LOL mobile game Ice and Snow Festival Skin Review The first cost-effective one feels exploding

Bloom: The most cost-effective feel burst

Recently, LOL mobile game has added a new series of skins: Snow Festival Skins. How to say this? If you are an end gamer, you must know that the Ice Festival skin was once one of the main skins of the fist, but later because the player did not like it, it stopped for a while. This time to the skin in the mobile game, it should be quite good. My personal favorite skin, is The Ice and Snow Festival skin of Bron, I can only say that this skin, cost-effective, is definitely the most valuable skin at present, with the strength of Bron itself, I think this skin will be hot in mobile games.

Sword Saint: Acceptable

Sword Saint has a lot of good skin, so it seems that this skin is not good. In fact, you can see that when this skin opens the big move, you can see the snowflake effect, which is a great special effect in the ice and snow festival. Unfortunately, this skin feel is not good, mainly because of the problem of the weapon model, it should be said that when the fist designs the ice and snow festival skin, it is estimated that it is an entertainment attitude, for the feel and model, basically did not put too much thought into it, everyone will see the ice and snow festival skin later, you can first default to the T3 skin.

Fairy Witch: Not too good

The hero strength of the Fairy Witch is quite OK, and overall, the cost performance of this skin is also acceptable. Of course, there are some players, may prefer the previous skin, I can only say that the time of mobile game is not long, everyone in the choice of skin, in fact, you can change a few, so that it will be more refreshing to play. The price of the 790 is more conscientious, and you have to know that this skin is also an adjustment to the model and voice.

Mondo: If you don't redo it' the best skin

Mondo's ice and snow festival skin, if there is no hero to redo this thing, this is Mondo's best skin, now it may be slightly worse, can only be regarded as the skin of the second gear, depending on how strong this hero is now. Someone used it to fight the wild, indicating that it was OK. I'm going to play the wild position a few times myself to see what the effect is. If the effect is good, or if you have your own routine, then the hero of Mondo can take down this skin, and if it doesn't work, you can ignore it.

Soraka: Hero strength doesn't work

The strength of the hero Solaka is not good, if the intensity is slightly higher, it is estimated that the skin of this hero is also liked by many players. Because if you just talk about skin, this is also a high-quality skin. Of course, you can't compare it with the skins of the Star Guardian series, because star guardians are already close to T0 basic skins. You take a default T3 skin and T0 skin better than, definitely T0 level skin.

I don't know if this series will have it in the future

You can guess whether the skin of this ice and snow festival series is followed. I personally feel that it should be gone, because from the skin this time, it is obvious that Fist still does not pay attention to this series. Because the ice and snow festival has a lot of good skins, but this time to the skin in the mobile game, did not make the player feel bright, the key is that many of the old version of the ice and snow festival skin, itself has no special effects, if you want to improve the skin of this series, you need to redo the old version of the skin, this project is too large.

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