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On October 20th, the "Digital Intelligence Qiyuan, Beautiful Leap" Chang'an Qiyuan Digital Intelligence Cryptography Activity was held in Shanghai. A new choice of oil and electricity at the same price, a new family car driven by digital intelligence and electric drive, Changan Qiyuan A05 was listed in the whole region under the witness of the audience of the whole network. The configuration and price of the six models were officially announced. The three 70km EV models are priced at CNY 89,900 for the 70 Lite, CNY 93,900 for the 70 Air, and CNY 103,900 for the 70 Pro. The three 145km pure electric range models are priced at 116,900 yuan for the 145 Air model, 122,900 yuan for the 145 Pro model, and 132,900 yuan for the 145 Max model.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

At the same time, in order to help more users open a new life of digital intelligent cars and realize the expectation of a better leap, a new choice of the same price of oil and electricity, and a new family car with a super provincial super driven by digital intelligence, Changan Qiyuan A05 also launched four "super" courtesies for car purchase:

Super value renewal gift: 4,000 yuan cash subsidy for full brand replacement

Super Full Warranty Gift: Lifetime Warranty for Three-Electric System (Non-operating First Owner)

Super charging gift: the purchase of a car is free of charge pile, including installation

Super traffic gift: basic traffic is free for life, value-added traffic is free for 3 years (2G/month), and free OTA upgrade for life

(Note: The Super Value Renewal Gift does not include 70Lite, 70Air, and 70Pro models, and the Super Charging Gift is only valid for 1 year for the first owner, and is only applicable to users who drive before December 31, 2023.) )

A new choice of oil and electricity at the same price, and a new car with digital intelligence and electric drive is super provincial

Due to the pursuit of higher quality of life and a more pragmatic and mature concept of automobile products, many young people now hope to obtain better appearance quality, space comfort, and power economy experience with less budget when buying a family car. The upgrade of car demand has made most models in the family car market unable to meet the positioning of "family car".

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

To this end, Changan Qiyuan, the master of Changan Automobile's digital intelligence technology, has launched a new family car with digital intelligence electric drive - Changan Qiyuan A05 based on user needs. Relying on the high-end style of Fuguang aesthetic design, and the product strength of true battery life, true intelligence and true safety, we will create a new value system with strong driving power, safe power saving, long battery life, comfort, intelligence and fashion, and achieve a new choice of oil and electricity at the same price that truly meets the advanced needs of users.

Efficient digital intelligent electric drive, creating super saving, super strong and long battery life

The family car accompanies the user at all times, not only to serve the daily transportation needs, but also to undertake the important task of traveling. Therefore, more economical energy consumption performance and better performance experience are indispensable and important contents to measure the family car at any time.

Compared with competing products of the same level, a new choice of oil and electricity at the same price, a new car with digital intelligence and electric drive, Changan Qiyuan A05 fully meets user expectations with the "super economy" of true fuel saving, true power saving, and true battery life, and ultra-efficient surging power output. The long-range version has a combined fuel consumption (WLTC) of only 0.98 liters per 100 kilometers, an urban commuting electricity consumption of less than 0.1 yuan per kilometer, and a pure electric true cruising range (CLTC) of 145 km and a true comprehensive cruising range (CLTC) of 1,300 km. Completely break through the pain points of traditional new energy vehicle "range anxiety" products.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

The ultimate ultra-economical also means more efficient and more powerful power output. The peak power of the digital intelligent drive motor is as high as 158kW and the peak torque is 330N.m. In hybrid mode, the long-range model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds. Behind the "super provincial economy", it is inseparable from a more intelligent energy management system, and Changan Qiyuan A05 has advanced intelligent energy management capabilities. It can automatically find a comprehensive energy consumption plan, automatically turn on the battery insulation in extremely cold environments, accurately control the oil temperature of the transmission, and utilize the waste heat of the engine.

In addition to the traditional EV and HEV drive modes, Changan Qiyuan A05 is also innovatively equipped with iEM intelligent driving management mode, which can automatically adjust the power output power according to the road terrain, intelligently adjust the taxiing recovery intensity, and adjust the intelligent power consumption and oil-electricity complementary strategies in real time according to the navigation road conditions, creating a smoother driving experience, and saving fuel and electricity.

The perfect balance between "ultra-economical" and "super-powered" means more efficient energy conversion. Independently launched 10-layer Hairpin flat wire motor technology, with a motor efficiency of up to 97.8%. At the same time, the innovative dual-motor coaxial serial layout of the ultra-compact design reduces the volume by 26% and the weight by 30-40kg compared with competing products, further reducing the energy consumption of the whole vehicle.

The 1.5L high-efficiency Blue Whale hybrid engine adheres to the Blue Whale's "Agile" combustion concept, covering more than 90% of the vehicle's working conditions in the high-efficiency area to achieve lower fuel consumption. In daily use, Changan Qiyuan A05 can maximize the efficient use of energy, with lower energy consumption, to provide stronger performance output. At the same time, the whole system adopts a high-pressure fuel tank with stronger pressure bearing capacity to effectively control fuel vapor emissions, which is green and environmentally friendly.

The ultra-economical economy allows users to use electricity without worry every time they travel. During the journey, whether it is "starry sky camping" or "drive-in theater" and other scenarios that require electricity, Changan Qiyuan A05 can easily meet the needs of users. The built-in 18.99 kWh battery pack and 48-liter fuel tank are equivalent to a reserve of more than 160 kWh of power, and with a 3.3kW external discharge function, it creates a perfect "mobile power station" for family travel.

Fuguang aesthetic design creates a sense of high-end appearance quality

The family car is a tool for family travel, and it is also the carrier and symbol of the family lifestyle. Many families have higher expectations for the appearance and interior quality of the family car, and then show their pursuit and attitude towards a better life.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

In order to meet the aesthetic needs of users, Changan Qiyuan A05 adopts a lower lying back body shape, 4785mm ultra-long body, 0.79 aspect ratio, and an elegant posture comparable to a luxury coupe, fully meeting the elegant needs of family travel. The electrically charged digital bionic smile front face is perfectly integrated with the intrusive interstellar wing lights to strengthen the vehicle's sense of science and technology. The shark fin high-mounted brake light is consistent with the front and rear headlight styling characteristics, and the recognition features are more obvious.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

In addition to the elegant posture of high appearance, Changan Qiyuan A05 also meets the advanced needs of users for quality with high-quality interior design. The real high-end wood grain interior brings a higher level of quality feeling. Up to 24 storage spaces are designed to meet the storage needs of multi-scene items when traveling. The high-style zero-pressure sofa seat, with the quilting and perforated design of the scientific and technological texture, is exquisite at a glance, and the surface design is more in line with the curve of the human body, bringing a comfortable wrapping feeling of sitting for a long time.

Changan Qiyuan A05 is also equipped with rest mode and sleep mode, which can automatically match the appropriate air conditioning, windows, and car music settings with one click, quickly creating an immersive and comfortable cabin space, allowing users to enjoy a home-like comfortable experience in the car.

The configuration of intelligent technology realizes the comfort and convenience of the car and high intelligence

The advent of the era of digital intelligence technology has accelerated people's demand for technology allocation. The digital intelligence of the family car has become the general trend. Changan Qiyuan A05 brings a more intimate car experience with a better understanding of the user's technology configuration, creating a good assistant for family travel and a good partner in life.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

Based on the new CIIA 1.5 electrification architecture platform, Changan Qiyuan A05 has a 4-fold increase in communication bandwidth compared with the 1.0 architecture, allowing the vehicle system to enter the "high-speed era" in one fell swoop. On the basis of a powerful hardware architecture, Changan Qiyuan A05 realizes full-scene intelligent interaction. The on-board "AI Xiao'an" intelligent voice system has a voice recognition rate of up to 95%. And it has the ability to quickly execute multiple instructions without wake-up, with the positioning of the main and co-pilot sound sources, it can be understood and listened to quickly, and the voice intelligent control performance is smooth and smooth.

Xunfei Feiyu OS4.0 system, integrated map, music, Himalaya, voice self-learning Xi, children's channels and other rich ecological services, make people's car life more exciting and convenient! 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, the whole system is equipped with a standard 13.2-inch high-definition touch central control screen, forming a super large intelligent interactive dual screen, unlocking more car use scenarios.

In response to users' daily car use scenarios, Changan Qiyuan A05 also improves driving convenience through a number of technological configurations. Equipped with IACC integrated adaptive cruise, after Changan's strong intelligent driving team tuning, the lane remains more stable, and the driving with the car is smoother, with 540° high-definition panoramic image, allowing users to have a "God perspective", real-time grasp of the vehicle's surroundings and chassis conditions, and drive more freely.

In addition, the smart car control function integrates the mobile phone to find the car, and grasp the location of the car anytime and anywhere. Bluetooth key, no network is available, and the car permission can be shared remotely, realizing the over-the-horizon and over-the-time car experience. At the same time, the cockpit is equipped with a healthy fresh air purification system, which can regularly clean the air after locking the car, introduce fresh air to purify the cabin environment, inhibit the growth of mold in the car, and ensure that the air in the car is always as fresh and healthy as a forest.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

Multiple battery protection to ensure the safety, reliability and worry-free of the car

New energy travel brings a quiet and comfortable experience, and brings a fast and strong driving experience, but the safety performance of new energy has also attracted great attention from many users.

Changan Qiyuan A05 attaches great importance to safety protection, fully reflecting its strong scientific and technological strength. The use of highly reliable and high-performance batteries makes travel worry-free. IP67 high-strength protective battery, 1 meter underwater submerged for 1 hour without leakage, all-round leak-proof. The innovative application of battery intelligent temperature control technology, which can operate stably from minus 35°C to minus 55°C, realizes intelligent temperature control and real-time dynamic temperature control of the whole temperature range of the battery.

More than that, Changan Qiyuan A05 also has more active safety configurations, not only with merge assist, front collision warning, automatic emergency braking, to improve driving safety and avoid collisions. It is also equipped with a sentry mode, which can actively monitor the surrounding environment of the vehicle after the parking is locked to ensure the safety of the vehicle. In addition, for entering and exiting the basement and various steep slope road conditions, Changan Qiyuan A05 is also equipped with uphill assist functions as standard. When the vehicle passes through a steep slope, the system can automatically assist in controlling the wheels to prevent the vehicle from sliding, helping the user to climb the hill easily.

#UNI-K Beautiful Journey# Pinjiangnan Charm Tour Poetic Gardens Full of Chinese Essence

As a new choice of oil and electricity at the same price, Changan Qiyuan A05 takes ultra-energy-saving economy, extreme safety power, and intelligent and comfortable experience as the core genes of the product, creating a family car belonging to urban youth. It is believed that with the official announcement of the model configuration and price, it will be able to meet the expectations of users for the digital smart family car.

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