Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List

author:Juri Village

Hello villagers, I am the village chief

As the weather slowly gets hotter, the frequency of daily washing will also increase, so the demand for related products will also increase.

Today, the village chief will briefly share with you the top ten toiletry items that are easier to sell on Douyin.


Shampoo comb

We usually wash our hair by hand, but for girls with long hair, this shampoo comb is really easy to use.

Not only does it not hurt the scalp, but it also has the effect of massage.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Hook stickers

When we wash in the bathroom, we often need to put a lot of things.

For example, towels, paper towels, mops, showers, mobile phones, etc., so around how to better place these products, it is recommended that you can find some hook products.

Because there are many hook products, you can choose a little, and even a combination of several products packaged.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Dispensing bottling

In fact, this product is suitable for some girls who live alone, or girls who live a more delicate life.

From dispensing bottles to dispensing bags, it can hold products such as shower gel, serum, mouthwash, etc.

It is also especially suitable for some people who need to travel and play for a long time.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Bath towel cap

If you're not a girl, you can't understand why you need a bath towel hat.

One of them is a disposable bath towel cap, mainly because it is very troublesome for girls to wash their hair, and they may not wash it every day.

The second is the bath towel cap used after bathing, which is mainly used to prevent dripping and water absorption.

Of course, to sell this kind of product, remember that the style is more important than everything, and you must find a good style.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Non-slip mats

Some people may find this product useless, especially some young people, who feel dirty.

But for those who have children, the elderly, and pregnant women at home, this non-slip mat is still necessary.

So don't underestimate this kind of product, you feel dirty in first-tier cities, and it sells well in third- and fourth-tier cities.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Clothes racks/boxes

For most families in China, the bathrooms are not large, and there is no separation of wet and dry.

Therefore, when taking a bath, the placement of a change of clothes is a pain point.

Many people will put it near the sink, toilet seat, etc., or take a stool to put it, which is easy to get drenched.

Therefore, in the bathroom, hangers, waterproof boxes, and waterproof hanging bags that can be quickly stored to prevent clothes are also a demand.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Children's bath towels

There may be a lot of concern about adult bath towels, but in terms of children, there is actually a great demand.

Especially around the girl's bath towel, you can design a little cuter in shape.

As long as you find one or two beautiful, cute, and sweet-smiling children to shoot this kind of product, the conversion rate is not high.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List


Bath tools

There are many kinds of tools for scrubbing, such as long-handled brushes, double-sided brushes, bath bombs, bath pulls, etc.

At present, there is not much innovation in this aspect of the product, but it is suitable for package products, such as three-piece sets, five-piece sets + sending hooks, and it is also easy to place orders.

Douyin Top 10 Best-Selling Bath Products List



There are a lot of things that are usually placed in the bathroom, and many families put them directly on the sink, which is not refreshing, easy to stain, and inconvenient to take.

Therefore, a good-to-use shelf, such as a non-punching, multi-layer, waterproof cover and other conditions, is easy to sell.



We usually take a shower in the bathroom, and a lot of fog will appear on the mirror, and we can't see clearly.

It won't be clean with a towel for a while, and it will take some time to use a hair dryer.

At this time, wipers are the most convenient tools, as long as there are a few people in the family, they will be used almost every day.

In addition, there are also inverted bottle caps that are also hot sales recently, and it is difficult to squeeze out the shower gel and shampoo that I usually buy when they run out.

It will be very convenient to use this inverted bottle cap, which is loved by many mothers.

So after sharing the above products, there are two more points to communicate with you:

1. Women's business

In fact, most of our products are women's business, and men's lives are relatively rough and simple.

As the pillars of everyday life in the home, women have the power to make decisions about the consumption of most products.

Another important point is that women are relatively brisk in changing things, so many department store products will usher in a new wave of consumption every 3 months or so.

2. Useless use

We see a lot of products that you might find very useless.

For example, wash your hair with your hands, put your clothes farther away, and don't need to scrape if the mirror is foggy.

It doesn't matter if you live alone, but it's not the same if you have a family, or it's not the same for many girls.

So a lot of seemingly useless products, although only a little design improvement, but for them, they are new products.

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