The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

The first Spring Festival stall after the policy adjustment can only be described by the word "hot".

Six movies, including "The Wandering Earth 2", "Manjiang Red", "Nameless" and "Deep Sea", supported the box office market during the Spring Festival. According to statistics, the cumulative box office of the seven-day holiday of the Spring Festival was nearly 7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 11.89%. This year's Spring Festival file has become the second largest Spring Festival file in Chinese film history in terms of total box office. The cinema has not seen such a scene for a long time: crowded, hard to find a ticket, some popular performances even appear scalpers. Along with the Spring Festival stall, there is also a film and television peripheral market.

On January 22, Saifan Science Fiction Space opened a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the surroundings of "The Wandering Earth 2". The crowdfunding project has a one-month deadline and a target amount of 100,000. In this way, the producers and producers' estimates of market enthusiasm are still too conservative, and the project has only been online for 7 days, and the amount raised is close to 100 million. On February 1, some time before the deadline, the producer Saifan Science Fiction Space said that the inventory was sold out and the project was removed.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

As soon as this Weibo was released, it attracted many netizens who were still on the sidelines to place orders passionately. Nearly 100 million in 7 days, just looking at the numbers is enough to stir people's hearts, and the crowdfunding project of "The Wandering Earth 2" proves the imagination and possibilities contained in the domestic film and television peripheral market.

The surrounding market behind "wild consumption"

It is appropriate to use the word "wild consumption" to describe the current popularity of the "Wandering Earth 2" crowdfunding project, and it is interesting that almost all of the film and television peripheral projects that have attracted attention and discussion in the public eye in recent years have adopted crowdfunding.

In 2015, the animated film "The Return of the Great Saint" was released, setting a number of records and opening a chapter of crowdfunding + film and television peripherals.

"The Return of the Great Saint" derivative operator "Yucat" and Tmall jointly launched a crowdfunding campaign around "The Return of the Great Saint". With sales of 11.8 million on the same day, the success of this project also activated the film and television peripheral market to some extent.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

In 2019, "The Devil Child Descends" was released, and the unusual "Dark Nezha" was quite popular with the audience, and the official launched an authorized handmade crowdfunding project, with a crowdfunding amount of 15.09 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that shortly after the release of "The Wandering Earth 1" in 2019, a peripheral crowdfunding project was also launched, raising 7.86 million yuan in 7 days, which was also a good result at that time.

In addition, after the release of the big movie "Luo Xiao Black War" for young people, a crowdfunding project was launched, raising 4.17 million yuan, and Station B launched crowdfunding around "Spirit Cage", raising 16.65 million yuan; The original painting collection of "Chen Qingling" crowdfunding project, the target amount is 50,000 yuan, and the pre-sale raised nearly 2 million yuan in less than 3 days.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

Of course, regardless of the industry, the 28 effect is obvious. Although there are many discussions and concerns about peripheral + crowdfunding projects, there are also a large number of crowdfunding projects that fail to reach the target amount and directly abort.

From the consumer's point of view, crowdfunding is different from the daily consumption model of one-hand money and first-hand goods, it is more like investing in advance, and the consumer's mentality is naturally different, and the expectations and requirements for the peripheral value and requirements that will eventually arrive will be higher. Therefore, this also tests the IP party's ability to screen partners.

Crowdfunding is a post-production method after the fermentation of film and television drama works has a certain degree of popularity, while film and television works with fan halos such as ancient dolls and IP dramas often adopt a pre-installation method for peripheral production, that is, when the work has not yet come out, it is invested in peripheral production according to the results of market research.

2018's "Soul Town" let the market see the spending power of drama fans: the same lollipop of Zhao Yunlan, which was limited to 4,800 copies per unit price of 48 yuan, was all sold out in less than 1 second; Limited to 10,000 copies, priced at 169 high-definition stills album, grabbed in 5 days.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

In 2019, the popularity of "Chen Qingling" is better than that of "Soul Town", and drama fans are also more "crazy" in terms of peripheral consumption.

During the popular period of the show, the monthly sales of derivatives reached 100,000 yuan, and the acrylic pendant with a unit price of 28 yuan was not cheap, but there were still more than 30,000 people willing to pay for it; The producer Xinpai Media has developed some characters' coswear and character accessories, and the same amount of Lan Yuji is 450 yuan, although the fans say that it is too expensive, but there are still people willing to pay for it. It is reported that the sales of peripheral derivatives of the official Taobao store of "Chen Qingling" alone exceeded 35 million yuan.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

With the successful precedent of "Chen Qingling", other series have followed suit. "Canglan Tips", "You Are My Glory", "Qing Yu Nian", "Menghualu", etc., all have their own IP peripherals. Although it is difficult for such products to get the heat of the circle-breaking discussion at the public level, there are always fans who silently place orders to support, and the sales are passable.

The two different ways of front-loading and post-facing reflect the different needs of different audiences. Most of the people who use crowdfunding are word-of-mouth works, and consumers can also accept the long cycle from crowdfunding to production out of the psychology of "supporting good works"; And fan-oriented works, consumers often have impulsive consumption psychology when chasing dramas, "is this second want to get the same model", if the post-production method is adopted, the audience heads down after the drama is broadcast, it will affect product sales.

Developing domestic peripheral market

In the eyes of insiders, the film and television peripheral market is a good business, but the domestic film and television peripheral market still has a long way to go.

Film and television peripherals refer to products produced after the authorization of film and television works. It covers a wide range of products, from common items such as plush toys, T-shirts, mobile phone cases, and throw pillows, to less common categories such as paperweights, car models, and helmets.

The surrounding area is small, but the profit is great. Overseas, the main income of many well-known IPs comes from derivatives rather than the box office itself, and some Japanese anime IPs even stop pushing new works altogether, and can feed the entire studio with one mind. Seeing that overseas IPs such as "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter" have played the peripheral industries to the fullest, the domestic market has also pondered the gameplay of the peripheral market.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

If you look at it carefully, domestic film and television works are not without peripherals, but in the early years, these derivatives were not sold in the market, but as gifts or promotional materials. And these derivatives are mostly keychains, stickers and other gadgets printed with the big photos of the characters in the play, which are relatively simple to make, and their appearance and collection value are poor.

Around 2015, the development momentum of domestic films is good, many film and television industry practitioners, professors, etc. appealed, "It's time to develop our own film and television derivatives", and indeed some people have invested in the industry, but because the concept of consumers has not been established, and many peripheral prices and quality do not match, so the sales are not satisfactory. The problem of "dismal income from film and television peripherals" has even triggered discussions on many social media.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

In 2015, many people understood what "IP" is, and how to develop IP full-link is very little, everything has to be explored by themselves.

After learning from overseas counterparts, IP knows that the surrounding area is also divided into "soft" and "hard", and the peripheral development is not only small objects, but everything can be peripheralized.

However, whether it is a "soft peripheral" with use value or a "hard peripheral" that is only for collection, peripheral production requires a lot of effort and money in the early stage. For IP parties, selling peripherals is certainly a profit, but the domestic derivatives market started late, most consumers have not yet received market education, and making peripherals also means risks, so for a long time the domestic peripheral market has been dominated by small troubles.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

On the contrary, pirates have seen the opportunity of market blanks to make money in troubled waters. In 2010, "Let the Bullets Fly" was released, and pirates quickly launched "mahjong masks, the same model of the movie", but the producer did not get the peripheral income it deserved.

In 2015, "The Return of the Great Sage" opened crowdfunding and was regarded as the "first year" of domestic film and television peripherals. Since then, the development of film and television peripherals has been on the right track, and the emergence of specialized derivatives development companies has also reduced the pressure on peripheral development for IP parties.

After more than 7 years of development and market education, the audience's consumption concept has been formed, the sales of domestic film and television peripherals are also rising, and the purchase of popular film and television works has become a habit of many audiences, especially the younger generation. For example, in 2021, "Age of Awakening" was a hit, bringing fire to derivatives such as canvas bags and mobile phone cases. This series of peripherals even entered Taobao's annual top ten product list.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

However, it is still far from the overseas peripheral market, as mentioned above, the overseas peripheral income can sometimes reach 70% of the total IP revenue, while the domestic peripheral revenue only accounts for about 10%-20%. Moreover, the domestic peripheral categories are relatively single, mostly cotton dolls, accessories, and knick-knacks, and there are also shortcomings in IP development and landing projects such as theme parks.

If the domestic film and television peripheral market wants to catch up with "Star Wars", it will have to work hard for at least a few more years.

Side B of the surrounding development

The development and sale of film and television peripherals brings the most intuitive, of course, monetary benefits. In addition, the long-tail effect and enabling capabilities it provides are also essential for extending the life of IP.

Take Star Wars, for example, the first film in the series came out in 1977. It has been half a century since then, and it is no exaggeration to say that many audiences who saw this movie in theaters are now ancient, but the vitality of "Star Wars" is so tenacious, and it has such a strong attraction to the post-00s and post-10s.

In addition to the richness of the series of movies themselves and the excellent content, the rich variety of peripherals is also extending the life of IP. Star Wars has a wide range of peripheral categories, from the most common water cups to collectible lightsabers, and the prices are also frugal, and fans of different ages and spending power can buy their favorite products.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

And the design around Star Wars is not exclusive to fans, but can be used or worn as everyday objects, which is undoubtedly the most moisturizing and silent grass planting path. Under the topic of overseas websites, some netizens said that they were interested in the IP itself because they saw that their brother/father's Star Wars peripherals were cool.

"Harry Potter" is the same, although the original book has long ended, even the last film in the series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is already an old work 12 years ago, but in the past twelve years, a large number of young "wizards and wizards" continue to enter the pit. The feedback effect of IP derivatives is indispensable.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

The author learned from Kaoru Kaoru, a buyer of the "Harry Potter" IP authorized store "A Certain Story", that she had never seen the "Harry Potter" series of movies before this year, nor had she read the original book, but because she "wanted to go to Universal Studios to take pictures, she placed an order to buy a joint model", and as a result, "because I was not very clear about the relationship between different colors and colleges, I first went to Chao Talk to understand, and then watched a few movie Cuts, and finally entered the pit vertically and chased all 8 movies and 7 books." ”

This situation is not only happening with overseas IPs, but there are also cases in China. After the blind box of "Hometown Love" and the blind box of "The Legend of Zhen Huan" came out, it quickly caused a crazy rush, and a large number of consumers who bought the blind box posted unboxing videos on social platforms, and some people in the comment area said "I want to see Huan Huan go back to the palace again". A small blind box can also feed back the heat for the series.

The crowdfunding around "Little Broken Ball" exceeded 100 million, what kind of business is the film and television peripheral?

Don't underestimate consumers' ability to explore, in the face of peripheral products that satisfy them, they are likely to take the initiative to understand the IP itself and become its loyal audience. This point also reminds the surrounding developers that the design and development of film and television peripherals should be thoughtful, and they should also consider the friendliness of passers-by and the possibility of daily use, rather than directly applying the elements in film and television works without any digestion and understanding to make special supply products that only fans will accept.

Film and television IP development cycle time is long, especially large-production series of films, the development cycle is 3-5 years apart is the norm, in the long blank period, it is difficult to retain the audience without new materials and topics, while peripheral products have a long-tail effect, which can improve activity and stickiness.

It may be further envisaged that the development, design and sales of film and television peripherals can even cooperate with marketing actions. For example, some of the content involving "spoilers" is integrated into the surrounding design, guiding the audience to guess and discuss the direction of the next plot, creating topics to increase the heat, and so on.

Of course, the premise of all this is based on the excellent content of the film and television works themselves. "The Wandering Earth 2" can crowdfund nearly 100 million, which is related to the high recognition of this domestic film by the moviegoers. "Little Broken Ball 2" has made a good start for the development of film and television peripherals in 2023, and it will be interesting to see whether this glory can further stimulate the development of the derivatives market.

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