"Fly separately when the big disaster comes", Guan Hu Liang Jing can not help anyone now

This time, Ma Yili won.

Perhaps this battle, Liang Jing lost at the beginning.

"I can die for Guan Hu", with this belief, she was by Ma Yili's side, watching Guan Hu and Ma Yili talk sweetly for 5 years of love.

During this period, she quietly and slowly grabbed Guan Hu's heart.

After getting Guan Hu, she urged the marriage in a very ingenious way that could make Guan Hu notice.

But this seems to indicate that Liang Jing has always been weak in this relationship.

After being a model couple with Guan Hu for 18 years, their marriage became a hot topic. An actress named Ding Yutong kept complaining on the Internet.

The core content is to ask Liang Jing to officially announce the fact that she has divorced. But whether there is a divorce or not, no one knows. The junior is righteous.

Even in the entertainment industry, such behavior is enough to subvert the three views.

But the paradox of things is that Liang Jing and Guan Hu did not respond at all.

Especially Guan Hu, when Ding Yutong attacked Liang Jing like a cannon, he did nothing at all.

Just when the turmoil was booming, Guan Hu Liangjing and his wife attended the event. Here Liang Jing still maintained the scene with a smile. And Guan Hu next to her, one hand was always awkwardly placed behind his back, intentionally or unintentionally, it seemed to be avoiding suspicion.

"Fly separately when the big disaster comes", Guan Hu Liang Jing can not help anyone now

This adds a bit of topicality to the matter. What did Liang Jing do to make Guan Hu so evasive in public?


Guan Hu and Liang Jing's marriage can't bypass one person, that is, Ma Yili.

To exaggerate, Guan Hu was snatched by Liang Jing from Ma Yili.

At that time, Guan Hu took a fancy to Ma Yili, who was still a student.

A young director is just getting started, and a young actor is developing.

The two teamed up to shoot "Black Hole", and they are good partners in their career and life.

Young girls, there are always three or two girlfriends.

Ma Yili's best friend is Liang Jing.

Liang Jing was not as lucky as Ma Yili, her appearance was not popular at the time, and she was not a professional college graduate, and her connections were not good.

Seeing her idle at home, Ma Yili pulled her to the Guanhu crew to audition, wanting to help her.

Unexpectedly, this move completely changed the fate of the three people.

Seeing this, Liang Jing's heart was not calm.

She was moved by Guan Hu.

But at that time, Ma Yili and Guan Hu were like glue, and she couldn't help it.

That's five years.

The problems of Ma Yili and Guan Hu also showed.

A machismo, a macho.

Guan Hu wants a virtuous helper who is absolutely obedient and willing to take care of everything for him at home.

When she was young, Ma Yili was more willing to fight in her career.

In life, he also requires that he be on an equal footing with Guan Hu: "Why should I go home to cook and wash clothes, it is impossible." ”

But Liang Jing is different. When Ma Yili was angry, she silently cooked for Guan Hu and cleaned up the house.

Guan Hu does not like to wash her hands before eating, she brings wet wipes, Guan Hu is too lazy to wipe, she helps wipe.

With such a comparison, the balance in Guan Hu's heart tilted.

But the marriage exchanged for a low profile, if you want to maintain a good one, you must always keep a low profile.

Liang Jing once said without shying away from saying that in marriage is to show weakness.

After marriage, in order to meet Guan Hu's requirements, she revolved around Guan Hu in everything and raised Guan Hu as a son.

Filming, in order to establish prestige among the actors, Guan Hu took Liang Jing to the knife.

Filming abroad, Liang Jing had already arrived at the car, and Guan Hu immediately ordered the car to drive away.

The reason is that you will drive at 9 o'clock, and you will not walk to the car until 9 o'clock.

In the end, Liang Jing could only find a way to join the crew in a foreign country by herself.

The people in the crew said that Guan Hu was excessive.

But she enjoyed it: "It's good, so that his prestige can be established." ”

At home, it is even more a handshaker.

In an interview, the host asked Guan Hu: "Can you cook?" ”

Guan Hu was very disdainful: "Why should I cook, it's impossible." ”

Liang Jing not only didn't let Guan Hu cook, but even almost contracted for Guan Hu for eating.

When he went to a friend's house as a guest, Liang Jing wiped his hands with wet wipes for Guan Hu when he entered the door.

Then fold his clothes and put them in a bag.

For a meal, I didn't eat much, so I peeled crabs for Guan Hu.

Guan Hu only eats from beginning to end. Friends were stunned to see it.

But the two of them cooperate tacitly, and it can be seen that this is the daily life situation.

Liang Jing said that there is no need for Guan Hu to correct it, and he can cooperate with it, because it is Guan Hu's strength that loves.

Others looked tired, but Liang Jing was not tired. She felt that after she returned to her family, Guan Hu loved herself even more.

And Guan Hu didn't have much praise for what Liang Jing did. In the face of a time when everyone praises Liang Jing's virtuousness. He said with some disdain: "I don't think this Liang Jing is as silly as it seems." ”

Even after giving birth to a daughter who was not very good-looking, Guan Hu asked her directly: "Do you know Guo Degang?" ”

Once, Liang Jing was a violent temper. quarreled with Guan Hu, once jumped out of the car without saying a word.

Guan Hu said bluntly: "You want this, we have no place, you have to be gentle." ”

In the end, she abruptly changed her temperament.

Because she felt that Guan Hu was too perfect, she was willing to wronged herself.

Then isn't she worried that such a perfect husband in her heart will also attract others?

Not only is she not worried, but she also especially encouraged her husband to fall in love more.


Liang Jing never restrained Guan Hu's behavior, and even encouraged him to fall in love.

In Liang Jing's view, men's talent needs to be achieved by "reading countless women".

What's more, a talent like Guan Hu needs love to inspire him.

But isn't she afraid that Guan Hu really ran away?

Nor is it.

She turned herself into an accessory to Guan Hu.

"Men are containers, women are water, and what kind of man you marry will become what kind of water."

She did what she said, on the one hand, she gave birth to two children and used the children to stabilize the family.

He got along very well with Guan Hu's mother and won the approval of his elders.

So much so that Guan Hu's mother hand-picked: "Guan Hu, you will have a good time with Liang Jing." ”

On the other hand, she completely gave up her career and became a producer after Guan Hu.

In recent years, whether on the red carpet or in the works, she is the person next to Guan Hu.

From "King Kong River", "Revolutionary" to "Eight Hundred", almost all of Guan Hu's works are produced by Liang Jing.

Not only is she a producer, she hardly cares about it on set.

If it looks like this, Guan Hu's money and connections, as well as the company, are firmly controlled by Liang Jing.

But everything about Liang Jing was given by Guan Hu.

Without Guan Hu, Liang Jing is nothing.

And Guan Hu, by his own admission, is not very responsible.

Just when the two appeared more and more as a model couple, and Liang Jing showed more and more affection, Ding Yutong appeared.


Ding Yutong slapped Liang Jingxiu's love like a slap.

As early as 2020, Ding Yutong had some clues with Guan Hu online.

Guan Hu has not only liked her social media.

She also took selfies in Guan Hu's studio, but soon stopped moving.

Unexpectedly, after a few years, she suddenly publicly embarrassed, saying that she knew and fell in love with Guan Hu in 2018, and had been waiting for Guan Hu to divorce.

He also said that the reason why Guan Hu and Liang Jing did not divorce publicly was because of various interests.

Judging from various materials, Liang Jing and Guan Hu do have a lot of overlap in the commercial landscape.

But as things progressed, Ding Yutong's style of breaking news began to go off, first breaking the news that he was bullied by Liang Jing and even imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital.

But the tone of her speech was indeed in the name of Guan Hu.

She claimed, "As long as I manage the tiger, you don't want Ding Yutong to disappear." ”

Such a statement with a misprologue makes one indeed doubt her mental state.

Many people began to suspect that this was a self-directed farce.

In the midst of more and more doubts, she began to defend and finally made things clear.

That is, Guan Hu fell in love with her at first sight.

The two had very sweet moments together.

At that time, it was promised that as long as "Eight Hundred" was released, Guan Hu would divorce and disclose her identity.

But unexpectedly, when the movie was released, she was waiting for the love of husband and wife.

Liang Jing even wrote a long love letter to the public, showing her love for Guan Hu.

This greatly stimulated Ding Yutong. Think that these two years have been waiting for nothing. So he began to jump up and down, and began to force the palace on social media, attacking Liang Jing in various ways.

Perhaps Liang Jing and Guan Hu at this time are inconvenient to make any remarks.

But in public, Guan Hu's attitude is obviously crucial to Liang Jing.

Only this time, he did not show enthusiasm.

The affection that the two used to show in public has disappeared and become a hand behind their backs.

All kinds of unfriendly discussions and speculations swarmed towards Liang Jing, but Guan Hu remained silent.


Suddenly remembered Ma Yili many years ago, she was always much more sober in the face of feelings.

When her boyfriend left, she turned around without a sound, and her career progressed all the way.

And the article marriage problems, forgive and try to help, if not, decisively divorce.

The word-of-mouth business has never been lost, and there is no need for people to save it.

Back then, if she and Guan Hu hadn't been separated, maybe the person standing next to Guan Hu would be her. Will they be white to old and no one packs tickets.

But at least it is certain that if Ma Yili encounters such a thing, she will not need to rely on Guan Hu's attitude to save her.

After all, she never gave up on herself.

Liang Jing will not have the comments and embarrassment she faces.

A message discussing the relationship between Liang Jing and Guan Hu

No one expected that after many years, Ma Yili would win in this way.


At present, Ding Yutong's affairs are still fermenting.

And Guan Hu and Liang Jing still maintained a high degree of restraint and silence.

The outcome of this is unknown. After all, no one knows whether they will remain silent and wait until things are slowly forgotten, or whether they will take measures after Ding Yutong's madness, say the cause of the matter, and clarify it for themselves.

The only thing that is known is that this incident has indeed caused harm.

In the end, whether Guan Hu and Liang Jing continued to love each other or went their separate ways, it can only be determined by time.

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