Touch Night Talk: What does Bob Dylan have to do with the game?

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Bob Dylan took the Nobel Prize, the Literary Prize.

There is a certain cross-border in this matter, just like Churchill won the prize that year, although "Memoirs of the Second World War" can be classified in the field of literature, but his more obvious identity is a politician, the British prime minister. And Bob Dylan's home is music, and naturally people start to discuss questions like "lyrics are literature or not", "Bob Dylan is really deserved", "Is it good or not to do this nobel prize".

These questions are still being explored, but I can start by drawing on my own understanding of Bob Dylan to conclude that his lyrics are unique.

To explain this, it may take a lot of effort to present evidence. An hour or two after the Nobel Prize was announced yesterday, media articles such as "Bob Dylan's Road to Success" and "The Poet Bob Dylan" have emerged in an endless stream, which should have been introduced and argued, and these articles are really admirable for their speed. If you're interested after reading it, remember to listen to Bob Dylan's songs and pay attention to the lyrics.

Touch Night Talk: What does Bob Dylan have to do with the game?

A draft of Bob Dylan's revision of Dignity

Out of professional habits, as soon as the news came out yesterday, I also began to think, what does Bob Dylan have to do with the game?

I know Jobs likes Bob Dylan, and Jobs is the founder of Apple, and then Apple mobile games are one of our main reports — wait, it's too far, and Bob Dylan also criticized the "iPod generation", he said in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine:

"It feels weird and uncomfortable to watch so many young people on the street with ippods or mobile phones, addicted to media and video games. They erase everyone's personality. It's a shame to watch people close the door to the real world. Of course, it's their freedom, just like they have the freedom to do anything. Freedom is costly, and young people should understand this before using these electronic gadgets. ”

I can't talk about this in the text, I thought to myself, I just need to say that Jobs likes his songs. A more correct and professional approach would be to find out which game producer likes Bob Dylan, or which game pays tribute to Bob Dylan. I searched my head and there was no relevant content, so I went to Google.

Looking for it, I found something was wrong. I obviously really like Bob Dylan! What I'm doing now is not like a real fan!

So what exactly is Bob Dylan to me? I know that many of his songs are suitable for listening to on winter nights because they are particularly warm; I am sure that his protest songs are far inferior to those of later ones, but before the protest songs, his first self-titled album was unusually moving; his most recent album was on the shelves of NetEase Cloud Music in the middle of the night before, and I immediately listened to it again, and the impression was "graceful and luxurious", but it made me a little unhappy.

(I casually put a song above)

Martin Scorsese made a documentary about him, telling his story before the car accident, when he was in a transition period; Naoki Urasawa liked him, and there was a theme song in the manga "20th Century Boy" called "Bob Lennon", apparently a mixture of his and John Lennon's names.

As for Lennon, who sings in his song "God," he doesn't believe in God, nor does he believe in "Zimmerman," which is the last name of Bob Dylan. One of the Beatles' greatest albums, SGT. Pepper's lonely hearts club band also features Bob Dylan on its cover, and Yer Blues, another great album, White Album, has the lyrics "Feel so suicidal, just like dylan's mr. jones," in which Mr.Jones is a character from Bob Dylan's ballad of a thin man.

That goes back to Naoki Urasawa, the eponymous song of the British band T-Rex, "20th Century Boys" And on one of t-rex's not-so-great albums, there's a not-so-well-known track, Ballrooms of Mars, which mentions both Bob Dylan and John Lennon.

Back and forth are these people.

Before I joined Touch, by chance, I transferred a movie ticket from a Touch reader and then watched the same movie with a future Touch colleague. Later, I said that it was a coincidence, but the reader, who was a great fighter in life, said: You are still young, and when you find out that it is these people who come and go back and forth, you may feel different.

Without a Google search, naturally, I could associate these things with Bob Dylan, and they were incredibly clear, like a web in my memory.

If I had to mention games, it reminds me of Exotic Souls, "All Things Ring", and Imprint City. It was a huge city floating above the Infinity Peak, it was like a huge ring, and the inner circle of the ring was full of streets and cities, and you could look up and see the pedestrians in the sky.

Touch Night Talk: What does Bob Dylan have to do with the game?

If you were fortunate enough to spend time in Seal City when you were young, it will follow you to the ends of the earth for a lifetime, because Seal City is also a mobile feast

These people's pasts are intertwined, rubbing shoulders, repeating past you, you brush away the crowd, all you see are familiar faces.

Do you know which Bob Dylan song is best suited for this scene? That's undoubtedly "stuck of mobile with the memphis blues again," a delightful song about an inexplicable, trapped story that you should listen to.

It is said that many of the articles published last night were written by the author listening to Bob Dylan's songs.

I also wish I had listened to this night story written by "Trapped in Mobile again with Memphis Bruce", but unfortunately not, I have been looping joan baez's cover of the Beatles song "eleanor rigby" for a few days, joan baez, she happens to be Bob Dylan's second girlfriend, and Jobs was crazy to pursue her... You see, this is also the ring of all things.

It's also Bob Dylan's relationship with the game, and it may be unique.

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