Reno12 price announced: SLR-level portrait live photos start at 2699 yuan

Reno12 price announced: SLR-level portrait live photos start at 2699 yuan

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On May 23rd, OPPO officially released the new Reno12 series of mobile phones, the biggest highlight of the product is to create a new ecology of dynamic pictures, and in terms of design, it has also created a new benchmark for slim design through a super beautiful small straight screen.

OPPO Reno12标准版提供4个存储版本,12GB+256GB版2699元,16GB+256GB版2999元;12GB+512GB版2999元,16GB+512GB版3199元。

Reno12 price announced: SLR-level portrait live photos start at 2699 yuan

The Reno12 debuts the Dimensity 8250 Star Edition flagship chip, which is a customized version with the same main specifications as the Dimensity 8200. With the blessing of the Star Speed Engine, it can provide better game image quality and further reduce power consumption. It can greatly improve the performance of Reno12.

In terms of appearance, the Reno12 adopts a contour design with a contour design, which exclusively occupies the color scheme of Qianxi Silver, and has a very pure silver main color. The internal texture shakes with the fuselage, presenting a dynamic flow effect. The lens area is rectangular with rounded corners and an outer ring embellished with a layer of jewel-grade studs.

In terms of the screen, a micro-curved surface is used at the edge of the screen for transition. This kind of four-curved soft edge straight screen,It has a gentle feel at the edge,There is no sharp feel like a 90-degree straight screen,There is also a sense of water in the visual,There is a sense of depth when the screen is turned off。 The screen size is 6.7 inches, the resolution is 2412*1080, the highest 120Hz refresh rate, with the photonic matrix display technology, bringing a picture closer to what the human eye really sees, whether it is entertainment or creation, you can get a good experience on this screen.

In terms of photography, Reno12 is equipped with a 2x SLR-level portrait camera, a 50 million outsole LYT-600 wide-angle main camera + a 50 million pixel portrait lens + a 112-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. The photo function provides a new live photo, which can take dynamic pictures, have a full beautification effect during the photo process, and can directly share dynamic photos in the Xiaohongshu APP.

In terms of the AI processing function of photos, Reno12 provides an AI closed eyes repair function, which can automatically detect the closed eyes when multiple people take a group photo, and then repair the closed eyes through the AI large model, so that everyone in the photo can be in an open state.

It is worth noting that Reno12 has comprehensively improved battery life, equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery, and provides 80W super flash charging to alleviate users' battery life anxiety, and has the characteristics of a long-life version, which can still maintain more than 80% of the factory power after 4 years of use.

The OPPO Reno12 is now available for pre-order and will be officially released on May 31. If you are interested, you may wish to pay attention.

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  • Reno12 price announced: SLR-level portrait live photos start at 2699 yuan

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