Glory of Kings: On the first day of the S27 season update, there are loopholes in the ranking settings, and there are hidden hints for losing streaks

In the Glory of Kings, the Challenge Qualifying Tournament has become one of the reasons why many players continue to stay, and even some semi-retired players who are not very online will suddenly appear at the end of the season and the beginning of the new season, and will raise the rank to unlock the King's Mark! Players have been waiting for a long time for the s27 season, living up to expectations on the 14th officially opened, which is also in line with the convention of updating the big version of the season every Thursday, after the season update, the dan will also be settled and inherited, and the players have a new challenge goal to promote the dan to the strongest king!

Before the S27 season update, many players are actually looking forward to the ranking experience, thinking that it will develop in a good direction, because the S27 season has changed the rules of the succession of the dan, so that the gap in the strength of players in the same rank will not be too large, and try to avoid the problem of non-cooperation. However, the main problem is still not solved, first of all, the unfair setting of the matching mechanism, careful players should have already discovered that when a single row can actually match to multiple rows of teammates, the most powerful evidence is that a single row can meet teammates with a couple logo!

The result of this is that multi-row players are more familiar and easier to communicate with each other, and they are willing to cooperate with each other, but this is unfair to single-row players, not only facing the problem of not keeping up with the rhythm of their teammates, but also a more fatal impact! There is often a situation in the ranking process: multi-row players are often auxiliary with shooters or auxiliary with the wild, and they have never thought of using other heroes! At this time, other teammates need to make up for the position, if you are not willing to cooperate, the position conflict problem can not be avoided!

At this time, there will be such a situation, even if the multi-row players perform well, even if the record has a full page of MVP, but none of the rounds are won, because the position conflict lineup is too poor, and the non-cooperation between teammates, so that the advantage of the previous big is meaningless! In fact, to solve this problem is very simple, as long as the matching pre-match split lock function is added in qualifying, players cannot change after selecting a specific tap, you can avoid the problem of position conflict, but as far as the current update is concerned, there is still no intention of developing this function.

Therefore, for most players, the experience of ranking is still very bad, fortunately, on the first day of the S27 season update, there are players who have found a hidden loophole in qualifying, which can effectively improve the efficiency of ranking points, and there will be hints before the losing streak appears! After the end of the match, you can get some important information through the player data in the recent column, when the teammates generally have a lower winning rate and rating than themselves, it means that there will be a continuous losing streak in the future, and then you should decisively avoid continuing to play the ranking score!

Because according to the ranking improvement mechanism, losing a game requires winning two more rounds to make up for it, how to avoid losing the game before crushing the opponent's strength is more important than how to win, after all, each failure means that more time and energy will be spent in the follow-up. After finding the hints before the losing streak, you should temporarily go offline or go to the entertainment mode to relax, and then go to the ranking challenge, after the end of the teammates if they become stronger, they can continue to rank, otherwise you need to suspend the ranking, if you feel trouble, you can also use the new hero to score points!

According to the convention, every time a new hero is launched, it must be a state of strength exceeding the standard, basically the upper code after the version update generally exists, so it is also a good way to grasp the new hero Sangqi faster and improve the rank as much as possible before weakening! More importantly, the S27 season has changes to the grass of the development road, which makes the cooperation between the shooter and the auxiliary more powerful, and the field of vision exposure time is greatly reduced, which makes the operation of the auxiliary field of vision more important, further strengthening the ability of the new hero, the above is the S27 season at the beginning of the update of the two ways to improve the dan, if the ranking is encountering setbacks, you may wish to try it.

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