The buying price is 700 yuan, and the selling price is only 500 yuan...... Expert advice: If you want to invest in financial management, don't buy gold jewelry

The buying price is 700 yuan, and the selling price is only 500 yuan...... Expert advice: If you want to invest in financial management, don't buy gold jewelry

Soon after young people fell in love with gold, they found that it could no longer be climbed.

On April 21, the price of gold jewelry in gold stores was in the range of 600 yuan to 736 yuan per gram, the price of bank gold bars was around 580 yuan per gram, and the price of silver was 7 yuan per gram. For example, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Tai Sheng, Chao Hongji, Liuliufu, Luk Fook Jewelry 21 gold price 736 yuan / gram, Xie Ruilin gold price 734 yuan / gram, Zhou Sang Sheng gold 21 price 734 yuan / gram, China gold latest gold price 679 yuan / gram, Lao Fengxiang 21 gold price 736 yuan / gram, Shuibei gold price 577 yuan / gram, Lao Miao gold 21 price 736 yuan / gram, Caibai gold price 21 699 yuan / gram.

The high price of gold has made many gold lovers hesitate again and again: can they still buy it when it is so high?

Some people don't dare to buy it, and some people never sell it

According to the cover news, "This period of time is one price per day, and in general, it is a small rise or a small fall." The sales of a gold store in Chengdu said, "Recently, the price of gold has indeed risen too high, many consumers are waiting, I have served a couple who are about to get married, bought a ring before the Chinese New Year, and recently wanted to buy earrings, bracelets and other accessories, just because the recent gold price has risen too high, has been hesitating." The salesperson told reporters that if you are in a hurry to get married, you can consider platinum rings, and there have been no big price fluctuations recently.

"The peak period of gold consumption is generally around the Chinese New Year, and now after entering March and April, consumers' enthusiasm for buying has decreased, and the flow of customers and transactions will be less. A gold jewelry store clerk told reporters that the price of gold has continued to rise recently, and some "non-rigid demand" consumers will also choose to wait and see.

"The price of gold is at a high level, and the price has a great impact on the willingness to buy, whether it is a consumer with rigid demand or non-rigid demand. "There are researchers in the field of gold consumption said that for ordinary consumers, gold jewelry consumption and gold investment are completely different, from the perspective of consumer psychology, most consumers essentially still gold jewelry as the future can be recycled consumer goods at a discount, since it is a consumer goods, it must be more cost-effective to buy at a low price, and the price will choose a substitute for gold jewelry or cancel the purchase.

According to Chao News, the price of gold is at a high level, and many people are thinking about cashing out, but Mr. Zhao, who is born after 85 in Hangzhou, resolutely does not sell. Mr. Zhao is a "second-generation factory", and since 2020, he has been buying gold bars. "That year, my mother took the gold that she bought in 2013 and cashed it out, and she said that she was very happy. But I feel that the price of gold is about to start a wave of rise. Mr. Zhao said that in the first half of 2020, he bought three gold bars, and the price of the first gold was 350 yuan per gram.

In the past two years, Mr. Zhao has bought gold bars several times, he has no plan, when he wants to buy, he thinks the price is right, so he starts with one, the gram weight is basically about 200 grams, and he has also bought a 1000 grams of gold bars, which is bought when the basic gold price rises by 500 yuan / gram this year. Now, Mr. Zhao has a total of more than 4,600 grams of gold bars, which are worth 2.42 million yuan if calculated according to the base gold price (March 29).

Mr Zhao said that he would continue to buy gold bars as far as he could until the central bank stopped buying gold and he stopped buying gold bars. "I understand my mom, she's been trapped and anxious to get rid of it, but I feel like I should surpass my mom. As long as life is good, I will not sell gold bars, but I will keep them and pass them on. Mr. Zhao said that gold investment should be a long-term investment.

Want to sell your pure gold jewelry?

It's 200 yuan cheaper than when I bought it

According to Fuzhou Daily, on the 21st, a staff member of a jewelry counter in a department store in Fuzhou said that it would cost about 37,000 yuan to buy 50 grams of gold now, which was more than 1,000 yuan more than at the beginning of the month. However, some consumers have found that the recycling price of gold jewellery is somewhat lower than the retail price of more than 700 yuan per gram. On the 21st, Ms. Lin, a consumer, said: "The recycling price of gold jewelry in department stores is only more than 500 yuan per gram, which is 200 yuan different from the retail price, which is too big." ”

The relevant person in charge of the Fujian Provincial Bao Association analyzed that from the perspective of style, process texture and after-sales, the style design of the brand gold store leads the trend, the craftsmanship is good, the premium is high, the labor cost is high, and the discount is average. Because of factors such as processing fees and brand premiums, the recycling price of gold jewellery is lower than the selling price, and the higher the brand value-added, the greater the price difference.

The buying price is 700 yuan, and the selling price is only 500 yuan...... Expert advice: If you want to invest in financial management, don't buy gold jewelry

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It is worth noting that there are many pitfalls in gold jewellery recycling, and consumers are prone to step on five "pits". The first "pit" is the "eight taels scale", and the recovery of gold should use a professional high-precision jewelry electronic scale or balance, and the unit is accurate to two decimal places, and the weight of the eight taels scale is not enough. The second "pit" is "worn", gold has high toughness, and the wear degree will not exceed 0.5 grams in 3 to 5 years. The third "pit" is "deducting impurities", some merchants will say that the purity of jewelry is insufficient, and 20 yuan will be deducted per gram, deceiving consumers who do not understand jewelry and are in a hurry to sell. The fourth "pit" is the "handling fee", the merchant will charge a handling fee on the grounds that the jewelry has no invoice, in fact, the gold recycling is mainly based on weight and purity. The fifth "pit" is the "aqua regia" stealing gold, the gold will dissolve after being immersed in the aqua regia, and the longer it is soaked, the more it will dissolve, and the merchant will "steal" the gold.

According to Beijing Business Daily, at present, China Gold, Liuliufu, Zhou Dasheng, Laomiao Gold, Liuguifu Jewelry and many other brand gold stores support gold recycling, and there is no restriction on gold brands, and there are no hard requirements for relevant certificates, but the recovered gold needs to be burned gold, and the recycling price is usually lower than the selling price of 50-100 yuan/gram on the same day, and if it is pure gold jewelry, the price difference is expanded to 200 yuan/gram.

In terms of gold realization, "combined with market conditions and gold price trends, whether it is a good time to cash in gold depends on a variety of factors, including market conditions, personal financial situation, investment objectives, etc., consumers should pay attention to avoid pitfalls in the process of gold realization, and fully consider and evaluate the relevant costs and risks." Yuan Xixi, a foreign exchange trader, believes that for the selection of different channels, it is recommended that consumers choose appropriate cash channels according to their actual conditions and needs, such as banks, gold stores, etc., and pay attention to comparing the repurchase conditions and prices of different channels to maximize returns. At the same time, considering that there may be differences in the repurchase policies of various banks and gold stores, it is recommended to keep the proof of purchase so that it can be successfully realized when needed.

Expert advice: It is not suitable to buy gold jewelry for investment purposes

According to the Morning News, whether or not they can buy gold now, consumers should remain rational in this wave of gold price rise? Liu Zhifei, a national registered gold investment analyst and chief financial writer of the morning newspaper, said that there are two situations to buy gold now: if it is not for investment purposes, people who buy gold jewelry for themselves can still buy gold at any time; if they hold the purpose of investment, then they should make prudent decisions and have a corresponding sense of risk.

"The price of gold is already very high, will it continue to rise? There is a lot of analysis at home and abroad. However, for consumers, this is difficult to grasp, especially difficult to avoid the situation that the price of gold begins to fall in the next week or month just after buying gold, which may have an impact on the psychology of some gold buyers. ”

On the other hand, it is not suitable for consumers who buy gold jewellery for investment purposes. "Branded jewelry has a high jewelry processing fee, and when the gold is recycled, this part of the money is lost for consumers, so consumers who want to invest in gold are more suitable to buy investment gold, such as investment gold bars, panda gold coins, ETF funds, etc. ”

According to the reference news network, Kosuno Ko, chairman of the Japanese commodity analysis agency "Edge of the Market" company, pointed out: "The value of gold as a safe asset is rising. Commenting on the situation in the Middle East, Kan said: "Although the details are not yet known, if Iran retaliates in the future, geopolitical risks will be pushed further higher, and gold prices may continue to rise." ”

In Goldman Sachs' view, the following four factors will cause gold prices to fall: The uneasiness caused by the US use of the dollar to impose sanctions has been eased; the central banks of various countries have fulfilled their set gold purchase targets; the mood of worrying about the slowdown in the economic growth of some large countries has subsided; and the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates. However, Goldman Sachs also predicts that "these factors are unlikely to occur at the same time in the short term, and the phenomenon of strong gold will continue for some time."

It is worth noting that, according to the latest report by the Securities Times, citing TASS, the Russian Ministry of Finance is considering canceling tariffs on gold exports. According to the latest data from the World Gold Council, Russia is the world's second-largest gold producer, accounting for about 10% of global production.

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