This summer, "avoided" to watch a !!

This summer, "avoided" to watch a !!

The poster Shen Teng has the largest head, and the appearance minutes are only eighteen.

It feels deceptive and has a poor perception, and the rotten terrier sensationalism is very embarrassing.

The disappointing family of "Super Family"... This summer's film is currently my least recommended film.

For movies that are not good and dislike, usually I rarely spend time and waste energy writing long film review articles, but this time "Super Family" wants to say more.

This summer, "avoided" to watch a !!

First, I personally like Shen Teng very much. Whether it is his own charm, his acting skills in movies and dramas, or his ability to perform famous scenes frequently in variety shows.

Second, the team of Happy Twist is also in mixed feelings. I first began to pay attention to this team because of the drama, and later produced many movies that I liked, such as "Donkey Gets Water", "Charlotte Troubles", "Walking on the Moon Alone" and so on. But this team's high-and-low, rollercoaster-like play has also produced a lot of bad films that are stinging, like a crow in the throat, fidgeting, and deeply remembered.

This summer, "avoided" to watch a !!

This time "Super Family" is not only a poor movie standard, but also intolerable is "deception".

"Super Family", whether it is a movie fixed poster, or an IMAX, Cinity version of the poster, is Shen Teng's largest avatar, and the order of the starring name "Shen Teng" must also be in the top two. As a result, the piecemeal appearances did not match the publicity, making people feel like they were deceived.

Of course, if the movie is good enough and of good quality, everyone may forget this and will not care. Apparently "Super Family" failed to do it.

The original intention of adapting the film is to localize the excellent foreign classic films, give the story a new understanding, and carry out secondary creation that conforms to domestic viewing habits and living customs.

This summer, "avoided" to watch a !!

"Super Family" is adapted from the Russian film "Super Power Family", but it still sets the main scene of the story in Russia, and even includes the starring actors, supporting roles and almost all the group actors are Russian actors, without seeing the localization of the creation at all, I don't know what the meaning of the adaptation is.

If the embarrassing rotten terrier of "'slippery' beggar kov" is a local adaptation, then there are indeed quite a few of them in this movie.

In general, the script of the movie "Super Family" has a lot of problems, and the story setting is not only outdated and old-fashioned, but also illogical and untrue in many places. In addition to Shen Teng's brief appearance scene looks relatively comfortable, the overall story connection is very stiff, whether it is terrier or sensational, it is very deliberate and difficult to bring in.

As a pure comedy movie, once it is not funny, it is difficult to discuss other aspects.

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