After dormancy and tempering, the actor "Baiyunfeng" is in place

After experiencing hundreds of hilarious stage plays in "Happy Twist", Bai Yunfeng turned from a comedian gorgeous and plunged into the creation of film and television dramas.

Like many actors, he has also experienced difficulties, but with the ardent hope of becoming a "century-old store" in the film and television industry, he has accumulated tenacity and moved forward all the way and never looked back.

After 3 college entrance examinations, I was cheated of 500,000 yuan, but fortunately I didn't give up

Since junior high school, Bai Yunfeng has had the idea of becoming an actor, but born in a small northern city, he knows little about the entertainment industry and does not know how to become an actor.

By chance, Bai Yunfeng learned that there was a university that opened a special acting discipline called "Beijing Film Academy". Having found the target, Bai Yunfeng secretly made up his mind and began the road of preparing for the exam.

"No one wanted to do it at the time, and my parents didn't pay much attention to what I thought, so I had to learn by understanding and watching some movies to imitate acting. I thought everything would go well, and the final result was that I was disappointed in the art exam for 2 years, experienced 3 college entrance examinations, and was cheated of 500,000 yuan to end the chase of my dream. ”

His parents persuaded Bai Yunfeng to give up, but he was unwilling to accept his life like this, so he resisted the pressure and opened the third art examination without hesitation. "This year was heavy, I don't know why I insisted on all this, and my parents also thought I was rebellious, so they stopped spending money to support me to continue my campaign in Beijing. I came to Beijing alone, tried everything I could, experienced an experience I had never experienced before, and finally completed the third year of the art exam. ”

The road to infinity, Bai Yunfeng was admitted to the university as he wished, and embarked on the road of learning performance. After entering the university, Bai Yunfeng cherished the opportunity to learn and laid a solid foundation skills. Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared, and soon he ushered in the first turning point in his life - he was admitted to China's top comedy creative team "Happy Twist".

I thought it would be as popular as Ge You, but I didn't expect that everyone liked Luhan

At that time, "Happy Twist" was recruiting actors for the third training class, and Bai Yunfeng, who was still in his second year, felt that the opportunity was rare and summoned up enough courage to decide to give it a try. Fortunately, from the audition all the way to the top 30, he finally got the 3-month training qualification.

However, in order to become an official actor of Happy Twist, it is necessary to go through layers of screening, and after the training period, only 5 people can finally stand out.

Speaking of that "cruel" knockout match, Baiyunfeng has been remembered vividly to this day. "I was selected to join the crew of "Clown Loves Beauty" at that time, and the first role I played was the B role of Chang Yuan's teacher. What impressed me the most was that I learned the day before the show after rehearsals that my role needed to be hot 15 minutes before the opening. One person in front of 3,000 audiences to complete the driving and interactive work, for me who has never had practical experience, completely blinded, more than 20 hours before the opening, I basically did not sleep, repeatedly rehearsed in the room, I don't know what I will face, I only know that my task must be completed, otherwise I may be eliminated. The moment the spotlight came on, I was covered in chicken blood, calm on the outside, and blank on the inside to finish my first performance. ”

So far, Bai Yunfeng can't recall what he said on the stage that day, but from the audience's reaction, the effect was not bad, so he stayed smoothly and officially became an actor of Happy Twist.

The life of becoming an actor is not easy, in addition to touring day after day, Bai Yunfeng also has to constantly improve the way he handles performances and enrich himself. "In those years, I basically kept a nervous state all the time, after my play was completed, I would watch other people's plays offstage, slowly I memorized everyone's lines, and by chance an actor had a special situation, I was directly arranged to replace the main role of the performance, which gave me the opportunity to shine in this big family."

The valuable experience of Happy Twist gave Bai Yunfeng a new understanding of performance, let him know that performance is not about completing roles mechanically, and the sense of interaction with the audience made him experience the fun of improvisation.

"Whenever my performance gets timely laughter from the audience, it is a great satisfaction for an actor. During the happy twist period, I also let me see the professionalism of some mature actors, and also let me understand some personal accidents, the truth of dealing with people, this is a valuable practical experience that I officially transferred from school to society, the most important thing is that it means that I am about to become a comedian, due to my long-term high-pressure work in that period, I don't care about the image, hair is also a lot of loss, full of confidence in professional acting skills, I thought I would become as popular as my idol Teacher Ge You, but I didn't expect everyone to like Luhan, The next stage is to raise hair and become Luhan (hahahahahaha). ”

The first time I acted in a movie, every time I think about it, I feel like "black history"

In 2017, Internet film and television flourished, and Baiyunfeng, who had been immersed in the stage for many years, was eager to try. In the online movie "Tail King" broadcast by iQiyi, Bai Yunfeng's "Liu Xiaofei", funny yuppie and even a little hanger, attracted the attention of the public as soon as he appeared.

The first time he acted in a movie, although Bai Yunfeng ridiculed himself, every time he thought about it, he felt that it was black history, and there were many things that needed to be learned and strengthened. But soon, a succession of opportunities came to the door.

In "Rising Sun in Happiness", Bai Yunfeng played "Li Chaoyang" for the first time he challenged the police. "This profession made me awe-inspiring, and when I experienced life, I really understood the difficulty of the police profession, and when I knew that on average, every day in the country, there will be police officers who sacrifice to protect our safety, which made me feel an inexplicable sense of awe from my heart."

For this role, Bai Yunfeng specifically requested to add a scene of catching prisoners in the mud ditch, "It was filmed in the northeast, the weather was very cold, I completed the more difficult action scene in one go, after filming, my whole body was wet, my face was full of mud, and there were some abrasions, but that refreshing feeling had never been there, and at that moment I thought I was a policeman." The real feeling of wearing a police uniform is too solemn, and this life experience is still unforgettable to me. ”

In addition to the police, Bai Yunfeng, as an actor, never sets limits for himself, and in "Decisive Battle Chef God" he challenged the role of "Chef God" Wang Jinyin. And this experience also gave Bai Yunfeng's improvisational performance in "Happy Twist" a stage.

In the film, there is a scene of food delivery, Wang Jinyin, played by Bai Yunfeng, is wearing a yellow takeaway suit, riding a motorcycle in a hurry, but falls halfway, when a real takeaway brother in a blue takeaway suit happened to see this scene. "He walked past me silently, so calmly, as if this was a habit, but I didn't expect this scene to be captured by the camera, and the director laughed at this improvisation performance of the two of us every time he watched the replay, which is profound."

China's superhero has one more "Xiao Jian"

He has created many characters, and Bai Yunfeng confessed that his favorite role is "Xiao Jian", who is very similar to himself. In the two series of works "Broken Army X File Stealth Man" and "Broken Army X File Fatal Mutation", Bai Yunfeng played "Xiao Jian" is a person who dreams of becoming Shanghai's first detective, he is narcissistic and humorous, usually loves to play clever, dares to charge at critical moments, save Shanghai Beach in danger, a chance event was involved in a mysterious organization, and finally became a member of this organization after a test.

From the perspective of personality, Xiao Jian has a superheroic temperament, but compared with Marvel Superhero, he abandons the grand and surreal long-cherished wish to save all mankind, and is more real and grounded. Bai Yunfeng frankly said that this is the role with the most looks, the most scenes, the most beatings, and the most nights since he started the industry.

"At that time, it was a summer filming of this drama, everyone was sweating hot in vests, my Republican style at that time was three layers inside and outside, and then clipped a layer of leather trench coat, on the basis of this styling, I had to shoot a lot of action scenes, as well as physical special effects makeup on the half of the body, basically it took no 2 minutes to wipe sweat and make up makeup. The funniest thing is that I was going to perform a very cold state, and it was too difficult to close-up the uncontrolled flow of sweat on my cheeks, and in short, my face was severely allergic after shooting. ”

In addition, because the character's special effects makeup takes about 3 hours to complete, coupled with the high density of the drama, Bai Yunfeng sleeps less than 3 hours a day, and sometimes even does not sleep, "This drama broke my record of not going back to the hotel to sleep for three days and three nights, literary drama during the day, martial arts at night, day and night, fortunately I survived." In the big night of 3 days before the start-up, the photographer was still carrying the camera with a nosebleed, and this scene was deeply rooted in Bai Yunfeng's mind. On March 26, "Broken Army X Files Deadly Mutation" has been released on iQiyi, and Bai Yunfeng hopes that this work that condenses the team's hard work can live up to the audience's expectations.

Next, Bai Yunfeng's many reserve works will also appear on the screen one after another, and he will once again show his accurate character shaping ability in different works, such as the heavy drug dealer in "Hot Police Crazy Flower 1", the justice policeman Feng Jun who pulled out the umbrella in "Gangster White Road", Yunfei, the male protagonist of the adaptation of "Cloud Cliff Speeder", the highest award for domestic scripts, and so on.

For the future, Bai Yunfeng hopes to still maintain the current state, waiting for the next opportunity, and another plan is to learn to maintain health, Bai Yunfeng said with a smile, "Looking forward to yourself, there will still be a day to get ahead in more than half a hundred years."

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