The strongest Spring Festival file in film history staged a fight between immortals, and the "rice circle culture" was revived?

The results of six films, seven days, 6.758 billion, and 129 million moviegoers once again prove the strong vitality of Chinese films.

On and off stage are all dramas - the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival file on the screen continues to the scene.

On social media platforms, the topic of Spring Festival movies is full of topics. On the one hand, while the head film is frantically harvesting traffic, it is also deeply trapped in various negative public opinion vortexes such as plagiarism, "ghost field", "stealing the box office" and so on... On the one hand, Big V frequently issued questions, and on the other hand, the film producer personally responded strongly.

Verbal battle, you come and go, it's not lively!

Since the opening of the Spring Festival file in 1997, there seems to be no Spring Festival file as complex and delicate as this year in the past 27 years. When the smoke of the Spring Festival stall gradually dissipated, the problems left behind also triggered many of our thoughts.

The strongest Spring Festival file in film history staged a fight between immortals, and the "rice circle culture" was revived?

| the second largest box office in the same period in film history

|This Spring Festival stall is very "lively"

The total box office exceeded 6.758 billion yuan, ranking second in the box office of the Spring Festival file in Chinese film history, which is the result handed over by this Spring Festival file. Due to the high quality of each film, some people in the industry described it as "the strongest Spring Festival file in Chinese film history".

The Chinese film industry has surprised us more than that. According to the latest data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 16:20 on January 31, the box office (including pre-sales) of the 2023 film market exceeded 10 billion, and the fastest annual box office in Chinese film history exceeded 10 billion.

This year's Spring Festival file is led by Zhang Yimou's "Manjiang Red" and sci-fi big IP "The Wandering Earth 2", which won 2.606 billion yuan and 2.164 billion box office respectively in 7 days of release, "Bear Haunted, Accompany Me "Bear Core" 748 million, "Nameless" 493 million, "Deep Sea" 359 million and "Exchange Life" 290 million ranked three to six.

Throughout the Spring Festival file, the fairy fighting pattern not only won the battle of confidence related to the ups and downs of the industry, but also contributed a lot of topics and traffic, especially on the Weibo platform, and the discussion about the Spring Festival movie was "lively" extraordinary. 

On the evening of January 24, some Weibo netizens reported that the movie ticket of "The Wandering Earth 2" purchased by the theater was refunded by the theater on the grounds of "equipment failure", but the netizen found that "Manjiang Hong" was screened in the same screening hall at the same time that day. After this matter was exposed, some netizens expressed doubts one after another, believing that "Manjiang Hong" may have bad competition behaviors such as "stealing the box office".

The strongest Spring Festival file in film history staged a fight between immortals, and the "rice circle culture" was revived?

At the same time, some Weibo netizens found that some plots of "Manjiang Hong" were similar to the plots in "Dragon Gate Dart Bureau", believing that there might be plagiarism. There are even Weibo big V who believe that the production cost of "Manjiang Hong" will not exceed 10 million, and only work marketing hype.

In the face of many controversies, as the box office champion of the Spring Festival, "Manjiang Red" did not have the slightest fear, and the filmmakers personally ended up hard.

On the evening of January 28, the official Weibo of the movie "Manjiang Hong" posted that it had officially filed a lawsuit against the rumor-mongers, and said: "Some users fabricated false information about the movie "Manjiang Hong" through online platforms and spread it in large quantities, seriously endangering the legitimate rights and interests of the film, and the following rumor-mongers are now formally filed against them. ”

Regarding controversies such as "plagiarism" and "stealing the box office", "Manjiang Hong" posted an article saying that "there is no excuse for wanting to add to the crime"; Forwarding the article that popular science "Manjiang Hong" did not steal the box office, indicating that "the clear one cleans himself"; In response to the online rumors of "suspected plagiarism", he said that "plagiarism is really nonsense!" Although the story is fictional, the main creative team has never lost its sincere heart" and so on.

Just on January 29, the publicity personnel of the "Manjiang Hong" film said that they would not prosecute other rumor-mongers in the future, and would not make an official response to this matter, "I hope everyone watches the movie rationally and focuses on the movie itself." ”

Manjiang Red Filmmaker's initiative regressed to announce the end of the controversy. But looking back, since the Spring Festival file of "Party A and Party B" opened in 1997, it seems that no Spring Festival file in the past 27 years has been as complex and delicate as this year. As the smoke of the Spring Festival file gradually dissipates, this 2023 Spring Festival file that can be recorded in history should also leave some "cold reflection".

The strongest Spring Festival file in film history staged a fight between immortals, and the "rice circle culture" was revived?

| big water can make the fish big

| focus on the movie itself

This year's Spring Festival, in addition to the high box office, the quality of the main movies is good. Needless to say, "The Wandering Earth 2" has a higher level of visual effects, and "Manjiang Red" is also on the horizontal line, combining suspense, comedy and other elements, and the content itself is topical enough. They have obviously got rid of the means of using traffic stars to "urge the box office", and focus more on the quality of the film itself to win the audience.

However, we still see that many non-rice circle KOLs on social media have skillfully learned the exclusive "playing method" that once belonged to the rice circle, using the "rice circle" problem as a means to amplify the "rice circle" problem, and generally pull left and right to fight left and right, expand and consolidate their right to speak, and then blame the "rice circle" and retreat all over. The consequences of these actions are very obvious on Weibo, and the discussion of these movies gradually deviates from itself and evolves into a "brainless black" chasing traffic.

Of course, this situation is mainly caused by some chasing traffic Weibo big V, but Weibo as a management platform also has an unshirkable responsibility. As the main position of long-term entertainment industry publicity, Weibo should not only enjoy the commercial value it brings, but also bear corresponding management responsibilities. It is necessary not only to prevent the revival of the traditional "chaos in rice circles", but also to prevent the formation of new and more extreme "rice circle forces" in the name of opposing rice circles.

Topicality is an important guarantee for the film's high box office, but what kind of topic is really needed by the film and television industry is not only worth our deep thought, but also worth pondering on Weibo. At least in the face of core hot spots, microblogging platforms need to find a better balance between topicality and brainless blackness.

As we all know, the criticism and criticism of literary and artistic works, including films, are very necessary and beneficial to the work and industry, but the "brainless blackening" that appears without the content of the film itself is harmful and not beneficial. The resulting extreme supporters, who are basically "one powder and ten blacks", will only go directly to the opposite, and are not fair to excellent film creators such as Zhang Yimou and Guo Fan.

In the past two years, the film industry has experienced a continuous trough, and now it is hard to keep the clouds open, and we should cherish this hard-won victory.

A really good film industry should rely on story and technology competition to completely abandon the new extreme "rice circle" that has emerged in the name of "anti-rice circle". In the long run, the sustainable and healthy development of the film market requires the benign interaction of all parties to encourage each other and achieve each other. Returning to the industrial logic, only by jointly expanding the cake of the film market, providing more good content, and attracting more audiences into the theater is the healthy development logic of Chinese films.

Big water and big fish. Only big water can make fish big, water is gone, how do fish grow? If you want to eat fish, you can't eat it.

Written by | JackA

Curated | Editorial Department of Entertainment Spring and Autumn

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