Domestic small-cost wilderness survival movies, officially said that only suitable for women, and only suitable for one person to watch

This is the first film that dares to "pick" the audience in China!

This is the first film that dares to "challenge" the Chinese film market!

This is the first adventure survival movie in China in which one person completes the main story!

The movie is called "Wasteland", starring Ren Suxi.

Why does it dare to "pick" the audience? Because, an official viewing guide has these two sentences:

1: This is a movie for girls, relying on themselves, girls can live and save their relatives

2: This is a movie that you may not like, but there must be someone who understands and someone who likes it

I have watched so many movies at home and abroad since I was a child, and I have also watched some movies with strong themes, and it is the first time I have seen a film party who dares to issue a movie guide like this. I have to give a thumbs up for their courage!!! )。

Let's talk about why this is the first film that dares to challenge the Chinese film market.

Let me give you a copy of the box office data of Chinese movies.

If you think it's troublesome to look at the picture, I'll give you a rough overview:

From 2017 to the present, the top 20 Chinese movies at the box office are either science fiction, comedy, or war action movies.

List 1 "Changjin Lake" war film, list 2 "Wolf Warrior 2" war film, list 3 "Hello, Li Huanying" comedy and plot, "Nezha: The Devil Child Descends" comedy, anime, list 5 "The Wandering Earth" can be called a milestone of domestic science fiction films. From list six to list ten, comedy, comedy, science fiction, war, science fiction. None of them were left for other genre films. So if you want to make money in the domestic film market, these three types are the most popular. And the "Wasteland" we are talking about today is a single-player adventure survival movie that not too many people dare to touch in the global film industry. After all, this type of movie doesn't have a luxurious star cast, no flashy visual effects, and no ups and downs. Therefore, for these factors alone, it is difficult for the cinema line to arrange a good arrangement for it. This also means that this movie has been challenging the market since "birth", after all, the market only recognizes money, only traffic, only blockbusters, which is a fact.

But without traffic, without stars, without special effects, isn't this kind of one-person small-cost movie worth watching? The answer is definitely no. The editor is not here today to spoil "The Wasteland", we will take a few foreign films of the same type to give you the reason why popular science is valuable.

1: The classic survival movie "Desert Island Aftermath" released in 2000

This is a classic movie with a Douban score of 8.6, the plot is very simple, the male mainstream has been on a desert island for more than 4 years, relying on the courier he picked up and a leaky volleyball to survive together, and finally the story of being rescued. Tom Hanks' acting skills needless to say, the plot is also logical and rigorous, and the film leaves enough room for imagination at the end, and a single undismantled express has whetted the audience's appetite. But in the end, let's think carefully, when watching this drama, is our heart always fluctuating with the mood of the male protagonist in the play?

2: The adventure biopic "127 Hours" released in 2010

The movie Douban score is 8.1, the main story of the movie is also very simple, the male protagonist is a mountaineering enthusiast, when climbing a canyon, his right arm was accidentally pressed by a stone, trapped for 5 days and 5 nights, and finally in order to survive, he had to endure severe pain and cut off his right arm. At that time, the editor understood this movie, through the movie commentary of tens of millions of fans, but people liked it by millions. (Can you explain "The Wasteland" as well?) The kind that does not charge ~~ haha). Finally, I also went to see the original film, it was really good, and the male protagonist's acting skills were very in place, which was the same as watching "The Rest of the Desert Island".

3: The American adventure film "Falling" released in China in November 2022, this movie Douban only has 6.9 points, but it was relatively popular as soon as it was launched, the story content is probably that two girls climbed an abandoned TV tower 610 meters high because of a bad mood, but because of the accidental fall of the escalator, the two women were trapped in the tower and began a decisive survival. This movie impressed me even more, the simple scenes, the suffocating height, and the desperate mood always made me worry about the two heroines.

4: The American disaster film "Gravity" released in 2013, Douban score 7.9, the story content is probably that the US space station was shattered by Russian satellite debris, all the astronauts only survived the heroine, she was isolated in the vast universe, can only count on China's space station, so opened a space self-help. I took my parents with me at that time, because my parents are people in the 50s, they don't know English, and they are not very interested in science fiction films, so they are groggy to watch, but I watched it with relish, first of all, the ups and downs of the self-rescue process, and then the small but sufficiently exquisite special effects of the whole film, as well as the heroine's tense personal performance, making the whole movie look very sensual, but the only thing that makes me regret is the lack of a sense of substitution, after all, the role of astronauts, Cut off the absolute crowd.

5: Released in 2012, the fantasy adventure film "Fantasy Drifting of Youth Pi" directed by Ang Lee. At present, the Douban score is 9.1, I will not tell the story of this movie too much, after all, it is a classic movie that fans must see, I haven't brushed it three times, I'm embarrassed to say that I've seen the movie, haha. But after all, how many movies of this height can there be? It can even be said that such a script, such a director, and such an actor are unattainable. To put it bluntly, if domestic films can make 80% of the taste of this movie, it may be a milestone like "The Wandering Earth".

Let's just say so much for the time being, and the only ones that can be called by the audience are almost "I Am Legend", "Buried Alive", "The Martian", "Moon", "Antfly", "Everything Lost" and "The Fox and Me".

But carefully pondered, these movies mentioned above, there are many American science fiction, although it still relies on an actor to complete the main story line, but still can not get rid of the label of popcorn blockbuster, and this type of movie, it is inevitable that people lack a sense of character involvement. But on the other hand, "Wasteland" is one of the few other foreign live-action survival dramas, and the starring acting skills really pinched the audience.

"Wasteland" starring Ren Suxi, presumably fans who like to watch movies must be familiar with it, and even impressed! For example, Zhang Yiman in "Donkey Gets Water" that we are familiar with, and Ma Jiaqi in "Nameless", as well as Xinyu in "Galaxy Cram School", and Fang Min in "Me and My Motherland", her acting skills must be one of the highlights in the play! After all, she is a drama actor, and her strength is beyond doubt.

Take the role of the jungle in "The Wasteland" this time. She really did "no acting". Because she said in an interview: "In fact, after just two or three days of shooting, I realized that I didn't need to perform in this environment, just put myself in the real situation, so the director didn't specifically say what to act, to design or turn into something in this place, not once." Not acting is the best acting, encountering the character's encounter, showing the most normal feelings, I think it is the most simple and sincere. ”

In fact, whether an actor is good or not, whether a drama is good or not, is in the audience's word of mouth. At least I, the audience, give this actor, this drama, a lot of likes ~~~

Having said all that, I will finally nag a few more words:

The movie "Wasteland", first of all, I have to give the director a big praise, dare to make this kind of film in this market in China, it really takes great courage, I even need to give a bigger praise to the investor, dare to invest even more courage. After all, our Chinese film industry started early, but for various special reasons, it is still not perfect, and even lags behind the film industry in other countries around the world. The film "Wasteland" fills a genre gap in the Chinese film industry. Such a film that does not attract the attention of the audience, has no theatrical schedule, and even the film party laughs at itself as "boring". In the editor's opinion, it is enough to let Chinese film practitioners see a little hope: we can not only make good niche films, but also people dare to invest, although there are few films, but there are also theaters to arrange, for our Chinese films, our domestic film library has another film type, for the audience, we have another choice.

There is no perfect person, naturally there is no perfect movie, the just released "Journey to the West" was criticized by the domestic audience, was scolded for not understanding, was scolded for being different, and later was regarded as a god! I dare not say that today's "Wasteland" has such a magical reversal, but I believe that soon, more domestic audiences will regard you as the pioneer!

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