Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?


In his later years, Zhang Tingyu actually asked the Qianlong Emperor: You write me a "letter of guarantee" to ensure that I can enjoy the Taimiao Temple. Zhang Tingyu, who first fought his father, then worked hard, and then succeeded, was a scholar of the Bohol Temple (the first assistant of the cabinet) and the chief military minister, and he loved his qualifications for the Taimiao Temple, probably in order to give the Han bureaucracy a breath. The work is similar, but only after the Death of the Manchurians can they sleep with the ancestors of the AixinJue Luo family. So that the old ministers of the three dynasties who have seen through the prosperity of the world and the ups and downs of the officialdom, who have been favored for nearly 50 years and are the protégés of the Manchu Dynasty, have not crossed this hurdle.

Holding a hard heart, he did a hard thing, the old and confused did not know, but the Qianlong Emperor he faced always had such a heart. In Qianlong's eyes, whether it was Manchus, Mongolians, or Han Chinese, they were all his "slaves." It is said that he once asked: Don't always call themselves "slaves" in Manchus, and the Han people must also call themselves that way. Although he gave up indignantly at the insistence of a group of Han Chen, this feeling was deeply rooted.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

There are a total of 26 people in the Qing Dynasty who can enjoy the Taimiao Temple, 23 are Manchurians, 2 are Mongolians, 1 Han chinese, except for Ai Xinjueluo's family and Zhang Tingyu, the rest are all based on military achievements, and the "Iron Hat King" also has not entered. Another point is that when Zhang Tingyu was qualified to enjoy the Taimiao Temple, the Chao yongxiang Prince Celing of the Khalkha Mongols was still alive, and he was worthy of the Taimiao Temple after qianlong's fifteenth year (1750) death. Another famous Horqin Mongol general of the late Qing Dynasty, the prince of Bodol Kataizhong, the monk Gelinqin, had not yet been born.

So you can think about how anxious Zhang Tingyu, the most favored Han minister of the Qing Dynasty and the only Han chinese in the Qing Dynasty who deserved to enjoy the Taimiao Temple, should have been in a hurry at that time.

However, he absolutely could not allow the Qianlong Emperor to write a "letter of guarantee" from the emperor's point of view, let alone the young and vigorous Qianlong Emperor. Honor this thing, the emperor is happy to give you at will, but you can't ask for it. This is a threat, but also a big taboo. It was precisely because Zhang Tingyu asked the Qianlong Emperor for this "letter of guarantee" that the Qianlong Emperor disqualified him from enjoying the Taimiao Temple while he was alive. After Zhang Tingyu's death, the Qianlong Emperor, in order to show the filial piety of the Qing Dynasty, restored his qualification to enjoy the Taimiao Temple, after all, Zhang Tingyu's Taimiao Temple was given by the Yongzheng Emperor, but Zhang Tingyu was already dead, and he did not know the grace of this kind of hindsighter.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

Zhang Tingyu had the beginning of a spelling daddy. There were very few ancient dynasties that did not fight for fathers, except for the founding of the country, it is indeed important to have a good father. Zhang Tingyu and his father Zhang Ying, a scholar of the Wenhua Temple, a rebbe Shangshu, and a teacher of Prince Yinrong and the Fourth Brother Yinchen. Zhang Tingyu recorded his father in the "Chenghuai Master's Self-Determined Chronology": First, he was well-educated, "condensed in temperament, clear in response", and talented. The second was that he was the son of Zhang Ying, Yin Chan's mentor. Although this order of precedence is problematic, it also shows another characteristic of Zhang Tingyu, talent, and talent must be worked hard.

In the thirty-ninth year of the Kangxi Dynasty (1700), Zhang Tingyu was admitted as a jinshi and was awarded the title of Shujishi of the Hanlin Academy. In the Hanlin Academy, Zhang Tingyu took a shortcut, learned Manchu, and learned very thoroughly, which can be described as: hard work, waste sleep and forget to eat. Excluding his father's influence on him, the reason why he was quickly appointed to the South Study Hall and his study of Manchu was inseparable, which was an effective way to actively draw closer to the Manchurian magnates. Therefore, when Zhang Tingyu was 33 years old, he could not only wander around in the South Study, but also wear several beads and wear four official clothes. In addition, when the Kangxi Emperor went out, he often took Zhang Tingyu with him, so that by the age of 45, Zhang Tingyu had become a cabinet scholar and a ceremonial attendant.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

Zhang Tingyu's prominence was in the late Kangxi Dynasty, and Zhang Tingyu's much-regarded use was at the beginning of the Yongzheng Dynasty. The Kangxi Emperor died and the Yongzheng Emperor ascended the throne. At that time, the Yongzheng Emperor had to guard the spirit of the Kangxi Emperor, and he either knelt or sat. But whenever he encountered anything, the Yongzheng Emperor could only dictate it. At this time, Zhang Tingyu's unique skills were unleashed, no matter what the Yongzheng Emperor said, he was able to present the manuscript beautifully in front of Yongzheng's eyes after the Yongzheng Emperor had finished speaking.

This is not something that ordinary people can do, he must have several conditions, first, writing skills, second, quick thinking, third, and most importantly, that must be sympathetic. It was this kind of sympathy between the Yongzheng Emperor and Zhang Tingyu that made Zhang Tingyu soar in the Yongzheng Dynasty and become an extremely popular subject.

Under the pity of the Yongzheng Emperor and Zhang Tingyu, Zhang Tingyu's political achievements will be infinitely exaggerated by the Yongzheng Emperor. For Zhang Tingyu's main contributions, the system of songzhang and the system of military aircraft (a major change in the bureaucratic politics of the Qing Dynasty, which had a very huge and far-reaching impact on the politics of the middle and late Qing Dynasty), the Yongzheng Emperor praised it as never stingy, even meaty. Meat and hemp is a major feature of the Yongzheng Emperor, he can numb into the bone marrow of people. For example, he called Nian Qianyao a "benefactor". What about Zhang Tingyu? The Yongzheng Emperor said: Ru Zhixun is above the battlefield khan horse. When Zhang Tingyu was ill, the Yongzheng Emperor and the people around him said: My arm hurts so much these days! Do you know why? Why? Zhang Tingyu was ill, he was a minister of the humerus of Yuan, he was sick, how could Yuan's arm not hurt!

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

Zhang Tingyu also has a great characteristic, that is, he is very diligent, but whenever there is a major matter, he is often able to not go home for several months and has been in the military aircraft department. The Yongzheng Emperor replied to Zhang Tingyu's recital as follows: In the eleven years since he ascended the throne, the ministers in the court have not been separated for a day, but only Qing is a person, a righteous monarch, and a friend!

The Yongzheng Dynasty has a great feature, that is, it is very heavy on the use of Han Chinese. The generals who fought for him, the more famous Nian Qianyao and Yue Zhongqi were Han Chinese. Zhang Tingyu, Tian Wenjing, and Li Wei, who gave him governance of the country, were also Han Chinese. This has something to do with the Yongzheng Emperor's desire to regulate the Manchu-Han contradictions, but the Yongzheng Emperor's distrust of the Manchus is the most fundamental, after all, he was not elected by others. From the beginning of the Yongzheng Emperor's ascension to the throne, he constantly gave cruel hands to his brothers and sisters, and how distrustful he was of the Manchus. For The only brother he trusted very much, Prince Yi, Yin Xiang, in addition to Yin Xiang being really very capable, there was always a way to do things: Don't say that Yin Xiang is not good for his brothers, how good we are to Yin Xiang.

In short, Zhang Tingyu was a figure who could turn clouds and rain in the Yongzheng Dynasty. In the thirteenth year of Yongzheng (1735), the Yongzheng Emperor was critically ill, and before his death, he ordered Zhang Tingyu to be the same as Yunlu the Prince of Zhuang and the university scholar Ortai as the ministers of gu order, and he was ordered to enjoy the Taimiao Temple with Zhang Tingyu and Ortai on a daily basis.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

Zhang Tingyu himself has a set of philosophies of handling things: it is better to win a hundred battles than to endure; it is better to be silent than to be silent in a thousand words. He was the chief official of the Pro-Expedition to Pingding Shuo Northern Strategy, the vice president of the Provincial Fang Grand Ceremony and the Shengzu Shilu, and the chief officer of the Ming History, the History of the Four Dynasties, the Great Qing Huidian, the Sejong Shilu, and the Jade Emperor. After reading so many books and compiling so many books, he could see through the prosperity of the world and the ups and downs of the officialdom, but in the end he was planted on the top of the posthumous fame, that is, the temple that had no glory.

After the Qianlong Emperor ascended the throne, the Qing Dynasty had two major political forces, one was the Manchu interest group headed by Ortai, and the other was the Han interest group headed by Zhang Tingyu, and these two groups fell in love with each other, did not give in to each other, and gave each other a stumbling block from time to time, so that when Ortai and Zhang Tingyu did not have the heart, the people at the bottom would often be able to cause some trouble. For example, Zhang Tingyu, who has always been cautious in his words and deeds, can't help but lose two sentences when he sees Ortai, but the damage is lost, and the situation is not achieved with water and fire.

Ertai was a very good man, and he died before the Qianlong Emperor wanted his life, so he entered the Taimiao Temple before Zhang Tingyu. Zhang Tingyu, on the other hand, lived a long life, but his life was not good. Before his death, he asked the Qianlong Emperor to clean him up, first stripping him of his title of count (in the Case of the Qing Dynasty, which had no title of Duke of Wencheng), and then disqualifying him from enjoying the Taimiao Temple.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

The Qianlong Emperor is different from his father Yongzheng, Yongzheng is heavy Han suppressed, Qianlong is heavy And suppressed Han, this is not Qianlong's original intention, he is just adjusting the balance, one side is heavy, the other side has to be weighed. It can also be said that Ertai is dead, and Zhang Tingyu's good days are not long.

The first person to shoot at Zhang Tingyu was the famous Liu Yong and his father Liu Tongxun.

In the sixth year of Qianlong (1741), Liu Tongxun, the four great calligraphers of the Zuo Capital and the Qing Dynasty, played a song to the emperor and impeached the university scholar Zhang Tingyu, saying: "The university scholar Zhang Tingyu has been reused by three dynasties and has too much power, and now in the Jinshen Wang clan, Zhang and Yao's surnames account for half, they intermarry with each other, and when they are recommended by officials, please stop the promotion of all Zhang's sons within three years."

Although the Qianlong Emperor did not clean up Zhang Tingyu under Liu Tongxun's impeachment, Qianlong sent Liu Tongxun's recital down for his courtiers to read. This is the same as the Chongzhen Emperor taking care of Wei Zhongxian, releasing the signal, you continue. Zhang Tingyu was the editor-in-chief of the History of Ming, and he could not have failed to understand this, so Zhang Tingyu asked the Qianlong Emperor to resign and return to his hometown.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

The first request, Qianlong pretended not to be allowed, and the second request, Qianlong approved. It was only in this second request that Zhang Tingyu asked Qianlong for the "letter of guarantee." Zhang Tingyu played: "In the past, Emperor Sejongxian gave his subjects generous favors, and his widows were worthy of the Taimiao Temple, and last year when he followed His Majesty's sacrifice, there was an edict to keep his subjects and tell the old people to return to their hometowns, and the ministers were afraid that they would not be able to have such a high treatment after death, and there were similar discussions outside." He prostrated himself without a crown and asked Qianlong to produce a certificate. Although Qianlong was very upset, he still put up with it and wrote him a poem, meaning you can rest assured! Here you go!

But then, Zhang Tingyu did a thing that was old and confused, and he also learned from his father, because his father took advantage of the old man to return to his hometown and pushed Zhang Tingyu to take the opportunity to push him up. For the "letter of guarantee" given by the Qianlong Emperor, Zhang Tingyu did not go to Xie'en himself, but sent his son Zhang Ruocheng, this time the Qianlong Emperor really couldn't help it, and ordered: Let this old boy come in person! The next thing that made Qianlong burst into anger immediately came. At that time, the edict of the Military Aircraft Department had not yet been issued, and Zhang Tingyu came to Thank you upside down. This time Qianlong burst out in anger, Check! Who leaked the news! A check, Wang Yu Dun did it. So a meeting was held, and as a result, Wang Youdun was severely punished and Zhang Tingyu was stripped of his title as earl, but he still retained his qualifications to enjoy the Taimiao Temple.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

In the fifteenth year of Qianlong (1750), shortly after the death of the emperor's eldest son Yong Huang, Zhang Tingyu tianchao once again asked to return to his hometown, and Qianlong was angry with the pain of losing his son. Gave him an evaluation that almost cursed his mother: Zhang Tingyu's sin was not to personally thank him, but to ask for a promise, and the reason why he made a promise was not to believe in him. Treat the courtiers with all his heart, but Yi Zhuan can't believe it, and endures the blackmail, and if he is so deliberate, he will not sin against the ghosts and gods of heaven and earth. So Qianlong canceled Zhang Tingyu's appointment to the Taimiao Temple, but did not punish him and ordered him to leave quickly.

Zhang Tingyu, who returned home, was not unofficial and light. Later, because his son-in-law was involved in the Lü Liuliang case, he also committed perverse acts in the Sichuan Xuezheng office. Because of this incident, Zhang Tingyu was almost raided in the fifteenth year of Qianlong (1750), although it was changed from a lighter fine to a fine, but ordered to pay all the imperial gifts that the official had received in the past 50 years.

Why was Zhang Tingyu, the qing dynasty's most favored Han courtier, finally raided by the Qianlong Emperor?

However, when the people at the bottom are running errands, they are no different from raiding homes. Of course, the Qianlong Emperor would not do anything for the Zhang family to do anything for this kind of behavior of giving him anger, and if he copied it, he would copy it.

On March 20, 1755, the twentieth year of Qianlong (1755), Zhang Tingyu died of illness at the age of eighty-four. In the end, Qianlong still obeyed Yongzheng's will and ordered him to enjoy the Taimiao Temple.

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