Ren Zhengfei issued an article reiterating that "Huawei does not build cars", Huawei's car manufacturing was suddenly stopped, what happened?

The photo was taken by me visiting the supermarket two days ago, and I was surprised at that time, Huawei directly began to build cars, and it has its own brand cars.

Take a closer look, it turns out that AITO asked the world, HUAWEI asked the boundary, I thought what was going on, so blatant, could it be that Huawei directly acquired Thalys???

As if answering Volkswagen's questions, Huawei recently issued a decision-making announcement on the automotive business, signed by Ren Zhengfei, founder and chairman of Huawei, once again emphasizing that "Huawei does not build cars" and "valid for 5 years".

In addition, Ren Zhengfei also put forward strict requirements for the exposure of Huawei's logo in car design. "Emphasize that Huawei/HUAWEI cannot be used in vehicle publicity and appearance." And it is emphasized that 'Huawei Question' and 'HUAWEI AITO' cannot be used.

In fact, if you look closely, this "HUAWEI Questioning Boundary" does not seem to be in the official prohibition............

Of course, this logo is definitely not in the card BUG, and in the logo of the recent question, Huawei's prefix has been removed.

Some friends said that the people below directly bypassed the big boss and began to enter the automotive industry "strongly".

The pictures circulating on the Internet also indirectly prove the contradiction between the "vehicle manufacturing party" and the "parts supplier party".

Previously, Huawei and car companies cooperated in two modes, one was the "weak" supplier model and the other was the "strong" supplier model.

The "weak" supplier model is the Arcfox Alpha Huawei HI model, where Huawei, as a traditional supplier, participates in the provision of hardware/software peripheral components. GAC Extreme Fox is still responsible for the main car building, which has bargaining power and vehicle control over Huawei, and Huawei has the right to make suggestions and no decision-making power.

The "strong" supplier model, that is, the smart selection model, is what I often see in the car group that some OEM friends call Huawei's strong side.

Yu Chengdong once said:

"The smart selection model, the model of the ecological brand, is that we control our destiny, and we are responsible for the success of the products of car companies." If it can't be successful, what is the use of the parts I make, we must first help the car factory succeed.

"It is not a foundry relationship with Thalys, the two parties are joint research and development, Huawei not only provides components, but also understands the needs of consumers from design, quality, user experience, overall quality control, OTA version upgrades, etc., and constantly upgrades software to see where consumers are satisfied and dissatisfied."

"Cialis is the biggest beneficiary. After we cooperate with Cialis, its quality and capabilities have been greatly improved. Today's Cialis is not at all well-off in the past, and its quality level and core ability have been greatly improved with our help. ”

This is actually the new cooperation model that Huawei hopes for, and Huawei hopes to fully control car companies, not only provide key competitive components, but even participate in vehicle decision-making. At this stage, Huawei is directly named on the name of the car, and AITO is directly changed to Huawei. It is said that Huawei even uses the data collected by AITO in the background, and automakers need this data to apply.

Although Yu Chengdong often emphasizes that Huawei does not build cars, our model is the "smart selection model" of in-depth cooperation with car companies, but what we are doing now is completely different in the eyes of many traditional car companies: under the guise of "parts supplier faction", the fact of "vehicle manufacturing faction" is done.

Another news broke in March, GAC AION's AH8 project, originally jointly developed with Huawei, has now been changed to independent development, and Huawei will participate in the development and cooperation of the company's brand models as an important supplier.

In several car groups where I work, there are many engineers from OEMs, and they all complain about the "strength" of Huawei's cooperation. Major automobile brands also know in their hearts that Huawei is still in the stage of integration and learning to build cars, but once the entire supply chain of car manufacturing is learned and opened, will Huawei still be satisfied with the cooperation status of key suppliers? When everything is ready and only owes the east wind, whether it will really end up building its own brand, that is another story.

But now Huawei has directly begun to "name" AITO, and the intention to build a car is too obvious. The "smart selection model" led by Yu Chengdong has obviously crossed the red line, and the consequence is that many car brands will regard "Huawei car-making" as their main competitors, and naturally re-evaluate the quality of parts suppliers that cooperate with Huawei.

You can't build cars by Huawei, advertise their solid software and hardware, and take intelligent driving and intelligent cockpits as selling points. As a competitive brand of automobiles, it also advertises its own Huawei software and hardware, which is not to spend money on advertising competitors.

If Huawei is allowed to ferment cars, it will inevitably bring a serious blow to Huawei's automotive suppliers. Therefore, after the internal measurement of Huawei Group, this Huawei's most important announcement came out.

It was signed by Ren Zhengfei, founder and chairman of Huawei, once again emphasizing that "Huawei does not build cars" and "valid for 5 years".

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