The higher the meat output of the tank, specializing in Mi Yue, Tianke crazy iron, the difficulty of getting started is lower than That of Xiang Yu

In Glory of Kings, although players prefer heroes with high output capabilities, tank heroes who actually have excellent damage bearing and group control capabilities also have a good performance. Especially with the adjustment of equipment and the exploration of hero collocation routines, there are also tanks with higher meat output, specializing in Mi Yue, Tianke crazy iron, and the difficulty of getting started is lower than that of Xiang Yu.

Mi Yue

In the current version, Mi Yue can be said to be one of the most powerful mage heroes. 2 Slowing down effects after hitting skills, as well as excellent general attack output, Mi Yue's pursuit and sustained damage performance are incomprehensible. 1 Skill long-distance displacement, as well as the outbreak of the injury-free group of the big move, Mi Yue' ability to cut in and out around the back is very powerful, whether it is a head-to-head or a team battle.

Crazy iron

With the update of the version, the Wild Iron, which has a high amount of burst damage, also stands out in the upper single position. 1 skill of the two burst damage, wild iron also has excellent group output and endurance. Combined with the flying control of the 2 skills, the opening and pursuit ability of the wild iron is unstoppable. The protection of the big move shield and the excellent ability to bear injuries also make the wild iron extremely difficult to target, and there is basically no nemesis.

Xiang Yu

Presumably, the majority of friends know that in the side road and auxiliary positions, Xiang Yu is the front row tank hero with the highest priority. 1 skill push person control, can effectively protect their own crispy hero. At the same time, the damage weakening effect of 2 skills is also an entry that can effectively counter the enemy assassin hero. Under the blessing of group control and burst damage of the big move, Xiang Yu's team combat ability is also very good.

Cheng bites the gold

And the tank hero with the higher the meat output is that the big move has a powerful blood return effect, specializing in mi yue, and the cheng of tianke crazy iron bites gold. 1 skill of group damage, with excellent line clearing ability, 2 skill displacement, can also easily kite Mi Yue and wild iron. With the blessing of passive special effects, Cheng bites the gold and flesh, the physical attack power bonus is more powerful, and the survivability is more outstanding. Therefore, Cheng Yaojin, whose difficulty in getting started is lower than Xiang Yu's, is also favored by side players.

What do you think of the hero Cheng Yaojin?

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