Tide watching|" Qinghe" with "lotus seed", Asian Games volunteer service has a magic formula

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Tide watching|" Qinghe" with "lotus seed", Asian Games volunteer service has a magic formula

Every successful sports event is indispensable for the busy figure of volunteers. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, you can also feel the ubiquitous volunteer service.

Hangzhou Asian Games volunteers are also called "Xiaoqinghe", this name was born from the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, taken from the Song Dynasty poet Yang Wanli's poem "Receiving the infinite blue of the lotus leaves, reflecting the sun lotus flowers are different red", homonymous "affinity". The recruitment of volunteers for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games was launched in May 2021, and a total of 317,000 people successfully signed up after global recruitment and supplementary recruitment. The Asian organizing committee selected 37,600 volunteers through online registration, preliminary selection, interview, general training, venue training, on-the-job training and service guarantee test competition.

Tide watching|" Qinghe" with "lotus seed", Asian Games volunteer service has a magic formula

(After the end of the rowing race, the volunteer "Xiaoqinghe" lined up to see off the spectators)

The 37,600 volunteers, mainly from 46 universities in Zhejiang Province, met Xiao Sun, a sophomore student volunteer at Hangzhou Dianzi University, when I was covering a fencing competition at the gymnasium of Hangzhou Dianzi University. She said she was lucky to encounter such an event when she was studying at university in Hangzhou, so she signed up as a volunteer without hesitation. The training process is not low, sometimes it is very hard, but more persistence, and finally I am very excited to be able to successfully get on the job. "Because I have to connect with media reporters from various countries, I learned the knowledge of many countries during the training process, and greatly improved my foreign language level, which is very meaningful."

If the green, youthful "Little Qinghe" is a volunteer service representative at the Hangzhou Asian Games, then the urban volunteers who provide urban services on the streets and alleys and are called "Little Lotus" in orange clothing are also exuding their own light. A total of more than 3,000 Asian Games city volunteer service points have been established in 13 districts (counties and cities) in Hangzhou, including 220 Asian Games civilized stations, distributed in seven key areas such as Asian Games venues and Asian Games villages, viewing spaces, transportation stations, and popular scenic spots, so as to better serve the public during the Asian Games. Peng Qinglin, the takeaway brother who previously jumped off the bridge to save people, after nearly two months of treatment and recuperation, also stood on the volunteer post of the "Yinchao Asian Games Civilization Station" in Shangcheng District.

The Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League also took the lead in building the Asian Games Youth V Station, a demonstration position for urban volunteer service in the Asian Games, where 13,700 volunteers dressed in turquoise clothing provided urban services at 521 points in Hangzhou.

Tide watching|" Qinghe" with "lotus seed", Asian Games volunteer service has a magic formula

(Asian Games V Station youth volunteers dressed in turquoise clothes work with community volunteers in red vests)

When the author was interviewing in Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District, I saw the Asian Games Youth V Station called Qiaoxi "Smile Pavilion" here. According to volunteers, this Asian Games Youth V Station was upgraded and transformed by the Smile Pavilion, a front-line platform for grassroots party organizations to serve residents and tourists, and not only young guys but also "Canal Aunts" and "Uncle Gongchen" community volunteer teams wearing red vests provide volunteer services.

Yao Weiming, who is showing the way for tourists, is a retired "uncle Gongchen". "Partnering with young people makes visitors more satisfied with our services. I hope to make more contributions to Hangzhou during the Asian Games. Yao Weiming warmly welcomed tourists from all over Asia, inviting them to sit on the riverside platform of the Asian Games Youth V Station in the Smile Pavilion, a cup of hot water, a newspaper, a gust of river breeze, and leave a "smiling" Asian Games memory.

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