Chapter 61 of The Purification of Humanity: International Symposium

author:Dust in the dust

"By the way, we seem to have forgotten to register the company, what is the name of the company?" Wu You saw that the location of the city they discussed was basically determined, and suddenly remembered that the name of the company had not been chosen yet.

  This statement reminded Ran Youyou that he had been thinking about something else for the past two days, but he had forgotten about this part. As soon as Wu You reminded him, he pondered the name of the company.

  "How about a surprise culture company?" Wang Ziyue took the lead.

  "Then it's better to call it four geniuses." Ran also choked him.

  "I think it's good to just call it History and Culture Co., Ltd." Wu You thought about it for a while before deciding that it would be good to use the name of the project directly.

  Ran Youyou was not very satisfied with what she heard, she was thinking of a more suitable name, and suddenly she had an idea, her eyes flashed a few times, and she stretched out her slender right index finger and said excitedly: "How about this, Wu You and I both have a Yo character, and the word Ran has the same sound as our surname Ran, which can be regarded as including me and my brother." Since it has the same sound as Zizi, it can be regarded as including Wang Ziyue. And it is leisurely and self-satisfied, and it is an idiom, catchy and easy to remember. ”

  Ran Youyou was still very satisfied with this name, and after finishing speaking, he looked at the three of them with an expression of wanting to be praised.

  The moonlight is shining, the fireflies are dotted, the night light is gorgeous, the wind blows, and the leaves and insects chirp.

  After a fierce "brainstorming", the company was designated as Leisurely (Shenchuan) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Ran Youyou is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Wu You is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Wang Ziyue is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ran is the Chief Brand Officer (CBO), and Mo Chuyan, who has been confirmed, is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

  At nine o'clock in the morning on June 10th, the whole world was stirring up for one thing.

  At the Singapore International Expo Centre, world leaders and delegates sat down according to the seating chart.

  The seats of the entire exhibition hall are arranged in an orderly manner according to a circle of circles, and the entire exhibition hall is divided into eight areas proportionally by eight passages, and a set of tables and chairs are placed separately on the stage in the center of the exhibition hall.

  Hua Lei and others and the personnel of the security department escorted Wu Huang and walked up surrounded by many reporters.

  Suddenly, the huge exhibition center fell silent, and all eyes were fixed on Emperor Wu.

  Wu Huang and the others sat at the front of the middle area according to the guidance of the on-site staff.

  The international jury of the United Nations, which was seated on the left hand side of Emperor Wu, first issued a newly formulated charter for the international symposium, and the representative Lucis walked to the stage in the middle and read out the charter of the "First Symposium on International Territorial Transactions and the Establishment of National Sovereignty Confirmation and Establishment of Diplomatic Relations."

  After the reading, Lucis said, "I know it's crazy, people all over the world are watching it. What I want to say is that we cannot be allowed to dictate the development of the world by fixed ideas. I am honored to participate in and co-ordinate the formulation of the charter of the First Symposium on International Territorial Transactions and the Establishment of State Sovereignty Confirmation and Establishment of Diplomatic Relations. I believe that Wuwu Group and Wu Huang have the ability to create a wonderful country. ”

  The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Wu Guowei, delivered a speech and gave sincere blessings to Wuwu Group.

  The United Nations has set up a new department for the purchase of an independent country - the United Nations International Territorial Agency.

  Cruson, head of the international territorial agency, announced that the purchase of the island and the independent state had been formally approved by the United Nations and the United Nations international territorial organization, and expressed the recognition of all the organs of the United Nations organization on this matter.

  Next, Wu Huang, the top executive of Wuwu Group, took the stage to deliver a speech and accept media interviews.

  The content of the speech was written three months ago, and with the help of Li Qige and Liao Yawen, some content was added and deleted, and the speech was completed according to his own temporary performance.

  The hottest and most anticipated Q&A session is finally here.

  Everyone has long guessed about the speeches of the United Nations organization, and everyone is very interested in the question of Emperor Wu after the establishment of the new state.

  The reporters who couldn't hold back for a long time finally waited for the question session, and because there were too many questions, in order to ask questions more effectively, the question system was raised.

  According to the regulations of the international symposium, before the permanent members vote, Wu Huang is required to give an exposition and speech on the entire island purchase incident and to answer questions from reporters.

  Wu Huang randomly selected reporters to ask questions, and the first one he chose was an American male reporter: "Mr. Wu Huang, since you have not announced the name of the new country to the outside world before, can you publish the name of the new country and some national statutes now?" ”

  Emperor Wu replied: "The name has been determined, it is called Wu Guo, and my surname is the same character." The statute of the state will be published within three days of the conclusion of the current session and the adoption of the vote. ”

  Another reporter asked, "When are you going to publish the recruitment letter?" Can you share your views on talents from different countries, races and cultures? ”

  "The recruitment will be published within three days after the end of this meeting and the vote, and on the second point, Wu is an inclusive country and is very happy to accept talents from any culture and ethnicity and country who meet the talent recruitment criteria of Wu Guo to join us. ”

  "We interviewed residents of Kauai, and they cried that they had to move out of their ancestral homes under duress from the U.S. government," the reporter asked. What do you have to say about this? ”

  Emperor Wu said: "I'm sorry, let me refute you, the news I got is the opposite of yours." The Worry-Free Group is a cooperation with the U.S. government and is based on a joint decision between the top leaders of both parties. We are very concerned about the evacuation of the original residents of Kauai, and we have a special team to oversee this. In addition to the generous compensation that all Kauai residents deserve, the U.S. government has also arranged housing for them across the country, and they are now living very well. ”

  The reporter asked: "Not long ago, the Robinson family of Hello Island sued the U.S. government and the Sanssouci Group at the United Nations, claiming that you were robbers and joined forces to rob them of their assets, how do you explain this?" ”

  Wu Huang said: "Lies are the most powerful weapon in the world, and it can easily kill people all over the world. The only way we can resist it is to expose the lies and make the facts clear to the people. What you have just said is an outright lie. As mentioned earlier, the Sanssouci Group cooperated with the U.S. government and did not have any intersections with the Robinson family. We're going to have a team to oversee this, and I'm responsible for telling you that the U.S. government and the Robinson family have reached a very friendly cooperation agreement. This is going smoothly and happily, and the Group has signed a cooperation agreement with the Robinson family. ”

  The reporter asked: "Dear Mr. Wu Huang, it is rumored that your company's various products are used to serve the human brain. Everyone is worried that one day people around the world will be controlled by your company's products, which will be a devastating disaster, what do you think? ”

  Wu Huang said: "You are asking a question that has been going on for a long time, since the worry-free group launched the sleep learning instrument and the sleep work instrument, all kinds of discordant voices rise and fall with each other, this is a wave of organized, planned and purposeful bad communication events. All products of Wufu Group will be strictly tested by many international institutions before being put on the market. Even at the time of sale, it will be sampled by these institutions from time to time, and so far, not a single list of substandard products has been detected. These organizations take advantage of people's ignorance of the attributes of our products to confuse the public. First of all, let me explain, for example, the sleep learning device is an embedded reality technology, Embedded reality, or ER for short. The process of its working principle is very simple, take the relevant knowledge pills, put on the activation device, and the knowledge can be embedded in the knowledge area of the brain. After the knowledge pill is completed with the equipment, the remaining waste is excreted with the blood to the outside of the brain, and then excreted from the body. Numerous tests have been carried out by various institutions around the world, and all the results have been found to be residue-free and fully compliant. ”


  Wu Huang answered more than 20 reporters' questions in a row, and the questions asked were also varied. According to the process and time, he can end the reporter's questions here.

  But seeing that a female reporter raised her hand from the beginning, and she had not chosen her to ask questions, she wanted to be the last questioner at this time: "Now leave the last set of questions to this lady, please ask your questions." ”

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