CCTV's Lantern Festival Gala ratings peak exceeded seven, leaving four major surprises, three major touches, and two regrets

Mom, I never expected that a Lantern Festival party would make me laugh and cry?

When Yue Yunpeng changed his singing art without saying crosstalk, Mao Buyi and Zhou Shen finally sang together on the CCTV stage, and Sabine's black circles have not disappeared since the Spring Festival Gala, you say, can I not laugh?

But when the astronauts sent blessings from the space station, the shocking "Song of a Strong Army" sang the majesty of a big country, and the soldiers guarding the border guarded the border braved the wind and snow to defend the border, you say, can I not cry?

Truth be told, last night's Lantern Festival Gala made people feel like a New Year, but it was a completely different taste from the Spring Festival Gala.

In my heart, this party can be regarded as the highest quality, most down-to-earth and the best reputation of the Lantern Festival party in recent years.

According to real-time data, last night's CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, the highest peak broke 7%, the average rating significantly exceeded last year, which is equivalent to CCTV itself surpassing itself.

The audience once again finished praising the Lantern Festival Gala with their feet.

However, in addition to the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, this night was also held together with the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, and compared with the wonderful shock of the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, these parties cannot be said to be without flaws and regrets.

Next, let's talk about the four surprises, three touches and two regrets of the Lantern Festival Gala in the Year of the Rabbit. But let's start with the ratings.

First, the ratings war: CCTV first Hunan second is not unexpected, but this year CCTV has too big an advantage, Yue Yunpeng and Jackie Chan have become ratings blessings

The Lantern Festival Gala ratings are actually not so suspenseful, after all, as long as CCTV holds the party, other satellite TVs can only compete for the second, including Hunan TV.

However, this situation generally only appears on one, and this time, even CCTV3, CCTV4 and other channels are ahead of other satellite TVs, of which CCTV1 ratings quickly broke 5, peak broke 7, and steadily won the national ratings championship.

It can be said that the national audience has completed the vote with their feet, that is, the ratings status of the CCTV evening has become more and more solid.

Specifically, the ratings of the Yang 1 Lantern Festival Gala are indeed gratifying, after the opening, our space station astronauts appeared, 6 hosts appeared, and the audience applauded Zhou Shen, good guys, the ratings successfully broke 4%.

The hosts had just finished their blessings, and less than 10 minutes into the show, the ratings had already broken 5%.

During Yue Yunpeng's performance, the ratings successfully exceeded 6%, and it can be said that Yue Yunpeng, who did not suppress the ratings at the Spring Festival Gala, returned blood on the CCTV stage in one fell swoop.

But to say that the ratings Wang Fried, you have to look at our Jackie Chan big brother, Da Zhang Wei, Wang Sulong during the chorus ratings declined, nearly 70-year-old Jackie Chan sang the big love song "My Heart is Clear", the big brother typhoon is stable, the ratings are more stable, not only stopped falling and rebounded, but also exceeded 7.35%.

With this rating base, as soon as the next brilliant performances such as rhythmic gymnastics and honor guards are released, the ratings must not continue to rise?

In the end, our honor guard performance won 7.42% of the highest ratings, which is a surprise even for the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala.

But when we look at the other end, the situation is not so surprising.

After all, the ratings are like the Lantern Festival in the pot, there are so many people under the pot every year, some people have to bloom more, and some people have to bloom less, such as Hunan Satellite TV, which has been ranked first in the Lantern Festival Gala in recent years.

In fact, the basic ratings of Hunan Satellite TV's gala have always been very high, and the small Chinese New Year's Eve gala is very good, but this Lantern Festival Gala ratings not only did not break 1, but the audience change rate is not low, it is not ruled out that it is the audience who chased the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, pinched to watch Hunan TV's favorite programs, and changed the station back.

In the end, the peak rating of the party only exceeded 0.95, which was too far away from the CCTV gala.

Next, let's take a look at what determines the viewer's remote control behind the ratings. First talk about surprise, then about touch, and finally about regret.

Second, four surprises

1. The female stars under the CCTV lens are too beautiful, and the three female hosts of the Spring Festival Gala are all amazing

First of all, we must praise the three female hosts of the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala.

As in previous years, the host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala continued to host the Lantern Festival Gala, but compared with the business ability to remain online, but after a year of black eyes still Nigmat and Sabine, the three female hosts not only have a significantly more relaxed state, but also have a more beautiful appearance than the Spring Festival Gala.

Ma Fanshu's appearance in a blue slip dress has already made me beautiful, the makeup is clean and bright and atmospheric, the fine lines at the corners of the eyes when hosting the Spring Festival Gala are gone, the complexion is good, and it is full of youthful atmosphere, which is the goddess of full points.

Long Yangyi is also very stunning, dressed in red and beaming, with a bright and natural smile, and is very beautiful and comfortable.

Wang Jianing, who appeared in yellow, also had a surprise, compared to the host of the Spring Festival Gala, she was somewhat nervous, this time she smiled brightly, and the sweetness overflowed completely.

It's not just the host that's beautiful.

Reyiza and Mao Xiaotong sang "Blessing Song" at the beginning and already surprised me.

It seems that no one in the painting has any doubts about Mao Xiaotong this night.

The pink sequin cheongsam is full of Chinese flavor, and the silk embroidery decoration at the waist of the skirt is the icing on the cake.

But the most wonderful thing is the people. Mao Xiaotong has a very classical, transparent and gentle beauty. With the shape and stage lighting, it is as beautiful as glass, like Jiangnan smoke and rain, gentle and gentle.

Reiza who appeared in the nude long skirt is also good, the red lips are bright, people can't take their eyes off, and the shape is just right, like a beautiful, but not dazzling flower, and as if she is a national style painting, beauty and a full moon in the sky, reflecting each other, the artistic conception is beautiful.

The female stars under the CCTV lens are really beautiful, perhaps only the CCTV stage can give them the dignified elegance that only China has, the kind of national style beauty that belongs to us.

2. The songs of the entire CCTV evening are brilliant, and Zhou Shenmao's hard-won chorus is excellent

It must be said that to listen to the song, you still have to listen to the song of the CCTV party.

The stars sang at the beginning, which not only continued the style of the Spring Festival Gala, but also brought its own surprises.

Huang Qishan and Shilinna Yigao, who sang "Is a Mother is a Daughter", also cooperated tacitly and perfectly integrated.

But the most absolute is Zhou Shenmao's song "Hometown People" that is not easy to sing, which is a perfect match, the best partner, must be watched.

Although the two singers are friends offstage, there are not many choruses, and the audience did not expect that the two sang together, so perfect.

Zhou Shen is known for his natural voice, his singing voice is sincere, Mao Buyi is a story-based singer, singing and talking, often with the intention of words.

These two people sang "Hometown People", not only the voice can complement each other, but also doubled, they sang emotionally on stage, homesick people have flown thousands of mountains and rivers, come to the side of their loved ones, netizens said together, should not listen to this song, just left home after listening, and want to go home again.

Some people's songs are long, and some people's songs are breathless.

For example, the "Harvest March" sung passionately by the Phoenix legend, the pink suit appeared in Linghua with the meaning of a rural female entrepreneur, and Zeng Yi lived like a big brother who followed the female entrepreneur to the countryside to harvest rice fields, this good guy, before singing the aura.

When I opened my voice again, it seemed to let people enter the autumn fields and want to work with their songs.

I also have to mention that Ulan Tuya's smile, the purple-red silk sleeveless top was worn, she smiled the whole time, so that people could not see their eyes, and as soon as the bowl in her hand was raised, a full sense of celebration overflowed the screen and rushed to the national audience, and the audience was happy.

No wonder the audience said that Ulan Tuya was the strongest laughing star at this year's Lantern Festival Gala, and they were happy to see her.

So what do our professional laughing stars do?

3, Yue Yunpeng did not say crosstalk to change the singing art, the audience said that this bamboo board was too authentic

This year's Spring Festival Gala Yue Yunpeng is somewhat embarrassed, slip of the tongue is not embarrassing, are used to it, embarrassing is that as soon as he appeared, the ratings fell, with Xiao Yue Yue's audience popularity, it shouldn't be.

Sure enough, the Lantern Festival Gala was half round.

The audience must prove it, the problem is that this time it is not crosstalk.

It's a reformer artist.

Yue Yunpeng on the stage and the commentators skillfully cooperated, a song "Flower Good Moon Full Night" really sang a new taste, the spark of the north and south music art on the stage of the Lantern Festival Gala, Yue Yunpeng is so comfortable that he also performed the bamboo board book on the stage, as an actor who learns the art of opera halfway, I have to admit that this Hebei bamboo board book is really authentic.

In particular, the leisurely and comfortable in the typhoon is the essence of the art of qu just right.

The audience even thought of Sun Yue's words for running Yue Yunpeng on stage next time: Let's go to the bamboo board for the Spring Festival Gala next year, this has a future.

4. How can the combination of Chinese and Western in "Slow Sound" be a word

I have to say that the Lantern Festival Gala has several art fusion programs, all of which are brilliant.

The new national style program "A Hundred Phoenix Rising Sun" has been breathtaking, and the national style and electronic sound are beautifully integrated.

The "Majestic Neon Clothes" brought by the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team is integrated with the Chinese style dance, and the perfect combination of strength and softness, ingenuity, really coincidence.

But the most amazing thing for me is the song "Slow Voice", which is also amazing, integrating Peking Opera, English, Suzhou Pingtan, Cantonese and other singing methods in one breath, and finally singing it can still make people silent in the beauty of Chinese.

Huang Ling, the host of Hong Kong, China, should be credited with the performance.

CGTN host Mike Fox sang duet with Huang Ling in English, Huang Ling dressed in Chinese clothes and sang the opera tactfully, and the lazy singer of the past actually had the gentleness of Jiangnan water town a thousand years ago.

And Chen Belle's Cantonese singing is also beautiful, which contrasts with Huang Ling's Wu Nong's soft language.

Listening to the whole song, I was not only attracted by the song, but also felt that my soul was purified by the ancient Jiangnan smoke and rain in this song.

Or the best comments from netizens, word by word, all of them are the beauty of Chinese.

In the search and search, the Lantern Festival Gala of the Year of the Rabbit once again abandoned the traffic route, giving professional singers and national gymnastics teams and performing artists more opportunities to play, from street dance, acrobatics to mimes and judging, which is the most beautiful look of the Lantern Festival Gala in the minds of the audience.

Third, three major moves

1. Astronauts send blessings in space and shock

It must be said that in the program "Lantern Festival with Flowers and Lanterns", astronauts Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming, and Zhang Lu sent Lantern Festival blessings from the Chinese space station, I couldn't help but be moved.

When astronauts appear in front of the audience and friends with lanterns, our Chinese celebration is really going to space, and at this moment, astronauts in the sky are celebrating the Lantern Festival with the motherland and people on the ground.

We know that there will be more Chinese footprints in the vast space, and there will be more amazing moments.

And this moment is undoubtedly a warm moment for China's aerospace industry.

2. "A video I didn't want to show my mom" was tearful

This show should make many people burst into tears.

It is known as a video that I don't want to show my mother, in which officers and soldiers of the Tielekti Border Defense Company of Xinjiang's Tacheng Military Subdistrict go to the 982 Heights to observe patrols against a 10-level cold wind.

They protected the five-star red flag with their bodies and declared sovereignty at the highest observation point. A young soldier said, "No amount of wind and snow can stop me and my comrades from defending the border!" ”

At this moment, the words were simple and the program was simple, but in my ears, it seemed that a bloody military song sounded, and there was also a long Yimeng minor.

In the wind, it is the backbone of the proud world of Chinese soldiers. In their eyes, the duty in the wind and snow of the Lantern Festival is a mission, a firm belief, a realization, a victory, and a protection.

3, "Strong Army Has Me", the best all night

Yes, when the honor guard of the Chinese People's Liberation Army sang the song "Strong Army Has Me", the beautiful melody and the heroic momentum instantly sang the blood of youth, sang the bloody responsibility of the children and soldiers, and sang the pride of Chinese soldiers.

Many netizens said: The best song is the PLA chorus!

The ratings also confirm this from the side, the audience really loves this blood!

After all, when the Chinese military let the audience know what a sense of security is as soon as they speak, when the sonorous oath of "please rest assured that the party can rest assured, the strong army has me" echoes with the song, which one Chinese, can not be enthusiastic and passionate.

Strengthening the army and loving the family is an unswerving belief and a lofty pursuit.

They are the top of China.

Fourth, two regrets

Finally, two regrets.

1. Language programs are not funny enough

Realistically speaking, this is also a regret that continues from the Spring Festival Gala.

The work "Two Different Things" brought by Jin Fei and Chen Xi has the taste of Mr. Jiang Kun's satirical crosstalk, and the road and other lamp tongue twisters are also ingenious, but the entire crosstalk is often 10 minutes and 29 seconds, and overall, there are still too few laughs.

Although Hunan Satellite TV's Lantern Festival Gala invited popular comedians Xin Zai, Zhang Zhehua and others to perform the sketch "Love is a Word" in "Annual Comedy Competition 2", it was also a little embarrassing for the audience.

Xin Zai, Ma Xudong, Sun Shuyue and others performed the second sketch "Lantern Festival Bureau Middle Bureau", which was not much funny.

The funniest thing about the Hunan Satellite TV Gala, on the contrary, in the dog show, a group of dogs are uncontrollable, sticking to He Jiong all the time, forcing He Jiong to tease the audience while sending the puppy back to the team.

When language shows return to the top is up to our performing artists.

2. There is still lip-synching at the satellite TV party

The audience's doubts about lip-synching will never stop, and the most questioned of this year's Lantern Festival Gala is obviously Hunan Satellite TV's Lantern Festival Joy Party.

As soon as the party began, Sun Yue's song "Happy Guide" was hot, but unfortunately the lip-synching was really not OK.

Also a veteran singer, although Tian Zhen's makeup is slightly hurried, the favorability of real singing is suddenly full.

And similar to the show "Departure to Beauty" performed by Huang Zihongfan, Li Xueqin and others, the lip-syncing is also more obvious.

Looking at the enthusiastic eloquence of Jackie Chan's big brother's songs at the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, you can understand that the audience still loves to watch the real thing.

Looking at the Lantern Festival Gala and listening to the sound of firecrackers outside the window, the past year has passed, this year is really not easy, just as every year in the past is not easy, but the new year is a new beginning.

The Spring Festival Gala and the Lantern Festival Gala are like a round of annual rings, and the touches gathered at the party have become our collective memories of the old year.

And new days have arrived.

What will the days ahead? I think that just like this party, as long as you put your heart into it, you will always shine on your own stage. There is no eternal explosive password, only eternal big waves, and the best way to deal with the years is to sharpen yourself into pearls and shine in the years.

Then wait until next year today, we will celebrate the new year together in the memories of the Lantern Festival Gala.

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