Costing 300 million to produce, and after filming and being hidden in the snow for 2 years, Shen Teng's raw new film is finally coming

Although there is still a period of time before the summer file, domestic films have already been rubbed together.

First of all, Gu Tianle's "Drug Sweep 3" was first scheduled for July 28, becoming the first blockbuster to be finalized this summer, while Wu Jing's "Megalodon 2", Huang Bo's "Warm", Wang Baoqiang's "In the Octagon Cage" and other blockbusters have news to be released in the summer.

After dragging on for many years and costing 3 billion yuan, the "Fengshen Trilogy" was finally announced in the official Weibo introduction, and the first part of the series will be released in the summer of 2023, but the specific file is to be determined.

It can be said that this year's summer file is star-studded, and blockbusters are like clouds.

Unexpectedly, Shen Teng's "Super Family" was directly officially announced to be released on July 21, and also joined the summer box office championship battle.

Costing 300 million to produce, after filming and being hidden in the snow for 2 years, Shen Teng's raw new film is finally here!

Shen Teng is undoubtedly a golden signboard of Chinese comedy films now, and it is the fragrant food of the film company, but the release of "Super Family" is very tortuous, and the movie is the fifth work of Happy Twist, which was completed in early 2021.

It was originally scheduled to be released during the Spring Festival in 2022, but I didn't expect the movie to be withdrawn. There was no news of this withdrawal at all.

Until now, it was officially announced that it will be released in 2023, which is equivalent to being hidden in the snow for 2 years after the movie is filmed.

"Super Family" was completed earlier than "Walking on the Moon Alone", which is the first special effects blockbuster in the true sense of Happy Twist, according to the film, the film crew has more than 500 members, the shooting time is as long as 171 days, there are six filming locations, and half of the shots are shot in Russia. The production cost exceeds 300 million! There are 1,600 special effects shots alone!

Before "Walking on the Moon Alone", it was the largest film produced by Happy Twist.

"Super Family" is not just a comedy, just like "Walking on the Moon Alone" is actually a science fiction film, "Super Family" should be classified as a superhero movie, the story of the movie is very simple, Allen played by Zheng Qian accidentally gained superpowers, his sister learned to fly, his father has stealth ability, his sister has infinite strength, and Zheng Qian alone does not have any superpowers.

But the family can earn money on Zheng Qian, and the software developed is targeted by the villain played by Shen Teng, so a superpower breaks out against the banknote ability.

It is said that the movie has a heavy fight scene that uses 745 shots, which can't help but make people look forward to whether Shen Teng has a real fight scene.

Summer stars fight, Shen Teng and Wu Jing fight for the fourth time!

Although there are many new films in the Spring Festival file this year, due to the sudden rise of "Manjiang Red", the box office championship battle has long lost its suspense, Wu Jing's "The Wandering Earth 2" unexpectedly lost the first place, and Shen Teng won the Spring Festival box office championship.

Up to now, both movies are close to release, and the cumulative box office of "Manjiang Red" is 4.544 billion, and the Spring Festival file and the annual double box office champion!

"The Wandering Earth 2" has a cumulative box office of 4.026 billion, the runner-up in the Spring Festival file and the annual box office.

"Manjiang Hong" is of great significance to Shen Teng, breaking the curse of encountering Wu Jing.

In the 2019 Spring Festival, Shen Teng and Huang Bo starred in "Crazy Alien", the director is Ning Hao, and the cameo has Xu Zheng, such a comedy can really be said to be a fairy lineup, "Crazy Alien" is also the top seed player of the box office champion that year.

Although "The Wandering Earth" starred Wu Jing, there was no precedent for domestic sci-fi films to succeed at the box office, but I did not expect that "The Wandering Earth" opened the door to Chinese sci-fi films, and finally won 4.6 billion box office, defeating Shen Teng to win the Spring Festival championship. It became one of Wu Jing's most important works.

In 2022, Shen Teng's "Super Family" will be withdrawn, and the starring "Four Seas" is not at all the opponent of Wu Jing's "Watergate Bridge", and "Watergate Bridge" crushed "Four Seas" to win the championship with an absolute advantage, which is also the only Spring Festival file without a dark horse in recent years.

In 2023, Shen Teng finally won "The Wandering Earth 2" with "Manjiang Red" in the Spring Festival file, which is the third time the two have met!

If "Megalodon 2" starring Wu Jing is released on August 4 in North America at the same time, then this summer's file will be the fourth time the two have met, this time Shen Teng also has a very high winning rate, the current Shen Teng's personal box office is 29.8 billion, Wu Jing is 32.6 billion.

The gap is actually the box office of a blockbuster movie, "Megalodon 2" as a Sino-US co-production, the previous mainland box office was 1.053 billion, the sequel can not explode is not certain, but Shen Teng's comedy is basically around 3 billion.

Maybe this summer, we can see Shen Teng's personal box office surpass Wu Jing!

In addition to Shen Teng Wu Jing, this year's summer file also has Huang Bo's "Fengshen " and "Warm" that urgently need to be turned over, Wang Baoqiang's "In the Octagon Cage" who has not had a new film for two or three years, Hong Kong film savior Koo Tianle "Drug Sweep 3", Andy Lau's "Crisis Route" and "Operation Moscow", Nicholas Tse's "Customs Front", Xie Miao's "No One in Sight 2" and so on are all eyeing the summer file.

This year's summer file will be one of the most competitive schedules in film history, or even one of them.

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