Why did Brazil's superstars fall prematurely?

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[Neymar becomes a "meat mar"? Neymar raises his middle finger and angrily scolds fans]

Why did Brazil's superstars fall prematurely?

Neymar has been complained about by fans recently

On January 29, 2023, at the 58th birthday party of the famous Brazilian star Romario, a live photo showed that Neymar was obviously a lot fatter than before and out of shape. The photo was immediately complained by many fans, who thought that Neymar was not self-disciplined enough during his recuperation and that he was too self-indulgent. Some even called him "Meat Marl".

In the face of these doubts and ridicule, Neymar did not choose to remain silent. He posted a video on social media in which he lifted his shirt to reveal his small belly, admitting that he was a little heavier, but he himself didn't feel fat, and raised his middle finger at the camera to tell Kuroko to shut up. This behavior immediately sparked controversy, with fans believing it to be a sign of immaturity and disrespect, and fans asking him to put such emotions and fighting spirit on the green field.

Needless to say, Neymar is a super-talented footballer who has inherited the glorious tradition of samba football, and fans have high hopes for him, believing that he will take over the mantle of Messi and become the first footballer of the post-90s. As Brazil's all-time leading goalscorer, Neymar has scored 79 goals for the Brazilian national team, which is undoubtedly a reflection of his talent.

But Neymar didn't live up to expectations, he didn't lead Brazil to the World Cup, and he didn't win the Ballon d'Or personally. At the peak of his career, he transferred to Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 for a high salary, but in Paris, he did not even win a Champions League, and as soon as he reached the knockout stage of the Champions League, he would be inexplicably injured, which also borered the Paris club, and finally sold him to Saudi Arabia in the last summer transfer period, and Neymar seems to have lost his ambition and chose to retire in the desert with a high salary in his playing years, which also made many of his fans choke.

Like many Brazilian stars, indiscipline and bohemian behaviour have permeated Neymar's entire career, and alcohol, women and having fun seem to be more important to Neymar than football. Needless to say, Neymar couldn't help but steal when his girlfriend was pregnant, and there were countless women who had a relationship with him, and fun was more important than his life, he was playing in Europe, when the league and Champions League were in full swing, he had to fly back to Brazil for the carnival. Neymar missed the game in 2019 due to a fractured bone, but he returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to attend the carnival while recovering from injury.

An overly indulgent life will naturally affect Neymar's form and skills, and now Neymar is no longer as brave as he used to be, and his loyal fans can only see his dynamic performance in the highlights.

Why did Brazil's superstars fall prematurely?

It's hard to imagine that Meat Mar's current body can still give us a wonderful performance

[Sex, alcohol and nightlife, just in time to have fun is the cultural atmosphere of Brazil]

Why did Brazil's superstars fall prematurely?

What Brazilian player doesn't love to have fun?

Neymar is not the first Brazilian superstar to be corrupted by sex, alcohol and nightlife, and from Ronaldo to Adriano, it seems that none of the Brazilian superstars' football peaks can last long.

Ronaldo has won the Golden Ball, and he is also a master of love, and in October 2023, Ronaldo will step into the palace of marriage for the fourth time, which is still famous. The dew couple is simply not endless, and what is even more exaggerated is that once Ronaldo was recruiting prostitutes at night, and actually called three girls dressed as women, and after the three entered the hotel together, they seized Ronaldo's driver's license on the spot and extorted him $600 before letting him go......

Ronaldinho is another famous prodigal son of the stadium, in Paris and Barcelona, Ronaldo often does not participate in training all week, there are games on Saturday, he is still drinking at noon on Saturday, although he won the Golden Ball in Barcelona, but Barcelona was afraid that he would bring Messi badly, so he quickly sold it to AC Milan, and Barcelona's operation seems to be prescient, in Milan, Ronaldo soon took his compatriot Pato to the bad. In 2020, Xiao Luo was sent to prison by the Paraguayan police for using a fake passport in Paraguay, and was nicknamed the "King of Prisoners" by fans.

Adriano, Pato, Robinho...... How many Brazilian superstars, they are as bright as meteors on the green field, and they fall as fast as meteors, and there are very few players who can defend like Kaka.

Why did Brazil's superstars fall prematurely?

Kaka is a breath of fresh air among Brazilian stars

Perhaps, this is the two sides of the football kingdom of Brazil, an open and free country that can produce unique technology and creative stars, but also make these stars overindulge and learn to have fun in time.

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