Chinese Film Big Data Festival Comes to an End! Five powerful drama bones won the award, and Zhang Yimou became the biggest winner

The 2022-2023 Movie Channel M List and China Film Big Data Ceremony came to an end.

14 honors were announced one by one, 17 people and 7 films won awards, including actor awards, director awards, film awards, etc.

Let's take a look at the list of winners.

New Actor of the Year: Chen Yongsheng, Wang Jiayi, Chen Halin

New Director of the Year: Li Kan Qiao Sixue

Actor: Zhang Jingyi Xu Weizhou

Films of the Year: "Predecessor 4: Teenage Marriage", "Octagon", "Become a Winner", "Disappearing Her"

Outstanding Film Musician of the Year: Zhou Shen

Influential Actor of the Year: Yi Yangqianxi

Word-of-mouth director of the year: Rao Xiaozhi

Word-of-mouth film of the year: "Chinese Table Tennis Jedi Strikes Back"

Outstanding Actress of the Year: Xi Meijuan, Yuan Quan

Outstanding Actor of the Year: Wu Jing, Zhang Yi

Outstanding Executive Producer of the Year: Huang Jianxin

Outstanding Director of the Year: Zhang Yimou

Outstanding Contribution of the Year: Li Xuejian

Outstanding Film of the Year: "Manjiang Red", "The Wandering Earth 2"

There are 7 awards in the actor award, and Xi Meijuan, Yuan Quan, Wu Jing, Zhang Yi, and Li Xuejian have won awards.

Xi Meijuan and Yuan Quan won the Outstanding Actress of the Year award.

Xi Meijuan is known for the film "Mom! In the film, she used layered freehand performances to outline the image of a daughter trapped in time, and her solid performance conquered the audience. Previously, she had won the Golden Rooster Award for the second time with the film. At the TV series quality ceremony, it also won the honor of "Ingenuity Performance Star". Whether it is a TV series or a movie, Ms. Xi Meijuan can always bring us wonderful performances and create impressive characters.

Yuan Quan won this award with the film "Chinese Doctor", for which she had previously won the Best Actress Award at the 36th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards. For her, she has long been recognized as a strong actor, holding three Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards for Best Supporting Actress and two Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Wu Jing and Zhang Yi won the Outstanding Actor of the Year award.

Wu Jing won this honor with "Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake" and "The Wandering Earth 2", the box office of the two works has exceeded 4 billion, and in the top ten box office lists in Chinese film history, his starring film works account for five seats, and his starring work "Changjin Lake" also won the 2022 movie channel domestic film ratings champion. Wu Jing is now the first person at the domestic box office.

And Zhang Yi won this honor with "Ten Thousand Miles Home" and "Manjiang Red". Two films, one is the National Day box office champion and the other is the Spring Festival box office champion, and the word-of-mouth index ranks first among the annual male actors. In the past two years, Zhang Yi can be said to have fully blossomed TV series and movies, ushering in its own heyday.

Li Xuejian won the Outstanding Contribution of the Year Award.

From "Thousands of Miles Home" to "The Wandering Earth 2", for Li Xuejian, although his voice is hoarse, he is still sonorous and powerful, and he has created full, rich and flesh-and-blood characters in the film again and again. In his 47 years, he participated in 40 films and created 96 roles, becoming a recognized artist in the eyes of the public.

Five powerful drama bones, three awards, obviously all deserved.

Among the young actors, the most prominent is Yi Yangqianxi, this time he won the annual influential actor award. In the past year, three blockbuster films "Miracle Stupid Child", "Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake" and "Manjiang Hong" have been released, with a cumulative box office of more than 10 billion yuan, which can be said to be the leader of the new generation of actors. Looking back on his film road, although it is only a few short years, each one can be described as a masterpiece, with numerous awards, and has become an absolute new generation of powerful actors.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is Zhou Shen, who won the Outstanding Film Musician of the Year award.

According to statistics, he has contributed 26 movies, including "Big Fish and Begonia", "Luo Xiao Black War", "Jiang Ziya", "Mr. Miao", "Above the Cliff", "The Wandering Earth 2", etc., of course, not only movies, but also TV series, Zhou Shen has become the OST singer of many excellent works.

Throughout the entire award, Zhang Yimou undoubtedly became the biggest winner.

The first is that he himself received the award of Outstanding Director of the Year. After 41 years of filming, he has created and participated in 46 films, although he is over the age of antiquity, but he has not stopped and is still busy, with two films a year, two international events, especially "Man Jiang Hong" has created a new box office record.

Then the film "Manjiang Hong" won the Outstanding Film of the Year award. The film grossed more than 4.5 billion, ranking sixth in the overall box office list of Chinese films, and the annual box office champion so far, becoming the highest-grossing film directed by Zhang Yimou.

In addition, Chen Yongsheng, the newcomer starring of his film "Sniper", Wang Jiayi, the newcomer starring of "Manjiang Hong", won the New Actor of the Year, and Yi Yangqianxi, the starring of "Manjiang Hong", won the Influential Actor of the Year award, and Zhang Yi won the Outstanding Actor of the Year award.

It can be seen that Zhang Yimou is not only busy and desperate, but also cultivates and discovers powerful newcomer actors and real meritorious figures for the industry.

Finally, let's talk about another outstanding film of the year "The Wandering Earth 2". As a comprehensive leap and upgrade of China's film industry, it will raise Chinese science fiction films to an unprecedented level with hard power. From "The Wandering Earth" to "The Wandering Earth 2", the era of domestic sci-fi blockbusters has officially arrived and has been at the forefront of the world.

"Thousands of Miles Home" director Rao Xiaozhi instead won the annual word-of-mouth director award, from "Hello, Madman! " to "The Nameless", and then to "The Crowd" and "The Way Home", it can be said that each of them is a masterpiece, and now "The Nameless 2" has also been launched, which is very exciting.

This film festival, although the scale is not large, but the awards are complete, the summary is comprehensive, and the award-winning personnel are well deserved. For the award-winning films, it will also shine in the past year, bringing vitality and vitality to the entire film market. The grand ceremony has ended, but filmmakers will continue to forge ahead, bring more excellent works to the public, and create glory in the industry again!

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