At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

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Trump won the German Masters three times, and O'Sullivan was absent for many stops to rest and recuperate

The 2024 German Snooker Masters came to an end at the Tempodrom Theater in Berlin, with England's Jade Trump defeating China's Si Jiahui 10-5 to become the first treble winner in the history of the event. This is also Trump's fourth ranking tournament title this season, and the 27th ranking tournament title of his career, behind Davis, Hendry, O'Sullivan and Higgins, and the fifth place in the all-time ranking tournament championship list.

Trump performed well in this German Masters, did not lose a game from the beginning of the qualifying round, and passed all the way, successively eliminating Mark King, Mark Davis, Jamie Jones, Sam Craigie and Si Jiahui, and played a total of 14 single-stroke 50+, including two single-stroke percentages, with a maximum score of 131. With this victory, Trump won the championship bonus of 80,000 pounds, and continued to attack the world No. 1 O'Sullivan, and the gap between the two narrowed to less than 100,000 pounds.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

Trump's opponent Si Jiahui also had a good performance, this is his first time reaching the final of the German Masters, and the second time he has reached the final of a ranking tournament, the last time was in the 2019 British Championships, when he lost to Ding Junhui. In this competition, Si Jiahui defeated Li Xing, Mark Williams, Mark Allen, Kyren Wilson and John Higgins, and scored a total of 12 single-stroke 50+, including a single-stroke 100 points, with a maximum score of 105. Although Si Jiahui lost to Trump, he also won a £40,000 runner-up prize and a large number of world ranking points, and his ranking rose from 29th to 24th, setting a personal best ranking.

The process of the final was not intense, and Trump took the initiative from the beginning, ending the first stage of the morning with a score of 5-1. In the second stage of the afternoon, although Si Jiahui worked hard to chase the points, Trump's state was still stable, and he did not give his opponent too many chances, and finally sealed the victory with a score of 10-5, successfully defending the German Masters championship, and he won the championship for the third time, setting a historical record for the event. Speaking on the podium, Trump said that he was very happy to win the German Masters again, which he considers to be a very prestigious event, and he thanked the organizers, sponsors, referees and spectators for their support, and he also praised Si Jiahui's performance, saying that Si Jiahui is a very talented player and he believes he will win more titles in the future.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

Si Jiahui said on the podium that he was disappointed that he was not able to win the championship, but he was also proud that he was able to reach the final, he said that it was an important milestone in his career, he thanked his coach, agent, family and friends for their support, he also congratulated Trump on winning the championship, he said that Trump is a very good player, he learned a lot from him, and he hopes that they will have more duels in the future.

The highlight of this year's German Masters is not only the final between Trump and Si Jiahui, but also some other things worth paying attention to. First of all, world No. 1 Ronnie O'Sullivan chose to miss this tournament, he said on social media that he needs to rest for a while to adjust his physical and mental condition, he said that he likes the German customs, but he also needs to take care of his health, he hopes that the German fans will understand his decision, and he also wishes all the players who participate in the tournament good luck.

It is reported that O'Sullivan will also miss the upcoming Welsh Open and Players Championship, and his next match may be the Saudi Arabian Championship in March. Riyadh Invitational, this is a newly established invitational tournament, only the top eight players in the world can participate, the championship prize is up to 400,000 US dollars, and there is a special way to play, that is, after the first red ball in each round, players can choose to play a golden ball, the score of this ball is 20 points, if you score, you can continue to play the red ball, if you don't score, you have to exchange tables, so that the probability of a perfect score has increased from 147 points to 167 points, which will undoubtedly increase the enjoyment and excitement of the game, and will also bring more challenges and pressure to the players。 As a legend of snooker, what does O'Sullivan think about this new way of playing? Will he make history in Saudi Arabia? Let's wait and see.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

Secondly, there have been some unexpected results in this edition of the German Masters, with some strong players suffering early exits. The most surprising of these was that last year's world champion Luca Brecel, along with two Grand Slam winners Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy, failed to make it past the qualifying round. These three players are all top players in snooker, and their absence has undoubtedly made the German Masters a lot less competitive. In addition, some of the top players did not make it to the knockout stage, such as world No. 8 Mark Williams, who was eliminated in the qualifying round by China's He Guoqiang, who beat a top-16 player for the fifth time this season, and his ranking also rose from 79th to 75th, becoming the best of the rookies. There is also world No. 11 Ding Junhui, who lost to England's Alan Taylor in the qualifying round, and his ranking also dropped two places to 13th, which is still a certain gap from the top 8.

In addition to Trump and Si Jiahui, there are also some players who have performed well in this German Masters, it is worth mentioning that Sam Craigie, who played the best result of his career in this tournament and entered the semi-finals of the ranking tournament for the first time, he scored the highest score of 142 points in the qualifying round, and he defeated Robert Milkins, Martin O'Donnell, Neil Craigie in the main draw. Robertson and defending champion Ninkat showed his strength and potential, although he lost to Trump in the semi-finals, he also won the respect and applause of the fans, and his ranking also rose from 50th to 47th, not far from the top 32. There is also John Higgins, who played the best result of the season in this tournament and reached the semi-finals of the ranking tournament, where he defeated Jack Risowski, Mark Joyce, Mark Allen and Mark Davis in the main event, showing his consistency and experience, although he lost to Si Jiahui in the semi-finals, he also won the praise and encouragement of the fans, and his ranking also rose from 14th to 12th, not far from the top 8.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

The end of this German Masters also marks the end of the first tournament of snooker in 2024, and the next tournament will be the Welsh Open, which is a full-stage tournament in Wales, with a prize fund of 70,000 pounds, which is also the second tournament in O'Sullivan's absence.

It's too difficult for China's new star to rush for the first championship: Trump is full of firepower, breaking 100 in a single stroke

On February 5, 2024, the World Snooker Championship came to an end at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England, where British player Jody Trump successfully defended his world title by defeating compatriot Shaun Murphy 18-12. This is Trump's third World Championship title, and it is also the second year in a row that he has defeated Murphy in the final, showing his dominance in the snooker world.

Trump's road to the title was not smooth, as he faced a strong challenge from rising star Zhou Yuelong from China in the semi-finals. Zhou Yuelong is the biggest dark horse of this World Championships, he eliminated former world No. 1 Mark Selby with a thrilling score of 10-9 in the first round, defeated former world champion Mark Williams with a score of 13-10 in the second round, defeated former world champion Stuart Bingham with a score of 13-8 in the third round, and reversed former world champion John Higgins with a score of 13-11 in the quarter-finals, becoming the first Chinese player in history to reach the semifinals of the World Championships.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

Zhou Yuelong's performance has amazed the world, his technique, psychology and tactics have reached a world-class level, his single stroke break is second only to Trump, and his winning percentage and average points per game are also among the best. His opponents are full of praise for him, believing that he is the future of Chinese snooker and the future of world snooker.

However, Zhou Yuelong's miracle journey was ended by Trump in the semifinals. Trump is a leading figure in today's snooker world, his technique, creativity and stability are unmatched, and he is known as the "genius of snooker". Trump played at his highest level in the semifinals, he hit 7 consecutive single-stroke breaks 100, setting a record in the history of the World Championships, and he narrowly defeated Zhou Yuelong with a score of 17-15 to advance to the final.

Although Zhou Yuelong lost the game, he did not lose his dignity and confidence, he said after the game that he was satisfied with his performance, he thought he had done his best, he paid tribute and congratulated Trump, he also thanked all those who supported him, he said that he will continue to work hard and strive for another good result in the next World Championships.

The duel between Trump and Zhou Yuelong is one of the most exciting matches of this World Championships, both players have shown superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, their matches have attracted millions of viewers around the world, and their matches have also added infinite charm and vitality to snooker.

At the end of the German station, the latest world ranking of snooker, Si Jiahui soared 5 places! Ding Junhui ranked 11th

In addition to Trump and Murphy, four Britons have reached the quarterfinals, namely Mark Allen, Neil Robertson, David Gilbert and Jack Risowski. These six British players occupy half of this World Championships, showing the strong strength and profound heritage of British snooker.

This World Championships is also a Chinese storm, in addition to Zhou Yuelong, there are two Chinese players who have reached the top 16, namely Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao. These three Chinese players have won honor and respect for Chinese snooker, and have also injected new impetus and hope into the development and rise of Chinese snooker.

This World Championship is a splendid event, which shows the charm and value of snooker, it also witnesses the development and changes of snooker, and it also indicates the future and trend of snooker. In this era of competition and challenges, snooker will continue to attract the attention and love of the world with its unique charm and value, snooker will continue to create new miracles and legends with its continuous development and changes, and snooker will continue to lead a new era and trend with its broad future and trends.

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