The Shard Shop was updated for half a day, the companion skin was not on the shelves, and the three summer skins laughed

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Foreword: With the update of the glory of the king, the skin fragment shop is finally updated, this time in addition to the new skin on the shelves, there are some advanced skins have also joined the fragment store, I believe that players with skin fragments, you can white wave of skins.

Anyway, the skin fragments, after the store update ushered in some changes, originally everyone thought that the new hero's companion skin can be redeemed here, in fact, it can not, and this skin has not been postponed on the shelves, in fact, it can be redeemed through special channels.

For this shard shop, of course, I still choose three summer skins! Ah Ke's Dark Night Cat Lady still wait, players who have not exchanged three summer skins before, this time can be said to be a real benefit.

Well, without further ado, let's take a look.

Redemption method of the companion skin

I believe that many players are like me, after updating the game, the first time is to use 58 shards, or use 13,000 gold coins to buy a new hero, and then use the skin shards to exchange for companion skins.

As a result, when you open the Skin Fragment Shop, why don't you have the companion skin of the new hero? Could it be that new heroes will be launched later? Can't the associated skin be changed?

In fact, it is not, because the new hero's companion skin redemption method is more special, I believe that everyone should have participated in the exclusive activity of the new hero some time ago, complete the task to get a prop, and it is used to redeem the companion skin discount coupon, worth five skin fragments, but some players may not participate in the mission, there is no this prop, in order to make everyone better understand, so the exchange method of this companion skin is changed to the activity page exchange, you can go to the activity interface to find it.

So the reason why the Companion Skin was not listed on the Skin Fragment Store this time is that it has a unique redemption method.

Three summer skins are worth redeeming

The highlight of this Skin Shard Shop is definitely four premium epic skins! They are Xiao Qiao's colorful unicorn, Xiahou Huan riding the wind and waves, Li Yuanfang's summer chasing the waves, and Ah Ke's Dark Night Cat Lady.

In the previous summer activities, the official also listed three summer skins at the same time, and it was difficult to make up more than 200 skin fragments at once, so many players did not take down these three summer skins, this time the three summer skins also joined the fragment shop again, probably to celebrate the arrival of the new season, so the official added more advanced skins in this skin fragment store update.

I believe that everyone should know that Ah Ke's dark night cat lady is about to be optimized, some time ago, the official also gave the 2D design draft of this skin, you can refer to the two images in the following figure, the left is before the optimization, the right is after the optimization, it is no exaggeration to say that the new version of the image appears more beautiful, more exquisite, the figure is much better than before, take the mask hanging on the waist, obviously optimized or more beautiful.

But this skin is just beginning to optimize, and after she optimizes it, it may be a few months later, so now there is no need to rush to exchange, it is recommended that you still choose three summer skins, this skin can be put aside, because she often puts on the shelves, in contrast, the summer three-piece set may not have this treatment.

To summarize the observations: After this Shard Shop update, there are no companion skins for new heroes, as he redeems them on the activity panel.

And the highlight of the fragment store is still the summer three-piece set, for the night cat lady, I think it is not the preferred target, although this skin is about to be optimized, but obviously not so fast, after all, the official in January in the old Arthur exposé, did not mention the night cat lady.

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