The controversial "double hero showdown" in history

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The fiery Spring Festival stall officially came to an end, there are too many remarkable places, accompanied by a series of records, but still left some discordant sounds.

Regarding the so-called "stealing the box office", "ghost field", "capital manipulation" and other public opinions, it may be difficult to clarify no matter how to refute the rumors, and the box office dispute before the head "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2", the mutual blackness between fans, has reached a white-hot stage. In the end, both sides also achieved a win-win situation in this farce, and in the end, both sides will enter the ranks of the top 10 in mainland history.

"Man" vs "Flow 2", epic showdown

This year's Spring Festival stall was spent in a scolding, and the mutual blackness of the two sides made this successful Spring Festival stall full of controversy. Regarding the dispute between "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2", too many people have spoken out, and there is also a historically rare situation, that is, "The Wandering Earth 2" maintained the opening championship, but was overtaken by "Manjiang Red", but "The Wandering Earth 2" actually completed the counter-killing on the following working days, which is a very rare situation.

The controversial "double hero showdown" in history

The reason is naturally the magical existence of the Spring Festival file, in these 6 days, there are too many rural areas going to the city to watch movies, these people have left the only opportunity to watch movies in the whole year to the Spring Festival file, so "Manjiang Red" has become the first choice of this incremental group. After losing this group at the end of the holiday, "The Wandering Earth 2" naturally completed the overtake.

The fight between you and me on both sides can be described as white-hot, and those who stand in "Manjiang Red" will think that the market is the truth, and the high box office is a hard objective existence. Those who stand on "The Wandering Earth 2" believe that it is a film that really contributes to the Chinese film industry and should not be lost to an entertainment movie. In fact, the box office results of "The Wandering Earth 2" are not bad, but the loss to "Manjiang Red" has made some people indignant.

Fortunately, this time the smoke of public opinion is from the bottom up, and the film parties on both sides have never taken the initiative to stand up and participate in the war, and the so-called war only stays in the people. Admittedly, the duel between "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2" can be described as epic, or will both win 4 billion + to achieve excellent results, you come and go on both sides, you catch me and surpass, this strong competition will also become a good story.

This kind of confrontation is not uncommon

This time's "Manjiang Red" vs. "The Wandering Earth 2" is quite a bit of a broken circle, even ordinary people will chat a few words, and finally "Manjiang Red" slightly prevailed at the box office, and "The Wandering Earth 2" ended with a slightly better reputation, which can be regarded as a win-win situation. Historically, this kind of confrontation between Mars hitting Earth is not uncommon. Next is the inventory from Rhino Entertainment.

● "Jinling 13" vs "Longmen Flying Armor" 2011

The controversial "double hero showdown" in history

When it comes to epic matchups, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the 2011 New Year battle, this "Golden Dragon War" can be described as a vigorous fight, heaven and earth, enough to go down in history. In the "barbaric" era of rampage, it would never be as polite as it is now, more of a mutual tearing initiated by the film side, and the two sides directly began to compete on the surface, which can be described as unabashed.

On the one hand, Zhang Yimou's commercial blockbuster, on the other hand, Tsui Hark and Jet Li's cooperation again, and later is the showdown between Zhang Weiping and Yu Dong. Needless to say, the propaganda war between the two sides almost stood up and scolded each other. First of all, "Jinling Thirteen" mentioned that it was until 18 o'clock on December 15, and then "Dragon Gate Flying Armor" was promoted to 14 o'clock on December 15, and then Zhang Weiping blocked Bona Cinema and so on, this kind of needle-to-Mai Mang's duel is quite exciting.

The two blockbusters hit dimly, and many times the box office bites hard, which can be described as the slightest. In the end, "Jinling Thirteen" was slightly better, both of which scored 500 million+ and won the third and fourth positions at the annual box office respectively. Because the Internet was not developed at that time, the mutual blackness of each other did not form fermentation, but more of a competition behind the two major films. This battle can be described as a classic, leaving an indelible mark on mainland movies.

● "Iron Man 3" vs "To Youth" 2013

The controversial "double hero showdown" in history

This was a rare situation of a confrontation between China and the West, and it was also full of gunfire at that time. The two films that could not be hit by eight poles collided together because of the same schedule, which has since triggered a series of wars without gunsmoke. As Zhao Wei's debut novel, "To Our Dying Youth" can be described as a lot of attention, and every action announced has attracted a lot of attention.

On the other hand, "Iron Man 3" is the culmination of Marvel and the final chapter of the Iron Man series. At that time, the domestic DMG company as the mainland promoter of "Iron Man 3" had a positive confrontation with "To Youth". Among them, the trigger for both sides was the rumored Zhao Wei's "crying schedule", which is also the key to the whole incident.

At that time, "To Youth" was set for April 26 early, pointing to the May 1st file, while "Iron Man 3" had countless rumored schedules, including April 24, April 26 and so on. It is rumored that Zhao Wei and the distributor went to China Film to fight for the schedule, burst into tears, and finally forced back "Iron Man 3", causing the latter to come to May 1. In short, the huge group of Zhao Wei fans is torn together with another huge group of Marvel fans.

In the end, "Iron Man 3" broke the bottleneck with a record-breaking first day of 100 million +, and finally defeated the 719 million "To Youth" with 754 million, and the two films also ranked second and third in 2013 respectively. Despite the hot fight between the two sides, they still achieved a huge win-win in the end.

●"Tang Detective 3" vs "Hello, Li Huanying"

The controversial "double hero showdown" in history

Opponents in the same schedule often have huge sparks, but they are usually not so harmonious, after all, they are in competition with each other. As the most successful Spring Festival file in history, 2021 can be described as a wonderful year, among which "Hello, Li Huanying" and "Detective Chinatown 3" have joined forces to create a feat of 10 billion. Of course, the two films are also full of gunpowder.

As the most successful IP series in the mainland, "Detective Chinatown 3", which has been holding back for a year, still maintains a series of records, such as the number of people who want to watch, pre-sale records, etc., of course, the most well-known is the feat of 1 billion+ on the first day, which fully reflects the unprecedented popularity of the project. On the other hand, "Hello, Li Huanying", although Shen Teng and other stars have joined, but it is obviously slightly inferior in popularity.

But with the release of the film, the reputation of the two films has also undergone a subtle reversal, coupled with the blessing of the huge accelerator of the Spring Festival file, the speed of reversal has greatly increased. In the end, "Hello, Li Huanying" surpassed "Detective Chinatown 3" on the 4th day of release, and the gap behind became larger and larger, and finally the film completed the reversal in the total box office. The wonderful showdown between the two films is also controversial, and all kinds of red, pink and black fans are also taking turns to be lively.

Of course, there is still a lot of competition between the industry over the years. Such as the National Day file in 2011, the collision of two films of the same type "Painting the Wall" and "The Legend of the White Snake", the two sides are also saber rattling; Including the duel between "Thai" and "Zodiac" later, "Hong Kong" was hit by the dark horse "Charlotte Troubles"; "Operation Red Sea" ultimate counterattack "Detective Chinatown 3" and so on, cases of double hero duels are not uncommon.

"Wulin should value peace." This is true, once those small actions behind are now rare, and now the major film parties are at least on the surface of a harmonious atmosphere, thinking of jointly making the plate bigger. And the hustle and bustle of "Manjiang Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2" does not hinder the harmony and wealth of the two filmmakers, and there is competition to have cooperation. With the next double-double entering the top 10 box office in the mainland, it is time for the public opinion storm to end.

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