The 3 most trashy skins in this issue of the Shard Shop! Don't redeem it if you die, exchange it for blood loss!

Recently, the Skin Fragments Store has ushered in an update

However, the skin inside the fragment store this time is a bit chicken ribs, with the skin in the previous fragment store, there is no way to compare, this issue we will talk about, this time the fragment store the most garbage 3 skins, even if killed do not exchange.

1. Lü Bu wild energy

I personally think this skin is the most ugly of all the 6 yuan skin, especially the two long braids, similar to a green cockroach, it is too ugly, instead of spending 48 skin fragments for wild energy, it is better to save some skin fragments and exchange for a Christmas carnival.

2. Bian Que's pupil of salvation

I don't know if you found it, every time Tianmei optimizes the order of the skin, it is carried out according to the heat of the heroes, Bian Que This hero is very unpopular, so Tianmei has not optimized the pupil of salvation for a long time, so it is not recommended that you redeem the pupil of salvation, because we do not know this skin, in the end the year of the monkey will be optimized.

3. Ake love care

Ah Ke this hero and Bian Que, the main thing is too cold, so this skin has not been optimized, if you really like this skin, you can wait a little longer, wait for the optimization news, I will tell you in advance, and then it is not too late to redeem.

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