The headquarters building of another local restaurant group in Ronggui was topped out

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Let the world know the taste of Shunde. On May 17, the headquarters building project of Guangdong Tianyue Catering Management Group was successfully capped in Ronggui, and it is expected to be completed and put into use in early 2025. The project covers functions such as food museum, food processing, central kitchen, cold chain warehousing, hotel accommodation and vacation, incubation and research and development, and talent training, and will make a new demonstration for the industrial integration and development of Shunde as the "World Capital of Gastronomy".

The headquarters building of another local restaurant group in Ronggui was topped out

Tianyue Group Headquarters Building Project.

Based on Shunde, strengthen the brand of pork mother

On December 30, 2022, Tianyue Group won the bid for an industrial plot west of Bigui Road and north of Xinyou Road, Ronggui Street, Shunde District, for the construction of the headquarters project. The place belongs to the Guangzhou-Zhuhai City Guironggui Station TOD project, with convenient transportation and complete surrounding supporting facilities. The total land area of the project is 28.2 acres, the total construction area is 76,800 square meters, and the construction area is planned to be distributed into two buildings: factory and office area. The total investment of Tianyue Group headquarters project is about 500 million yuan, with a fixed investment of 250 million yuan, a revenue of more than 310 million yuan and a tax revenue of 21.15 million yuan.

As one of the 20 major projects in Shunde in 2023, the project was successfully capped after more than a year of construction. The completion of the project marks that the Tianyue Group headquarters project has become the only comprehensive professional food park in Ronggui Street, and the only park designed and constructed for the complete food industry chain from the beginning of planning, representing the catering industry to move towards operation standardization and operation digitalization.

The headquarters building of another local restaurant group in Ronggui was topped out

The topping out ceremony of the Tianyue Group headquarters building project.

After the completion of the project, it will include the core business of the central distribution of catering stores and food processing, as well as the functions of the group's headquarters office, catering, talent training, product and corporate culture display. Wu Sufen, chairman of Guangdong Tianyue Catering Management Group Co., Ltd., said that Shunde is committed to creating a first-class business environment, vigorously supporting the development of the real economy, and actively supporting the development of the catering industry based on Shunde's profound food culture, which has strengthened the confidence of local enterprises to invest and take root.

In the future, it will be based in Shunde, focus on the Greater Bay Area, face the whole country, rely on brand building, food culture promotion, and talent training technology output as the base point, make the pork brand stronger and bigger, cultivate talents, retain the roots, and achieve the brand goal of "pork woman let the world understand the taste of Shunde".

Tianyue Group, established in Ronggui in 2011, has created well-known catering and retail brands such as Pork Po Private Cuisine, Dejing Xuan, Fengcheng Restaurant, Dim Sum Specialty Store, Pork Po Supply and Marketing Cooperative, etc., and has created a full-chain brand chain integrating high-end business, banquets, Internet celebrity stores, peripheral retail, etc., and has successively won the honorary titles of "China's Top 100 Catering Enterprises", "Chinese Famous Restaurants", "National Advanced Unit of Service Industry", "Black Pearl Restaurant" and "Olive Chinese Restaurant".

Ronggui catering headquarters agglomeration development

As a famous brand town in China and a famous food town in China, the manufacturing and catering industries are two well-known "golden business cards" of Ronggui. Up to now, there are more than 7,400 catering market entities in Ronggui, an increase of more than 300 from the end of last year. During this year's May Day, Ronggui attracted more than 250,000 domestic and foreign tourists, driving the consumption of tourism catering to exceed 10 million yuan, and the development of the industry is improving.

In recent years, Ronggui has vigorously promoted the coordinated development of the tertiary industry, and encouraged local leading catering enterprises to build "central kitchens" to achieve standardized operation. Take the initiative to go out and bring in, develop the headquarters economy of the catering industry based in Ronggui and radiating the Greater Bay Area, and further consolidate the hard power of "Chinese Food Town".

Zeng Haoyu, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the office of Ronggui Street, said that the headquarters project of Tianyue Group, with the headquarters economy to strengthen management, with the central kitchen to strengthen quality control, for the Ronggui catering industry to ensure the stability and consistency of dishes, how to improve the efficiency of operations and cost control, how to ensure the level of food safety and hygiene to provide a very important reference and useful exploration.

The headquarters building of another local restaurant group in Ronggui was topped out

Group photo after the topping out ceremony of the Tianyue Group headquarters building project.

The successful capping of the Tianyue Group headquarters project will accelerate the economic agglomeration and development of Ronggui Catering Headquarters. Today, Ronggui has successfully capped the headquarters projects of two local catering groups, and one relocated catering company "went home" to invest in the construction of the group's headquarters.

Enterprises "vote with their feet" and choose Ronggui, which is the most powerful affirmation of Ronggui's business environment and government services. Looking forward to the future, Ronggui will unswervingly expand the industrial space and make every effort to ensure the land demand for high-quality projects; Continuously optimize the business environment and provide better policy and service support for enterprises; Make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of urban and rural areas, enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of Ronggui, and let more enterprises choose and invest in Ronggui.

Ou Shengjun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Ronggui Street, and other leaders attended the event.

Shunde financial media reporter: Huang Wenjing, Chen Binghui

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Proofreader: Wang Da

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