The first national service strongest Sang Qi in the whole network was born! Chen Bik: Very strong, very comprehensive, but too lacking in blue

With the official launch of the S27 season of King of Glory, the 109th hero of King glory Sang Qi also arrived as promised. It is worth mentioning that as a hero who can be used to return blood with four skills, although many players have tried many different ways of playing in the test suit, from the current point of view, the auxiliary position is still occupied by Sang Qi. At the same time, with some skill mechanisms in addition to returning blood, sang qi, the hero, has the potential of T0 in the S27 season.

However, the launch of the new hero will inevitably be accompanied by the competition for the title of the first "strongest national service". Interestingly, not long ago, Chen Bike, the popular anchor of The King of Glory of Douyu Live, became the strongest Sangqi of the first national service in the whole network with the combat strength of 6043.

Speaking of Chen Bike, I believe that many friends who like to watch the live broadcast of the glory of the king are not strangers. As the "first mirror of the national service", he will always impact the strongest title of the national service at the first time the new hero appears. Of course, the reason why Chen Bik will do this, on the one hand, with his excellent personal skills, he really wants to compete for the strongest title of the new hero national costume; on the other hand, Chen Bik is actually a raider anchor, because he is very good at doing hero strategy and gameplay, and these are able to let many fans master more new things for the first time, benefiting a lot.

So, as the player with the strongest Sangqi in the first national service on the whole network, what is Chen Bike's opinion on the hero Sangqi? Chen Bik said, "The hero Sang Qi is very strong and at the same time very comprehensive. There is control, there is a reply, there is displacement, can open the group, can also play the backhand, and even with his recovery skills, can greatly increase the endurance of the team. However, because Sang Qi's recovery skills are too much, it will make his teammates feel dependent, always want to rely on the line, and always want to operate the opponent. In such a situation, Sang Qi, who has been helping his teammates to reply, will have a shortage of blue. He would often return to the city in a state full of blood, in order to make up for the blue. Therefore, it is recommended that if there is Sang Qi in the ranking, you can consider giving the blue Buff to Sang Qi. After all, Sang qi can be a moving spring in the team. ”

In addition, Chen Bike was also the first to make his own understanding of Sang Qi's equipment and inscriptions. In terms of equipment, because Sang Qi's recovery amount is related to health, most of the equipment is related to health. They are Polar Shadow, Boots of Calm, Breath of Ice, Prophecy of Time, Ominous Signs, and Witch Cloak. However, it is worth mentioning that before the prophecy of time, Chen Bik suggested that he first make a Guardian Armor to carry out the excess. Because although Sang Qi is more comprehensive and more flexible, but the whole is relatively brittle, and immediately after doing the breath of condensation, adding a Guardian Armor can greatly increase Sang Qi's survival rate, and it is not easy to be seconded. In terms of inscriptions, Chen Bik chose fate, hunting, and the void, all to strengthen Sang Qi's survival rate.

Finally, dear friends, if you have not yet started to play Sang Qi, you may wish to learn Chen Bik's costumes and inscriptions. After all, this is also recommended by the strongest Sangqi anchor of the first national service.

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