Manslaughter 2 is a Korean-inspired movie

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Manslaughter 2 is a Korean-inspired movie
Manslaughter 2 is a Korean-inspired movie
Manslaughter 2 is a Korean-inspired movie

I watched it the day before the Spring Festival.

This film is very good. He has a taste similar to Korean movies.

First of all, he set the story in a country in Southeast Asia, where the play involves corruption insiders. Elite trading. And the people's supervision stood still. Including the police station can publicly blame the mayor and the secretary-general, and this is also established. The soil of the outline must first be established. So the director chose a certain country in Southeast Asia.

Secondly, the film structure itself. The story is clear. The mayor temporarily intercepted the heart that belonged to Xiao Yang's son. Use of authority to appoint the Director of Health, together with the President. And ordinary people "Xiao Yang" because of the child's high surgical costs to sell the house loan in the last hour to raise the operation fee, but the doctor told the heart is gone.

So he decided to kidnap a lot of people in the hospital and wait for the mayor, secretary general, health director, and the hospital side to return the heart to his son to replace.

This is a typical story of a small person who takes a risk for the love of his family.

There are several points in this film that are very exciting

1 Story rhythm Adopt a narrative that breaks time and space Takes flashbacks, advances layer by layer, approaches the truth, and peels away little by little under the emotions of a thousand guns.

2 No urine spots per character. Xiao Yang's revenge, including the treatment of the kidnapped, included the use of fake guns, made his personality noble. The public is more able to understand his anger as a father and the kindness of being a man. Make the characters more three-dimensional

Although Zhang Zhengyi is played by Hong Kong and Taiwan star Ren Dahua, he is very suitable for the Cantonese people in overseas Chinatowns in the Chinatown environment in Southeast Asia. Most of them are Fujianese. His language and mental outlook are very close, including the police chief is Zhang Zhengyi's apprentice. The two of them played each other very accurately, and "Xiao Yang's Wife" also played very well

The mayor was a little abrupt. The status of the secretary general of the municipal party committee is very accurate

The whole film seems to take place mainly in the hospital, but it is not boring, everyone is eager to help Xiao Yang solve the case, so everyone is always nervous

3 The plot is fast-paced Everyone's starting point and contradictions are reasonable. The difficulties and operations that everyone faced were very accurate and tested the screenwriter's storytelling ability.

4 Power Supply Itself Color Composition Shooting Light and shadow and special effects are very good is a good movie

5 This is a movie with a Korean flavor. Everyone knows that in China it's very difficult to plan movies like in South Korea, and the author is not saying that it's bad at home, but that it means that the domestic law enforcement mechanism is different from that abroad. This film believes that if you often watch Korean movies, you will feel this way".

First it's hard for the little people to live with love, and then it's hard to live just to live, and then there's a major crisis, and there's no way to face the corrupt elite, and there's no way to be forced to take risks and confront the magnates, and finally to the cheers of the people.

This is a very typical Korean movie routine or American routine.

All in all a good work.

Tight rhythm, reasonable story, accurate character setting, precise performance. Let's talk.


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