Shard Shop update, these 3 skins specialize in pit skin shards! You'll be dumbfounded!

Skin Fragment Shop Update, these 3 skins specialize in tricking you into skin fragments, and you will be dumbfounded after redeeming them.

3. Cheng bites the Golden Star Marines

This skin is priced at 88 fragments, there is no skill special effect, there is no season skin to perform martial arts to win the chip, at least people play martial arts to win the chip, there is a green skill special effect, the star Marines but there is no, after the exchange of absolute regret for a year, it is estimated that dreams can wake up.

2. Miyamoto Future Era

Zhao Yun's future era, at least there is a blue special effect, you look at Miyamoto's future era, there is no skill effect, and the original skin skill special effect is the same, is this not a piece of the skin of the pit players? Mom quickly optimize the future era, do not exchange it before optimization.

1. Arthur Death Knight

There is Arthur's Psychic X-Men in this issue of the Shard Shop, I don't know what Tenmei thinks, but also put the Death Knight in the Shard Shop, which Iron Man will not exchange the Psychic X-Men, but choose to exchange for the Death Knight, anyway, I don't have this kind of Iron Man around me, brothers, do you have someone around you to exchange the Death Knight?

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