Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

Written/Hot-Blooded Brother

British football, shrouded in an evil atmosphere, has finally ushered in a fragrance of flowers in spring. As for the flower messenger, he is still the man we are most familiar with.

Yes, "that man", a reasonable and appropriate title, because he is completely different from the sentient beings in football. That man, in today's world football, is unique, not only ability, but also a kind of energy that is released all the time. In this demonic world, the devil's frightened soccer circle. This energy is making us strive to believe that beauty still exists.

In the first 10 games of 2022, Ronaldo scored only 1 goal. People think that C Luo Jiang Lang is exhausted, the bullets are exhausted, and the body is hollowed out. But in the early hours of yesterday morning, when the hat-trick came unexpectedly and single-handedly turned the tide, C Luo once again wanted to return the copyright of "you can always believe".

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

This popular sentence pattern, the starting protagonist is him, that happened in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the two teeth collided 3-3, C Ronaldo handed over the answer sheet is a hat trick plus free kicks. Since then, "you can always believe in Ronaldo" has swept the world, and later, "you can always believe" has become versatile, and can even be described as a square dancing mother.

I flipped through the past manuscripts describing Ronaldo, one of which was called "From CR7 to CR700, how much does a boy have to go to become a man", which was October 15, 2019, when Ronaldo officially joined the 700-ball club. In that article, there are five other people in front of Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of total goals scored: the ancient god Bikan (805 goals), Romario (772 goals), Pele (767 goals), Puskas (746 goals), Ander Muller (735 goals).

At that time, C Luo was close to 35, and ordinary people looked at it, and it was the twilight of his career. But this is Ronaldo, can you use "common sense" to define it? How long does it take to fill the gap of 105 goals? Ronaldo's answer is that it is only two and a half years.

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

In the process, Cristiano Ronaldo has been racing with his rhythm, and when he has reached the efficiency of almost averaging one goal per game in the recognized hardest Serie A game, he whisks his sleeves away and returns to Old Trafford, where the dream began. Under the gaze of the old lord, he continued to dream of "having the world in his heart" at the age of 18.

Now looking at it, all of Ronaldo's choices are still annotated with that title: A boy, how many roads to go to become a man. It was a lyric from the great musical poet Bob Dylan, from the famous song "Blowing in the Wind" (the answer is fluttering in the wind). With this lyric, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016.

"How much does a man have to go to become a real man?" How many seas does a white pigeon have to fly to rest on the beach? How long does it take for a mountain to stand before it can return to the sea? How many times does one have to look up to see the blue sky? How many times does a shell have to fly to ban it forever?"

Bob Dylan's lyrics are like poems, conveying a yearning for peace, freedom, and love. Every man, every white dove, every mountain, is pursuing their own beauty, and they are also working hard and struggling in fate. The vicissitudes and innocence of the world, the great shore and the smallness, are all in the pen.

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

Holding a guitar, a cigarette in your mouth, the corners of your mouth up, your eyes full of disdain... The classic image of Bob Dylan makes it difficult for you to associate such a feminine work. But here's the thing: how tough the outside is, how gentle the inside is. Bob Dylan is like this, and so is C Ronaldo on the green field. From the European Championship final fell in front of Greek mythology, the teenager who cried red noses around the big brother Figo and Rui Costa, to the "barbaric growth" that went against the sky, C Ronaldo has been using real strength to fight and reconcile with the world.

In Ronaldo's hat-trick last night, was the first goal déjà vu? Yes, the shocking world wave 40 meters away from the Dragon Stadium was so shocking, it was 13 years ago. At that time, C Luo had not completely faded the mark of greenness. He is surrounded by rooney and nani of the opposite age, a group of talented young people led by big brother Giggs, Scholes, and Ferdinand, following the lord to realize the dream of conquering Europe and conquering the world.

From that moment on, Ronaldo never hypocritically wanted to win everything.

Some media once asked C Luo, if you can write an epitaph for yourself, what will you write? Ronaldo's answer was blunt enough to catch people off guard: NO.1.

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

If he wants to achieve this goal, Messi is a hurdle that he has to cross. Therefore, the story of C Ronaldo and Messi has always been so evocative. At the Champions League awards ceremony two years ago, the organizers arranged C Ronaldo and Messi to sit next to each other, and C Ronaldo's speech moved the world, "I and him (Messi), we have been on this stage for 15 years. He pushed me, I pushed him. It's good to be a part of football's history. I was there and he was there. ”

When you think that C Ronaldo is trying to tell the world that his dark rivalry with Messi will come to an end, turning the Ballon d'Or vote, C Ronaldo's first three votes did not have Messi, but had himself. As a result, many media have put a curse on C Luo: hypocrisy and selfishness.

On the contrary, it is done because Ronaldo is too hypocritical. Respect from the heart is true, and it is true that you want to have dinner together, but what C Ronaldo wants to do more is to defeat Messi. Vote for Messi, at least when the ambition has not faded, C Ronaldo can't do it, because he is really too competitive.

Everyone has their own battles to fight, and we can never know why others are struggling. People who look bright and spirited are likely to be embarrassed by the obstacles that are difficult to cross. For Ronaldo, he pursues perfection and is too eager to become No.1, so there will be controversy, criticism, and too many people who want to see his jokes on this difficult road.

Perhaps, C Ronaldo, like Bob Dylan, pursues the other side of the inner peace. And in order to reach the other shore, the head is broken and the blood flow is also not resigned.

Thank you C Ronaldo: In the age of hypocrisy, you can still see a little truth

Ronaldo has never been hypocritical about everything he earns with his hard work.

When the host asked him whether his "worth of more than $500 million" was accurate in the interview program, C Luo just laughed and said that he had more than 20 top luxury cars. He was asked, "Which of all the cars do you like to drive the most?" C Luo gave the answer without thinking: "Rolls-Royce." "Why?" "Because it's the most comfortable to drive, it doesn't hurt your back."

Why did Ronaldo succeed? None of those who talk about it have the impact of this understated sentence. Even when driving, he thinks, how to minimize the damage to the body, maintain his career, why is he not successful?

He lived in the most spacious and comfortable mansion, which had all the luxurious facilities, but the most frequented one he patronized was the gym in the mansion. In this "self-reserved land" that does not need to accompany his relatives, he can be a fitness maniac with peace of mind and maintain his physical state.

Because he has been trying to run, perhaps at this moment, our perception is not strong. A few years later, when Ronaldo bid farewell to the green field, we will look back at this man's career: 20 years old is full of spirit; ten years after 24 years old, standing on the top of the world; 33 years old re-employment; 36 years old returned home to help; 37 years old to break the world record; as for the World Cup dream, every 4 years, he can afford to wait... The more later, the more subverted imagination and cognition.

The most brilliant thing in the night sky is the fleeting meteor, and many people chase its beautiful meaning. But if I had the choice, I'd rather he be less dazzling, and I'd rather have him eternal.

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