in Chitou Village, Jiangjia, Xiwu Street, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and lived in a single-parent family since childhood.

When he was a child, Jiang Xinhua liked to disassemble things the most, electric fans, remote controls, hot water bottles, etc., everything that could be dismantled at home was dismantled by him, and then assembled back.

Grandma didn't interfere with Jiang Xinhua's hobby, but she didn't allow him to enter the kitchen, for fear that he would break the stove and not be able to cook. But the more he was not allowed to enter the kitchen, the more interested he became in the kitchen. When she was in the fifth grade of elementary school, Jiang Xinhua slipped into the kitchen one day while her grandmother was out to buy groceries, and began to dismantle the gas stove.

When the grandmother came back and saw that the gas stove had been dismantled by her grandson, she was anxious and angry: "I still have to cook at noon, what can I do?"

Jiang Xinhua was not in a hurry: "Grandma, give me 15 minutes, and I must install the gas stove back." Grandma laughed: "I can't pretend to go back to be hungry together at noon." ”

Who knows, Jiang Xinhua made some troubles, and really restored the gas stove. Grandma turned on the switch in disbelief and was relieved to find that it did not affect the use in the slightest.

However, when Jiang Jilun called back, his grandmother couldn't help but sue Jiang Xinhua. Jiang Jilun said: "If he likes to demolish, let him dismantle, and if he breaks it, we will buy a new one." ”

Jiang Jilun is not highly educated, but he has a set of skills in educating children, and he advocates letting children develop freely, release their nature, and find a path that is truly suitable for their own growth. For his father, Jiang Xinhua has been full of admiration since he was a child, his father is enthusiastic about public welfare, insists on participating in love activities, and later set up a volunteer team to carry out activities to help the disabled and the elderly, poverty alleviation and poverty relief activities, and send warmth to others.

Under the influence of his father, Jiang Xinhua has often followed his father to participate in public welfare activities since elementary school. However, in junior high school, Jiang Xinhua, who was originally well-behaved and obedient, suddenly became very rebellious, addicted to video games, and his academic performance fell all the way. Jiang Jilun tried to persuade him many times, and he inevitably got angry, and once pointed to a car repair shop on the side of the road and said to his son: "If you can't pass the general high school exam, you will go to learn auto repair in the future, and you will climb up and down every day, which will be tiring and dirty." ”

Jiang Xinhua disagreed with his father's opinion, and did not feel that the auto repair workers were hard, but became interested in the mechanical work of dismantling and repairing: "It's okay to learn auto repair, there's nothing wrong with it." Jiang Jilun thought that his son's words were just angry, but he didn't expect it to become a reality soon after.

Don't take the competition too seriously and focus on the results. The ultimate goal of learning skills is not to win or lose, but to learn more. No matter how tired you are, you must stick to the path you choose.

In 2017, Jiang Xinhua failed the high school entrance examination and missed the general high school with a difference of 3 points, becoming a "poor student with no interest" in the eyes of others, and he was very disappointed.

Jiang Jilun was also very annoyed, but seeing his son's disheartened appearance, he couldn't bear to blame him anymore, so he encouraged him: "All roads lead to Rome, don't be discouraged, let's think of other ways out together." Jiang Xinhua thought for a long time and felt that he was interested in automobiles, so he proposed to learn auto repair.

After some twists and turns, Jiang Xinhua entered Ningbo Technician College to study auto maintenance. At a gathering of relatives, he overheard that a relative was educating his children, and he actually regarded him as a "negative teaching material": "If you don't study hard, you can only go to a technical school like that kid from the Jiang family, and do hard work for a lifetime after graduation." ”

This sentence hit Jiang Xinhua's pain point, and he secretly swore that he must study hard and make an appearance to show his relatives and friends, he can do it!

After returning to school, Jiang Xinhua devoted himself to improving his skills, going back and forth to the classroom and the training workshop every day, studying hard and practicing hard. In 2018, he participated in the school's Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Project Skills Competition and joined the school's Heavy Vehicle WorldSkills Competition training team with a 5th place.

Jiang Xinhua learned that the WorldSkills Competition is known as the "WorldSkills Olympiad", and its competitive level represents the highest level of vocational skills development in the world today. However, the threshold of the competition is not low, and you must pass the municipal and provincial competitions to qualify.

After that, Jiang Xinhua worked harder, never rested at noon, and would train in the workshop at night until the lights went out.

He used to be a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children, but now he has become a world champion with a screw
He used to be a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children, but now he has become a world champion with a screw

It's a pity that in the city competition, Jiang Xinhua ranked third, and only the top two players have a chance to enter the provincial selection competition. During the video chat between father and son, his father comforted him: "Don't take the competition too seriously and focus on results." The ultimate goal of learning skills is not to win or lose, but to learn more. No matter how tired you are, you must stick to the path you choose. Jiang Xinhua felt that his father was right, so he continued to practice hard.

In 2020, Jiang Xinhua's efforts finally paid off, he won the first place in the heavy vehicle maintenance project of the Zhejiang Skills Competition, and directly won the ticket to the national competition. At the end of the same year, he won the gold medal in the heavy vehicle maintenance project of the first National Vocational Skills Competition.

Ascending to the highest podium in the country, Jiang Xinhua was so excited that she burst into tears. However, he knew in his heart that this was not the end of the road for him, and his ultimate goal was to reach the podium of the WorldSkills competition.

For this ultimate goal, Jiang Xinhua worked harder, and only gave himself three or four days off throughout the year. One year, during the Spring Festival, on the 28th day of the lunar month, the school was empty, and he did not go home, but still soaked in the training room every day. The coach was so moved by his spirit that he simply arranged for a large truck to transport the training equipment such as engines, tool tables and tool carts directly back to his hometown. That Spring Festival, Jiang Xinhua did not rest and continued to practice hard at home.

My father was my role model, he led by example, telling me to be down-to-earth in everything I do, to race against myself, and to persevere to the end is to win.

Hard work pays off. Finally, Jiang Xinhua was qualified to participate in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition. During the preparation for the competition, he encountered a difficulty that he did not expect - English. Many of the heavy vehicles prepared for the race came from abroad, and he was dazzled by the dense English manuals. Only then did he realize that English was a stepping stone to the competition, and if he couldn't even read the vehicle manual, how could he repair it?

The father knew that Jiang Xinhua was a "difficult English household" when he was studying, so he suggested that his son associate words with devices to deepen his memory. Jiang Xinhua took his father's advice and studied hard, not only understanding all kinds of English materials, but also proficiently communicating with referees and writing game reports in English.

In the summer of preparing for the World Series, the coach suggested that parents come to school every week to talk to their children and reduce their stress. Jiang Jilun cherishes the opportunity to meet his son very much, and no matter how busy he is, he will rush to school to cheer for his son.

Once, Jiang Jilun found that his son's calves, arms and neck were bitten by mosquitoes with many red spots, and he knew that there were many mosquitoes in the training ground. "You won't drive mosquitoes away?" Jiang Jilun felt that his son was stupid.

Jiang Xinhua said: "I'm training, I can't feel mosquitoes, and even if I feel it, I don't have time to rush." ”

Since then, Jiang Jilun has brought several bottles of toilet water with him to school every time, sometimes changing to a different brand, and then asking his son how it works. Jiang Xinhua's answer made him laugh: "You want to ask if mosquitoes are afraid, and what is the use of asking me? I am busy screwing every day, how can I have time to care about whether the effect is good!"

On the evening of November 27, 2022, Beijing time, at the WorldSkills Competition in Austria, Jiang Xinhua was engrossed in the operation. What many viewers don't know is that the model for this competition was just announced just a month ago. Since such models are produced by European and American manufacturers, and there are no ready-made ones in China, the domestic models that Jiang Xinhua used to prepare for the competition are far from the competition models in many technical standards, and he has never even seen some parts. When he arrived in Austria, he seized the opportunity to get his hands on such models. In contrast, European and American players, especially the host Austrian players, have more time to study the model and occupy an absolute advantage.

Even so, Jiang Xinhua still won the championship of the heavy vehicle maintenance project with excellent technology, and achieved a breakthrough of the gold medal "zero" of the Chinese team in this project.

This hard-won gold medal poured Jiang Xinhua too much hard work and sweat, and it also carried his youthful dream of not abandoning, not giving up, and moving forward steadfastly. In the face of flowers and applause, Jiang Xinhua pushed his old father into the spotlight: "My father is my role model, he leads by example, telling me to be down-to-earth in life and work, race against myself, and perseverance to the end is victory." ”

Jiang Jilun said: "I usually can't help much, and the success of children depends on the good teaching of teachers and coaches." ”

Over the years, Jiang Xinhua has not forgotten to do public welfare in addition to studying. Two years ago, he met a girl in elementary school in Tianjin, whose parents died in a fire, and Jiang Xinhua decided to pair up with the girl to pay for her tuition with the prize money she won in some competitions, which has continued to this day.

Jiang Xinhua's hometown, Chitou Village, Jiangjia, has always attached great importance to talent training and established a talent education award system. In August 2023, the village awarded Jiang Xinhua a special talent cultivation award with a bonus of 100,000 yuan. Jiang Xinhua donated 60,000 yuan to the village's elderly canteen on the spot. He said: "My father has been doing public welfare for more than ten years, and once donated 60,000 yuan to the village to build a canteen for the elderly. I want to learn from him, there is a point of heat, a point of light. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow villagers in this way. The villagers once came to visit me with local specialties, and the taste of home that carried too many feelings made me know that I was not struggling alone, and my achievements today were inseparable from their silent support behind them. ”

After Jiang Xinhua won the world championship, honors poured in, and he was selected as the "Most Beautiful Zhejiang People, Zhejiang Pride", became the "Fenghua Craftsman Spokesperson", was awarded the title of the 21st "National Youth Post Expert", and was also selected as the torchbearer of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. At the same time, many high-paying jobs threw olive branches to him, but he finally chose to stay in school.

He used to be a "negative teaching material" for relatives to educate their children, but now he has become a world champion with a screw

On September 1, 2023, Jiang Xinhua was invited to Jinping Central Primary School in Ningbo City to give a special "first lesson of school" for the students, encouraging everyone to study hard through the story of their own struggle to realize their dreams, and also expounded their understanding of the spirit of craftsmanship: focus on doing their own things, do every link to the extreme, and experience the fun of doing things in every detail......


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